When she had first left the network of tunnels behind and felt the wind and rocky terrain beneath her she knew it had been too long since she went to hunt herself. She had grown too comfortable for too long with allowing her children to hunt and feed her. It had been too long since she felt the thrill of the hunt herself. She stalked over the mountainous landscape on her lengthy eight legs and allowed her sense of smell guide her to her prey and she recognized the scent of Men. Several in fact, seven precisely. She crossed three kilometers of mountainous terrain until she could lay her many eyes on them. Seven pink skinned men. No plate armor but leather and fur clothed them by the appearance of them. They were armed with fine forged elven steel and there was no doubt in her mind who they were. Beasthunters from Westerland.

She stalked above them and out of sight as they made their way through a pass until they located a cave and they made their way inside. Two remained outside. One armed with a crossbow and an arming sword while the other had a spear and a heater shield forged with pure steel. He wore a gaucho hat upon his head and a grey fur cloak. Her fangs salivated with anticipation but she gave it more time before she were to descend. Her silvery red eyes glimmered in the night and soon she knew the time was right.

Her descent was swift and though they spotted her enormous form-like she had known they would-she was upon them in seconds and with one leg she slapped the crossbow wielder against the mountain wall of the path through the pass and with ease wrestled the spear wielding beasthunter onto his back and with a slight movement her jaws closed upon his legs and she raised her head and chewed. His scream was partially masked by the thunder and she slipped the rest of him in between her fang-filled maw and ended his screams. The second hunter was on his back and had begun to rise but his pained expression told her that he had several broken bones.

"Primordial Weavess!" The man cried for all he was worth, an attempt to alert his comrades that explored the cave. No doubt in search for an entrance into her lair.

She tore the little man in half with a single bite and gobbled down his upper half. She gobbled down his upper half and stalked partially up the side she had descended from. There she lurked for a time. The brave and arrogant beasthunters appeared from inside the cave and she leaped down and successfully squashed two of them under her weight and bit into an iron grey bearded one and flung his corpse against his fellow hunters. One fell under the body and the remaining hunter slashed against her leg with his sword. Medium pain shot up her leg and she shifted and covered him in her acidic venom. After she devoured the remaining man and the eatable remains left of the dead and felt that her belly had not had its fill.