The Baville police HQ was bustling with noise. Remy was among the busy morning environment. The young man stood at the side of his desk, a file of thick paper clenched between his teeth as he dug through the stacks of papers at his desk. "Bellerose!" Remy groaned slightly at the should of his last name being called. He looked back to spot the chief waving him over. Remy dropped his work and made his way towards his office.

Remy had tossed his cousin's file in the trash early that morning. He'd spoken to that Willow doctor that Lily had directed him to, finding truth in the fact that Emily's death really was on the record. Still, the rest of Emily's fake file didn't put many of Remy's worries to rest. Whatever escaped subjects that needed to be apprehended, he could tell with just a glance at the files Lacima had given them that they were dangers to just about anyone around the city. "Sir" Remy sighed as he walked into the office, dropping to sit before the older's desk. "Is this about the task force? I'm sorry, I just haven't had much time to put anyone together for it."

"Don't worry about that, I know how I want on this task force." Remy nodded after being silenced. He pursed his lips slightly, only days ago ha the learned all about Lacrima and the partnership between them and the police chief. "There's some other matter we need to talk about." The chief stood up, moving to draw the blinds closed and lock the door.

"What is it, Sir?" Remy asked, slight nerves beginning to bubble up within his stomach.

"Your cousin, Lilian Evans, she's pretty deep within this ordeal. Her involvement won't hinder your performance on this matter, right?"

"Of course not. She's family, but we have a job to protect this city."

The man hummed, "and you understand what this all is, correct?"

"I believe I do…"

"Lacrima is a very strong force, very wealthy. They make people disappear a lot Remy, there's a reason why I make you throw out most of your missing person cases. They can make anyone disappear. They pay me for a reason, they expect that my men fall in line on the rare occasions they ask us for help. They pay me generously for this, you can't mess this up. If you do, far more people will die. These creations of Magenta are kept locked away for a reason, they're very dangerous, don't underestimate them because they're young. That Eskel one, he's killed a lot of people the past few years, I'm sure you remember cleaning his mess off the loading docks of Jade."

"I know that Sir, I read his file." Remy looked up with a hard look in his eyes. "I'd be dumb to let anything slip by me, I have a responsibility to this city and I plan to deliver."

"We all do. Now, with that said, Lacrima wants them captured alive; matter what happens, no matter the situation, I want them dead."

Remy raised his eyebrows, "dead? But if we're working with Lacrima why do you…" Remy trailed off as the chief raised a hand to quiet him.

"Remy, for decades Lacrima has pushed his city around from the shadows, but things are changing now. If we kill these subjects then we weaken Lacrimas threat. What will they do? How will they send a subject to harm us? Things will be easy from there. Gale Beaumont falls if we take away his power."

"So, we kill them and arrest Gale?" Remy sat back in thought.

"The subjects are a menace, but Lacrima is an even bigger one. This all is an order Bellerose, do as I say and don't allow anyone arouses suspicion over you. As far as everyone outside of the special task force, we're working normally with Lacrima."

Violet had made the mistake to think of Gale and Eden as family. Willow had adopted her, but she knew her "uncles" were not her uncles.

Violet's screams echoed through the building as she thrashed against Bell's hold. "Help me" Bell hissed, making Eden grab the small girl and push her against the steel table. "Juniper, you too!" Bell shouted, a woman moving to grab and hold the girl's legs down. Bell was able to grab the syringe laying at her side on the counter. Magenta liquid slouched in it as she moved to jam it into the side of her neck. Violet's screaming only grew louder when Gale took over, holding her down on his own and allowing Eden, Bell, and Juniper to step back. Eden muttered something about needing a drink after the fit Violet had thrown, while Juniper was still watching

"Wow, what a virus Magenta is." The woman mused, "the pain looks unbearable, I wish the Juno strain was as strong as that."

"Juno's a fine drug." Eden responded, "how are your subjects doing?"

Juniper smirked, "well, they're certainly far more well behaved then Lacrimas." The woman patted Violet's convulsing body, "this one looks promising though, I'd love to buy her off you."

"You already bought Talia from our father, you're not getting another one," Gale spoke gruffly as he wrapped a hand around her neck to prevent her from tossing her head around. "Besides" He began, "I want to keep this one."

Violet could remember those words so vividly despite the pain of Magenta's altering of her body. Violet had woken up not long ago, she'd slept away from the others. She stood, stretching her arms above her head with a curt yawn. She supposed she should go cuddle up on Eskel given what had happened last night. Get him back on her side, get him twisted back around her finger. She grabbed one of the medication bottles, this would help as well.

Eskel was awake as well when she walked in. Valerian too, but Lily hadn't woken up at all since Eskel dropped her here. Violet tugged her hair up as she walked up to him. Valerian's eyes were weighed down with exhaustion as Eskel border arranging his hair. Her hand pressed against his back, finding his stitched scar with ease as she massaged over it. If Eskel was was sensitive about anything, it was that scar. She pulled him away from Valerian, grabbing at the hem of his shirt and yanking it up. Eskel glared back at her, but quickly dropped it and forced a small smile to play along. Violet was eyeing his back, the long scar was clear against his skin. Violet had never seen it before, but she could remember hearing Eden mention it in the past. She struggled to actually get herself to touch it, scars were something she'd never been able to stand. She let her fingers run down it, as if she really was concerned with comforting him. Eskel was smiling, but it was a forced smile, he really was struggling to pretend for her. Violet let her arms wrap around him from behind, leaning her chin on his shoulder.

