In the house, the hearts are sold.

And the dogs bark -"the price ain't gold!"

The wolfs howl, while they munch on words,

'Meaningless' are their rightful swords


They spit, then drink their obligations,

So you shouldn't believe those dear salvations,

Run away from the dogs lair,

They'll crunch you sore if you stay here.


The old mutt, howls in the light of red...

And I should say it needs it's bed,

Yet it's stubborn, it won't fall,

It is his kingdom after all!


Reason is pointless, as they repeat,

The same mistakes, so drag your feet!

Nothing will change, until the grave,

Those deadly holes are not for fame...


Another female in the rear.

A fox, you say? Oh, you should fear!

The gold will satisfy her thirst,

But no one found it, and was first.


This is how we decay here,

Waste our souls, as the time ticks near.

As worthless beings we will die,

But no one will care. Oh, should we cry?