Baville city is often larger than what most newcomers to its streets imagine. The large city was made up of five separate districts. The residential district of Ange, Arcadia the district for the wealthy, Jade was the industrial district, and the abandoned district of Sympas. In the center of it all was Nova. Nova, the neon paradise with lights from all over casting rainbows of neon in the night sky where a booming party life resided. A leisure area of neon and partying, most would call it.

Nova was dark as the rest of the city as the sun had set hours ago. The silence of the night was combated by the liveliness of nightlife as cars continued to race down the streets. The music from bars and clubs around the area could faintly be heard on the streets over the light drizzle of cool rain falling from the lightly clouded skies. Neon colors of building signs reflected in the sleek water on the ground. The districts narrow streets were lit dimly with streetlights and the window of shops where dark besides the red-lit signs indicating their closure. The sound of car engines was loud as the nightly street races took over the roads, crowds of people could be found standing in one of the empty parking lots of a bar.

Two cars sat at the finish line. A yellow Mustang GT sat empty as its racer leaned against the side of her car. The curly haired brunette grinned as she spoke to the people around her. Everyone was making their bets on who would be the winner; the white BMW or the yellow yellow Mustang. Brooklyn Collins was relishing in the attention given to her as the next race was nearing its beginning. She'd been racing all night, people referring her to the newbie hotshot. It was only her second night in the scene, but she'd managed to win all the races so far. Her opponent held a strong winning streak, but she was confident to be worried.

The crowd cheered as the gathered around the starting line, the two-cars pulling up. Brooklyn gave her male competitor a little wave accompanied by a wink before she let her window slide up and closed. She looked around the crowd, spotting her brother sitting up on the fence with a smile. Brooklyn smiled herself at the thought of the money she'd be winning if she beat this last guy tonight. Both drivers sat up at the sight of the flag girl walking up to stand between them at the starting point. The crowd hollered and whistled at the sight of the scantily clad women. Brooklyn rolled her eyes, she was way hotter than her.

The moment the flag flew through the air the cars took off to freely fly along the streets. Police didn't bother to really patrol around here and when they did the street racing had ceased to be a problem to them at this point. It was just another thing that came with living in the Nova district. The race seemed to end as fast as it had begun. Brooklyn passed the finish line just seconds before the BMW. She practically jumped out of her car with a smile, ready to gloat the night away. Her brother Jasper had jumped down to meet her, ecstatic at the fact that he'd just won about a dozen bets. Her friend ran up as well, a strawberry blonde had pushed through the cheering crowd to hug her.

"OMG Brooklyn you won!" She squealed.

"Course I did, Brooklyn Collins doesn't lose." Brooklyn tossed her hair over her shoulder as she departed from the crowd, Jasper following them after collecting their winnings.

"Wow, Brooklyn, we're really making a killing of this racing. I can't believe I doubted you." Jasper split the money between him and his sister. He'd been wary about letting his sister break into street racing like this, but the money it brought was changing his mind, as well as the thrill he got watching his sister win like this.

"Hey, Brooklyn, your opponent has been giving you eyes this whole time." Alexandria, the strawberry blonde laughed, nodding towards the young man that had just lost. "You gonna get that? If not I call dibs!" She laughed.

"Nah, Alex I think he's mine tonight. Find your own!" She joked. Jasper rolled his eyes and moved to head back to the car, not wanting to hear his older sisters banter of hooking up with some guy.

"Alex, will you go get my bag for me while I go talk to this guy? I left it over by the fence by accident."

The hazel eyed girl smiled, "no problem, go get him, tiger!" As Brooklyn walked towards the racer she'd beaten Alex ran off towards the street. Alongside the back road, a fence sat where they'd been sitting upon to watch the early races. She spotted her friends red bag sitting at the bottom of the fence. After bending down to pick it she spotted a blonde girl standing on the other side of the fence. She tipped her head in curiosity, "hey, you okay?" She called out, walking around the fence. She noticed the girl trembling slightly as she shakily played with her hands. She rolled her eyes, probably another junkie that had come to bet on the races. "You having some kind of bad trip or something?" She questioned, she supposed the least she could do was call an ambulance if that was the case. The young woman looked to her, wetting her dry lips as her deep azure eyes looked Alex up and down. "No? You're okay?" She gave a small nod. Alex scoffed, "You gonna say something?"

The girl shook her head and turned to look down the dim street. Alex decided to try just one more time to help. "So, do you want to use my phone to call someone?" She walked closer but stopped as the blonde turned back to her at the sound of a car turning the corner. Alex stiffened a laugh, "are you wearing some kind of dog collar? That's pretty kinky, you wearing for your boyfriend or something? Some kind of dom-sub thing?" She laughed but stopped as she found the girl didn't seem to appreciate her joke. She scoffed and turned to leave, "whatever, suit yourself."

As the screeching tires of a van could be heard Alex felt the odd girl grab her with a tight grip laced around her wrist. "What the hell are you doing, let-" Alex shouted as she felt the blonde hook an arm around her neck. The flashing of neon pink and red hit the girls as the bar's sign blinked down on them. Their struggle was bathed in bright pink and a red shadowing their bodies. Everyone else was either too drunk or too into the racing to realize what was happening just a few feet away. Alex tried to scream, but the pale blonde covered her mouth with the sleeve of her black sweater. She drug her towards the van, whose back door swung open to reveal two other men waiting to grab Alex from her grasp. Alex kicked as she felt her body hit the vans floor and the other girl jumped in to stand above her.

"I'm sorry." She spoke for the first time, "I'm really sorry about this." She whispered with a small quiver in her voice as she dipped down, now holding a needle that had been passed to her. Alex was out cold just a few minutes later as the black van took off. The blonde sighed and sat down, the thick, black collar around her neck blinked green as the earpiece in her ear buzzing. She moved to hit the button on the side to let the smooth voice of a man run into her ear. "Eden…" She breathed his name, in an attempt to calm her racing heart. " I have the target," she spoke.

"Great work Emily, are you on your way back to Headquarters to deliver her?"

"Yes, Eden."

"Wonderful, it's time my angels return home to me." Emily looked down, uttering a yes before she leaned back on the van, wondering how everyone else's missions were going tonight.