'Welcome to San Francisco, Drew Blake,' thought a young man as he drove across the Golden Gate Bridge. The time was nearing dawn and with the recent storm retreating he was able to glance at the rising sun. Perfect giving his new foray into the world that was San Francisco, a city he had never been to before.

Fresh from New York, having moved out west for a change of scenery was too good an opportunity to pass up for the thirty year old bachelor detective. New York felt too crowded for him and while his first thought was that San Francisco would be the same his mind changed when he got halfway across the bridge. The city looked so wide open and full of space and life he was glad he had made the switch.

Getting across the bridge within minutes the detective made it into the area he was to patrol, before going to one of the city's most famous side sectors: Chinatown.

The entire place was wet from the thunderstorm that had come through like a hurricane. There wasn't a spot on the street that wasn't wet. However, that wasn't the first thing Blake noticed. The most major noticeable feature for him was the prevalence of the color red. Decorations were being set up and people were wearing red as they worked diligently to get their duties on. Posters along the walls of the buildings gave the reason why Blake was seeing red: the Mid-Autumn Festival, a commemorative Chinese festival, was supposed to be celebrated by the end of the week.

Taking his time while driving through the town he noticed how everyone no matter the age was helping, and the whole scene was rather inviting for him. So inviting he parked his Mercedes in a parking lot not far from the Chinatown limits. The humidity in the air was almost unbearable and the heat from the sun made the whole thing worse in his opinion. He could smell all sorts of spices in the air, but what kept getting his attention was the color red being everywhere. It must be the theme of the festivities.

He walked for nearly a block while admiring the architecture of the buildings around him, passing by a number of oriental businesses and even a large restaurant called the White Tiger. It wasn't opened yet. He went on past it and saw a few kids decorating a basketball court by painting the brick wall with a large dragon.

While he was a cop technically he couldn't do anything yet since he had just been transferred and didn't have his side arm or even his badge. All he had were the three suitcases in his car and the clothes on his back, which consisted of jeans and buttoned up dress shirt. Very short sandy brown hair was on top of his head, having just gotten his hair cut prior to the flight to the city.

A new city to protect and serve, as well as a new life to get used to.

'Such is the cost of making big decisions,' he thought as he turned to head back to his car, wondering what sort of action he would be encountering in his new home.

The twins had woken up at dawn just like their grandfather had warned them he would. However, while they were expecting one thing to happen, it turned out they were given something completely new and unexpected to do.

"The fact that the weather has improved has led me to change our plans for the day. Instead of training, you will help in decorating the White Tiger for the upcoming festival."

the apparent disappointment on both teens' faces was enough of an explanation as to how they felt when they were told that. Mentally having to shift gears first thing in the morning was going to be an issue that they would battle for the entire day.

Luckily they didn't have to wear the restaurant uniforms while they worked. Dressed in short denim shorts that could easily be called hot pants and a tight sky blue shirt that had a tiger on the front Leixia had just finished with working on the inside of the restaurant while Xian was supposed to be doing the back room, though he was taking a very long time to do that chore. Being barefoot for the sake that her feet hurt, Leixia tried to keep her concentration on what she was supposed to be doing but her mind lingered onto the topic of her cancelled training with the Storm.

Sure she was partially glad to not be able to work with the weapons since she felt the relief rush over her like a gentle wave, but she also wanted to learn how to control it. Her relief was turned to stress when she thought of having to use the weapon in a controlled environment.

'Being trained to use the sword would be a great tool to use in case we ever got into real trouble,' she thought as she set her water bucket on the floor. She had just finished doing the decorations and was now in the process of washing off the tables to get them ready for opening in a few hours.

"Alright, I got all that done!"

Turning her chin up to see her brother coming towards her Leixia ceased her work. Her brother was dressed in brown baggy shorts and a red t-shirt with a lightning bolt on the front, one of his favorites. The irony wasn't lost on either of the twins either.

Yet, Leixia noticed something was off. Her brother's hands were empty.

"Where's your cleaning tools?"

Putting his hands on his hips, the teenage boy shrugged his shoulders, "Don't need 'em anymore since I got done."

Leixia tossed her warm wet rag into the bucket in front of her. No one had to ask whether she believed him or not, the answer was plain as the nose on her face. He had been told an hour to clean the backroom and if he wasn't done within that time he'd have to clean it again "No you're not."

Her brother insisted though, "Yes, dear sister, I am."

Mimicking his posture, Leixia turned to him put her hands on her hips, "Nǐ gǎn piàn wǒ de liǎn?"

Putting his hand up like a boy scout swearing an oath, Xian replied, "Fāshì wǒ zǔfù de míngzì."

Still not convinced Leixia lowered her hands. Her brother wasn't exactly thorough when it came to cleaning. His type of cleaning was the equivalent being asked to clean the entire room but all he did was shove the toys under the bed. She asked, "Suǒyǐ, rúguǒ wǒ huí dào nàlǐ jiǎnchá tā huì gānjìng ma?"

He nodded once, his countenance not changing one bit.