He had waited for his Moon's Gift for many long centuries. He did it for he wanted a love like his father had. He waited and waited but the Wolf Goddess or a Moon Maiden never paired with another male or female, that is, until now. But she is playing a dangerous game that could ignite the flames of war.

All she ever had was her twin brother. Her mother murdered with a father never in the picture, and twice rejected. She grew up strong, fierce, wearing an army of masks to keep even her closest friends at bay from her dangerous game of never expected the Mother Goddess to pair her up with male worthy of her, one who would not dominate or hide her from the world but stand by her side as she shakes the foundation of the world and sets it on fire.

Chapter 1

New York City, NY

A photo of a laughing women with golden brown curly hair with bright gray eyes was up on the large screen. Her eyes were human looking. Next to it was another photo, this one of a young man of similar looks drinking a coffee. His hair was in a ducktail style. It was obvious they were family with a near identical facial structure. There was a click and the screen was filled with several photos of the woman in various outfits and expressions.

"This is Dr. Freya Vadas a trauma surgeon," said a man sitting at the front of the room. He stared down the conference table at the men and women gathered here. There was another click revealing the male in similar states.

"Her twin brother is Dr. Brendan Vadas works as a pediatric surgeon," the leader continued. The man was slightly bulky and his skin was like midnight. He clicked through several photos slowly and let the gathered people study them. They were of the twins separate and together meeting with various people.

"We have managed to tie them to to several different gangs which left some confusion at first. They are connected to both the human only groups, Pure World and Sky Disciples. The reason for their confusion is this," the leader spoke and two photos showed up on the screen. They were of Brendan Vadas meeting a captain of the Lupus Brotherhood. Click, there was a photo of Freya with a high ranking member of the Fang Nation. Another was of them with several of those belonging to the Moon Shadows. Several more clicks showing the Vadas Twins with various groups.

"We spoke to various members of the Lupus Brotherhood, the Fang Nation th, and the Moon Shadows. It was confirmed that the Vadas Twins are werewolves. In fact, it was agreed upon by all involved that the twins are of alpha blood," the leader continued. His dark eyes once again resting on people within the room.

"Matthais, if they are werewolves how are they mixed in with Pure World and the Sky Disciples," asked a pale woman? Her green cat like eyes narrowed upon the man with midnight skin. Matthais grinned at the question.

"That is something we have yet to confirm," he answered.

"Then what use is this to us," the pale woman once again questioned?

"Because somehow the Vadas twins have infiltrated Pure World and Sky Disciples. We all know that they test to see if you are human or not. So it is important to find our how those two managed to ass as human," spoke a man leaning against the wall. He was clean shaven but looked like he belonged in a biker gang with all his leather.

"Correct Cain."

"Who is supposed to get close to them? How?" A different woman questioned, tapping her fingers along the table.

"This is where it will get difficult as the twins claim few friends. We will use those who they are close to introduce various members," Matthais answered. He glanced around the table. These men and women were handpicked as some of the best field operatives. The Vadas Twins would be an important key in the destruction of these hate organizations. Perhaps even an integral part in going undercover into the older organizations like the Red Hood.

"Getting close to them? That sounds ridiculous," one man insisted.

"Would it not be better to approach them? They are not so young anymore. Pure World and Sky Disciples will notice their lack of aging," a different man stated.

"The introductions would be best. Considering their lack of trust and their connections it would be best to meet them first instead of approaching them on the street," Cain said. There was some murmurs of agreement between the men and women. The discussion turned rapid fire after that, conversing on who knew who and who would be best. Eventually a plan was decided and the group dispersed. Cain finally stopped leaning against the wall and stopped in front of Matthais.

"Matthais, you sure this is wise?"

"You are questioning me now Cain?" Matthais crossed his arms and studied Cain.

"Sending Edward though?" Cain's voice was unbelieving.

"I have a good feeling about this one," Matthais expressed full of conviction.

"Next you will tell me that an Oracle spoke to you," Cain said jokingly.

"No, but a Moon Maiden did. It was she who gave me the names of the Vadas twins."

"That is not so bad but still..." Cain said softly.

"The Moon is shifting the tides..." Matthais said glancing at the screen of a photo of the twins with a captain of the Lupus Brotherhood laughing together.

