It's late in the night now, but this girl is still not sleeping. She's reading her favorite novel while resting on the bed.

"My dear! can you help mom down here? "

She heard her mom calling from downstairs. She then looked at the clock. It's 2.00 AM. This is really weird, it's already late night now.

"OK, mom. I'm going " Not wasting her time, she then walked to the her bedroom door.

But, when she almost opened it, her phone is ringing.

"Who's calling this time? " she murmured.

When she looked at her phone's screen, it was her mom! She quickly picked up her phone.

"My dear, please stay in your room. Don't go downstairs. Something is calling you downstairs. I'm in my room"

She is shocked. If her mother is in her bedroom, then who's calling her downstairs?