A black Saleen S281 police car is seen moving swiftly on the road in the middle of rainy night. The car is driven by a middle-aged police officer

"The bank is robbed again, damn it" he murmured.

However, as the police car crossed the railroad, something strange happens.

The car stuck in the middle of railroad by unknown means.

"Dammit! what's happening now!?" he yelled as he trying to drive the car away from the railroad, but the police car still stuck there.

"Oh boy, I hate this!" he yelled.

He then noticed a train moving towards him. He pushed the brake, but the still can't move.

"Come on! Come on! " he yelled.


The officer then heard a voice of child laughing. As he kept hearing the laughter, an unknown force pushed the police car from the middle of the road, saving him from being hit by the train.

"Uh-oh, I'm safe. But, who's laughing? I think I didn't see anyone here" he said as he continue driving again on the road.