Violet was crying, huddled on the bed. Emily was laying under her covers, her mouth still wired shut as she continued to heal her jaw. Eskel was on his side, quietly facing away from them all. Eden was standing before the three in the clinic, while Gale was facing him. The room was silent. Violet refused to speak, while Eskel chose not to. Emily couldn't even if she wanted to. "Gale, this has to stop." Eden spoke up, "they're not your toys, you can't just do as you please with them whenever you want to." Eden walked up to Violet, his hand resting on top her head, "and what you did to Violet…" he trailed off at the thought of how he'd found the girl in Gales room hours ago, still crying. "That's is a whole new issue. There are many things our parents did to us in the past, especially father that has left a bad taste in all of our mouths; however, I think trauma is manifesting in a very different and...concerning way for you. I think you should see someone before things-" Eden stopped talking abruptly at the feeling of his older brother gripping his shirt collar.

"I am not going to see anyone Eden, who do you-" Gale's attention darted to Emily as she had begun to wave or his attention. He glared, "stop that." Emily shook her head rapidly, trying to speak. "Stop that Emily, you're not supposed to speak with your jaw like that!" He snapped. Emily's words were hard to understand as she was speaking with her jaws closed and unmoving.

"N-no" she managed to get out, pain in her eyes as she tried to speak.

"You brat, want me to break it again?" He growled, marching towards her, much to Eden's dismay. Emily flinched and pointed in a panic to where Eskel was still lying.

"Eskel No!" She cried, crying as pried her mouth open to speak properly.

"Gale, grab him!" The brothers jumped for Eskel, crimson blood was trickling on to the white tiled floor. Gale had torn the surgical knife from the young boy, whilst Eden held the struggling and bleeding boy. "Call the doctor!" He shouted at Violet, who remained still where she was. Emily had pulled her knees to her chest and begun to ball her eyes out. Violet only moved she heard a few guards come in at the sound of commotion. She had run out, sending the doctor in just a few moments later.

"In some ways" Violet sighed, loosened her arms from around Eskel, "I wish you'd died that day."

Kirron had found it difficult to wake Emily up that morning. The blonde had opted to sleep alone last night, leaving her and the kitten to remain cuddled up together in the large bed. Keily had come back and despite not really wanting to speak or be around the young girl, Kirron knew she had a great deal of important things to say. The blonde was passed out, only her head of messy hair poking out from the covers. She barely made a sound when he called her. "Emily" he spoke. "Emily get up."

"No." She yawned, rolling over.

"It wasn't question," he stated as he grabbed her shoulder to shake her, she tossed her body around, almost smacking him in the process. Kirron stepped back with a frown, so it was going to be one of those mornings?

"Kirron, what's taking so long? Keily seems anxious to start." Bryson appeared in the doorway, "why haven't you gotten her up yet? She should hear this too."

"Yeah, one minute." Kirron yanked her blanket away, causing Gizmo to jump up and leave. "Will you turn the cold water in for me?"

"Oh, Kirron, how cruel" Bryson commented as she walked into the bathroom to let the cold water spray from the shower head. Emily shifted slightly when he picked her up with ease. "What…" she barely opened her eyes, she felt her foot hit the cold water and jumped, "hey!" Her sleepy eyes snapped open. Before Kirron could toss her in as he wanted the blonde quickly let a shield form around her, deflecting the water and keeping herself dry, what water splashed back onto the boys. "What was that for?" Emily questioned as she watched Bryson turn the water off and Kirron grabbed a towel to dry himself off with a small scowl.

"You wouldn't get up." He shrugged, "Keily's here."

"Oh, really?" She stood up, "did she find some things out? What are we waiting for, let's go see!" She jumped to push past the boys, bounding out the room and down the hall while Kirron turned with a roll of his eyes.

Downstairs Emily had already taken a seat at the dining table where Keily was standing with a boy. Emily was speaking to Lindsey as the older offered her a plate for breakfast. Kirron and Bryson spoke to each other as they took their seats as well, food already out for them. Keily looked at the three, feeling a bit awkward about being around Kirron as she knew it'd be a while before the two of them would start back on the right track. "Thanks, Oliver." She sighed as he handed her her laptop.

"Did you tell Oliver?" Bryson wondered aloud.

"No, I just needed his help bringing all this over." She gestured to the three small boxes stacked on the floor before her. "I went and saw Willow, he had a lot more encrypted data on his old laptop than he thought. I've been looking at it all the past few days, I even managed to get back into Lacrima's network from the laptop." She pointed to the older silver device sitting beside her newer one. "I have a lot for you guys, ready to start?"

"Yeah!" Emily called excitedly. Keily nodded at Oliver, who left the room, clearing not wanting to hear about whatever it was they would be going over and Keily had asked if he minded waiting somewhere else anyways.

