Once there was a doll who had no pillow for her bed. She was sad because every night she had to go to bed, and she was reminded that there was no pillow that was the right size for her. She had been on the waiting list for a very long time, but all the pillows were either too big, or didn't want to live in her doll house.

When she heard that there might be another pillow coming from a spring store, she was a little nervous. She wasn't sure she wanted a pillow from a spring store. What if it was all full of metal? Or what if it didn't like her dollhouse because it was so different? And most of all, what if it was the wrong size?

The day when the pillow was to arrive she almost hid under her bed and didn't go out to meet it. But then she took a deep breath and went downstairs to meet the pillow. As soon as they met she was so glad she did. The pillow was soft and kind and so excited not to be in the spring store anymore!

When she took it upstairs and set it on her bed they were both overjoyed. The pillow was just exactly the right size.