"I wonder how they do it? How they manage such a complex life between being surgeons, social life, and running with gangs," Cain muttered.

Matthais shook his head, "I think the question is what do they want so badly that they are playing such a complex game."

Boston, MA

The sobs heard from the bedroom made Freya sigh. She picked up her mug and sipped her tea. Freya visibly cringed as her brother let out a low moan. A sharp knock on the door pierces through the sound of heartbreaking sobs. Freya set her mug down and moves through the open concept home to the door.

"How is he?" A soft voice asks before the door is fully open.

"Leah..." Freya trails off as a howl erupted from Brendan that quickly turned into sobs.

"Not well I see." Leah looks up at Freya with sorrowful green eyes that seemed to glow. Her eyes spoke of Freya's shared sorrow for Brendan.

"It came as a surprise to him," Freya said softly. She steps out of the way and Leah walks in. Leah's heels clicked against the hardwood floor as she makes her way to the island. Leah pulls out the stool and hops onto it with a little jump. Leah titled her head to the side and watched Freya come around the other side of the island.

"Tell me?" Leah's voice was a soft questioning tone and not one of demand. She did not want to put her friend on edge.

"Would you like some tea while I explain?"

"Sure." Freya hummed quietly as she grabbed a kettle and began to fill it. Leah's eyes tracked Freya as Freya put the kettle on the stove and turned it on. Freya grabbed a mug from the cupboard and plopped a tea bag into it. Leah twiddled her thumbs in the silence of the kitchen. There was no teasing twins moving about. The kettle whistled and Freya took it off the stove. She poured the water into the mug and gave it to Leah.

"So..." Leah trailed off.

"He told me her name was Mia. She was briefly here for business. Other than that, I really don't know much other than that they met a few times, she ultimately rejected him." Freya ran her hands through her brown hair feeling frustrated. Her eyes darting over to the room her brother was in and back over to Leah. Leah's expression became serious.

"He liked her?" Again, Leah's voice was soft as she watched Freya who was studying her own mug and not drinking it.

Freya shrugged at Leah's question but answered, "Brendan said...she was his dream girl."

"Damn," Leah swore. Her fingers twitched for a moment and she grasped onto her mug. Leah took a deep breath. She counted to three. Feeling steady and in control she exhaled and once again looked at Freya who look haunted.

"Yeah. Brendan has not told me why she rejected him." Freya's eyes once again flicked between the bedroom door and Leah. Freya suspected the why but she was not entirely sure. Secrets were destructive in any relationship but between mates? They could not be kept. They were time bombs that start to go off as the connection between the two became stronger. The secrets her twin and her kept were destructive. Their secrets were proper atomic bombs.

"Do you have anything of hers," Leah asks? Freya chokes back a laugh knowing the hell that Leah could cause. Leah's green eyes told the story of her power. Freya closed her eyes for a moment thinking.

"No. I wish. I would let you curse her. My brother..."

"Deserves so much more. You could come out of hiding? It would make her regret," Leah suggested. Freya shook her head at the suggestion. It was not so simple.

"It is not so straightforward Leah. I don't want my life to end as it is," Freya grimaced at the implication behind her last statement. Freya picked up the mug and stared at the dark brown liquid. She ached for her brother teasing her, for insulting her 'leaf water.' Freya glanced over at the door that led to her brother's room. Brendan's sobs had quieted.

"I get it..." Freya shook her head at Leah's response.

"No, you don't. I cannot talk about it here."

"One day you will have to open up Freya about-" Leah froze at Freya's forbidding expression. Leah glanced down at her mug and fear coursed through her veins. Leah sipped her tea trying to find the words to voice that would not set off Freya in a rage. Freya never talked about her life before she attended college. Neither did Brendan for that matter.

"Perhaps your brother told Mia," Leah asked in a soft and submissive tone.

"No. He would not risk our lives like that," Freya insisted. Freya moved over to the sink and pushed the faucet handle towards hot. The running water forms a barrier of white noise between the two friends. She touched the water every so often to check the water.

"How can you be so sure? I know you never talk about the past but the connection is different. You don't know what it is like." Freya did not comment on Leah's argument and instead she plugged the sink and poured soap into it. Freya let the sink fill up. She bit her lip in frustration, not wanting to speak.