"So I guess I should start with the best news I have, I've found Valerian."

"You have? Where!?" Kirron perked in the alert.

Keily put a hand up to stop him as she opened her bag and pulled out a few papers. "I couldn't get an exact location on Valerian himself, but he's on the border of Nova and Jade, likely in the industrial and loading docks in Jade, near the bridges into Nova. it took a lot of work, but I managed to get my hands on traffic footage from the past week, that's where I saw him and the others heading that way, but there are no cameras around where they went. I can't track Valerian, but...I can pinpoint Eskel."


"There's a tracking device implanted in him, it's old, but I got onto the tracking network through Willow's old computer. I can watch him every movement and Gale will be watching as well when he realizes the tracker still works."

Emily paled, "Is there one in me?"

"Thankfully no. Willow said only Eskel was given one due to his sporadic nature. You and the others weren't much of a threat I guess." Emily sat back in her chair with a small sigh of relief. "I've found Eskel; however, Jiro Miwa is hot on his trail as well, you remember him, Emily?"

"Yeah...he was at Willow's yesterday." Emily frowned, "he's manipulative, I don't like him."

"He was really only brought in for Eskel, so his main thing is getting him back. He was in Russia for a few weeks, but he returned a few days ago and he's pretty ticked off over everything falling about while he was gone. You guys will have to watch out for him, as well as Gale and Lacrima. Not only that, but word on the street is that the police have put out a special task force to help Lacrima get you and the other subjects back. I suggest you do something to make yourself less recognizable Emily, so at least you can leave if needed."

"The police too? How great." Kirron sighed, rubbing his temple. "Anything else we need to know?"

"Well...yes...I can' help you all devise a plan and work around Lacrima; however, there is something you should know about Violet…" Kiely pressed her lips together in a thin line. "Well...there's a bomb implanted in her chest…"


"Yes. I doubt Gale will, but he can detonate that device with a press of a button whenever he wants and if he does, whoever's around her will be caught up in it."

"Eden, you have to tell me what you're trying to accomplish here." Fable was pacing back and forth, "I will take Vanemy away for you, but I need to know what's happening."

"Everything will be fine."

"Eden, the last thing we need is for Gale to call of Juniper's help!"

"Juniper won't be coming," Eden assured her. "Gale is too prideful to ask that woman for help."

"What is your endgame, Eden? How in the world around you going to stop this?"

"I'm not sure yet, but I will. I have to make things right Fable, you know I have to. Starting with Eskel."

Fable fell back to sit on the bed with a sigh. "You're going to get yourself killed, you know?"

"It wouldn't be the first time." He laughed, sitting beside her. "Do you remember my father after my brothers and I went out for tattoos?"

Fable snorted with a laugh, "I remember I was in the lab with him when he found out."

"It hurts"

"Stop whining Willow. All your getting is tiny on your wrist, I had to cover my neck and arm!" Willow stuck his tongue out at his older brother as he looked back at the needle printing green ink into the inside of his wrist. Gale had finished his tattoo's a few moments ago, the burn scars covered up. Eden was still laying on his side, the scrawny side exposed as purple and black ink was almost done covered his own burn scars.

"Eden he's wheezing again."

"Willow, are you okay?" Eden craned his neck to look at the youngest of the three as he coughed and wheezed.

"I wish dad would take me to the doctor and have my breathing problems looked at." He sighed, fanning his red and warm face.

"Oh, is that Bell calling?" Eden questioned, as Gale looked to his ringing phone. The brothers had left by now, walking back for Sympas. "It's Gale's giiiiirlfriiiiend." He teased.

"Shut up, she's just an apprentice lab rat. Like dad says, women aren't anything to hold in high regard."

"I think they are…" Willow muttered.

"That's why you cried while watching him the other day!"

"It was horrible, I wish he hadn't made us watch."

"It was just sex," Gale stated, looking down at his phone.

"That wasn't sex it was awful. Besides, Eden closed his eyes too."

"I could still were crying so loud I bet you've drowned it all out."

"So what if I did?" Willow snapped, falling into another coughing fit.

"I thought he was going to kill us when we got home" Eden sighed, "he had already been angry at is over what happened know…" The two fell into silence, after a few moments Eden spoke again. "Do you still have it?" He asked, his fingers brushing past her hair to see the side of her neck. A white tattoo was there, a blocky white number 3.

"That was a long time ago Eden." Fable's voice dropped. "Don't bring it up. Your father did bad things to me, not you. In some ways, I wish Lacrima had kept me rather than sold me to...Illu-" she sighed, "rather than sold me to her."

"I've felt so much guilt these past few weeks. I had pushed it aside for so long, but I can't anymore." Eden looked down, "I hated my father growing up, but everyday Gale and I just become more and more like him. His sole purpose of having us was to continue upholding Lacrima like his family before him, I didn't want that, but I let Gale drag me in. things slowly got better buy now Gale- the past is catching up to him and he can't handle it. He thinks what he's doing is right because that's what our father taught us."

"Do you think he'll change?"

"I'm begging that he does…"