"How is Tom by the way?" Freya choose to redirect the conversation.

"He is good. You are trying to redirect me and it is not working. I have respected your secrets for the years I have known you. Can't you let me in a little? Your secrets cannot be that dangerous!" Freya snorted at this. She washed the dirty dishes and stacked them to be rinsed.


"I told you it is not simple because revealing who we are is a death sentence. That, or we probably found ourselves place in gilded cages."

"Gilded cages? That sounds pretty extreme Freya."

"Not when - I will just show you." Freya wiped her hands on her jeans.

"Show me what?" Leah looked curious at Freya's movements. Freya went over to the collection of cooking knives. She pulled out a large chef's knife. Freya grinned over at Leah.

"Freya? What are you doing?" Freya stabbed herself in the abdomen. Her grunt was the only sign of pain. Freya yanked out the knife.

"Freya!" Leah shouted out alarmed. She stood up and knocked the the stool over in her fright.

"Don't freak out, watch."

"How am I supposed to not freak out? You just stabbed yourself!"

"It's healing, see?" Leah went over to Freya and lifted up the shirt. There was blood around the skin. She pulled the shirt down and studied the torn shirt.

"No way..."

"I would rate as first class if I tested. Brendan would too. It's why we went into the medical field. We wanted to help others. We wanted to make the impossible, possible. Healers are beloved yes and I understand why but we do not want that for ourselves."

"Put the knife away Freya, you are scaring me. No more stabbing yourself," Leah demanded. She whacked Freya playfully along the shoulder. Freya slipped the knife into the sink. She turned around to face Leah and raised on eyebrow.

"Okay, I get it why you do not talk about that. It is not like it is super dangerous. Would it not be more dangerous that people could suspect it and then kidnap your brother or you? I know you both can handle yourselves but still...Mia would never have rejected Brendan for that. In fact she would have felt honored to have been chosen as his mate."

"I think it could be because of our rough past. Our mother was murdered and we were left to survive on our own. We don't know who our father is and we do not have a pack to cling to. We grew up on the streets of New York. You tell me, how do you think two orphaned children would survive on the streets of Manhattan? Find a crew."

"So you joined a gang?"

"Well..." Freya started and paused for a pregnant moment. There was a knock on the door. Freya sighed and went to the door. She yanked it open. A bald man stood there in a suit with wrap around sunglasses.

"Freya Vadas, I need your brother and I to come with me."

"Sorry Logan, my brother is unavailable currently," Freya said.

"I am sorry Freya, but the orders came all the way from the top," Logan said. Freya pursed her lips at this.

"Then you can carry my sobbing mess of a brother."

"What is wrong with Mr. Vadas?"

"My brother was rejected."

"Ah. I am deeply sorry. I will help you with your brother," Logan said. Freya stepped out of the way and Logan stepped in.

"Freya...?" Leah called from the kitchen and froze at the sight of Logan. Logan continued to Brendan's door and opened it.

"Please don't concern yourself Leah. My brother and I will be gone sometime."

"Freya, he is a member of the Lupus Brotherhood!"


"The Lupus Brotherhood!"Leah's voice was full of disgust as she rushed out the door. Logan emerged from Brendan's room with Brendan over his shoulder. Brendan remained unresponsive but continued to breathe in deep sleep.

"Your friend does not know?" Logan continues to make his way to the open front door.


"You keep too many secrets my friend." Freya laughed at Logan's response but it was empty.

"He is right, you do keep secrets," Leah muttered accusingly.

"Not now, Leah."

"Not now, then when?"

"I don't have time for this. The Brotherhood needs me now. When I return, I will speak at length with you and Tom," Freya promised. Freya ran over to the sleek black Mercedes and opened up the rear door for Logan. Logan slid Brendan into the backseat and closed the door.

"Freya, if you don't clean...I won't forgive you." Freya glanced over at Leah with a bitter smile but chose to not respond. She paused for a moment, her eyes distant as a cold autumn wind whipped through the streets. Freya heard her Mother's voice in her head.

'Some fates will find you, Freya.' Freya got into the front seat and let Logan drive off. Leah stared after the black Mercedes wondering if Freya cared at all.

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