Hello all here's the villain tales of the corruption order Tale 1 follows the story of Chalice Periculum a merchant of the corruption order on route from Purgatory to a forward base Enjoy!

Ike Everbleed the captain of my caravan barked orders at the thralls. Threatening to feed them to the red wolves. I wanted to complain that these thralls costed me almost everything I had. My names Chalice Periculum a proud merchant of the corruption order. My boss Lynx Bloodworth overlord of the Blood Money Traders a small merchant guild. Assigned me to lead a caravan from the capital city of Purgatory carrying goods ranging from pottery, food, and alcohol. The caravan was headed towards Forward base Agony which served as a defense post along the forsaken highway. Forsaken highway was vital as every grand conquest our order does travel through forsaken. The Eseyn Alliance wasn't the only threat we faced. Remains of dolls, clowns, and bandits mounted on pikes along the road. Our foes learned the hard way the alliance cowers a corruption order followers laugh at these so called horrors. Heck the red wolf kennel master told me clown meat was their favorite.

My routine was standard thralls for serving or if necessary sacrifices. Wearing only dirty and torn clothing they whimpered but followed orders they were given. Armed plebs wearing hoods and scarves covering their faces showing only their eyes. Wielding clubs, quarterstaffs, and some of the more wealthier ones carrying spears. While it may not be any protection and Purgatory is almost also hot even in the winter. Plebs both armed and unarmed are known as "shorties" as they wear hardened shorts protected by leather leg guards. This in turn compared to Uempstas and Taggitarius troopers. Plebs can move fast and easier to be concealed for ambushes. The leader of the pleb group was a short tempered green haired youth named Dementia Zayne. She'd already killed several would be bandits and a couple dolls. Dementia also had a problem with me and Ike but the pay was good. Next in the routine somehow we're the beast of burden mules. Finally the more season guards such as Ike and the kennel master Jacob Redwolfmaster. The red wolves are usually skittish with proper training however they can be a corruption orders most loyal follower. I breathed a sigh of relief as we arrived at our first checkpoint Shadowend Diner run by Raura Shadowend.

Diners serve as a short of gathering and rest stop. The contact approached me I showed the guilds seal and hand gesture. He bowed and already paid for the food. I asked Raura the half-elf about the local news. She told me the order was driving back the dolls and claiming more territories in the south. Dementia and the other shorties sat at the booths and stools downing stew and drinking corrupted cola our standard non-alcoholic drink. The red wolves were given steak and pork. Ike and his guards ate biscuits and bacon. I of course had my favorites pancakes and sausage with Diner's Swill . Diner's Swill is a locals diner alcoholic drink heavily watered down. I listened to the patron all saying almost the same thing the corruption order was winning. Wiping my chin I handed the plate to a young thrall she bowed and took the plate to the kitchen. The thralls were given stale bread and water. Thralls don't mind or care as many are killed or offered to the corrupted gods. When all finished the contact counted all the goods and when each order was correct wished us all a safe journey. We continued trekking forsaken and noticed we we're being watched. I swore I could see several small child shaped figures moving closer. My thoughts were confirmed as the gigging of dolls surrounded us. Thralls scurried trying to find shelter in the caravans. Jacob sent some of his wolves on a few fleeing thralls. Ike ordered his heavy armored guards to form a defensive line. Dementia barked orders to the plebs who pulled up their hoods and scarves and shouted at the dolls. I unsheathed my short sword and readied myself for the conflict.

The dolls sent the first charge throwing stones and daggers. Ike's guards protected us with their shields. Some plebs got hit they were dragged to the healers caravan. They continued to giggle most made from porcelain or wood. Soon plebs found themselves in close combat the smashed the dolls with their staffs and clubs. Or drove their spears into the vile things. Dementia was feeling many just laughing the corruption already taken over her. She'd make a great trooper if she just respected authority more. I sliced a wooden dolls arm off it just laughed I then finished it off wasn't laughing anymore I laughed. When the dolls realized the fear had no effect on us they retreated cursing our order. I checked the damaged five plebs wounded and three less thralls for fleeing. Ike, Jacob, the wolves, and mules unharmed. The thralls scavenged the porcelain as doll porcelain can be used for nice decorations. Thralls can also buy their freedom from scavenging and selling the goods or turning it into artwork.

After all us some of us fortunate followers of corruption sometimes pity the poor poor thralls. Aside from the previous encounter the screams from the wounded being healed with dark magic was all we had to endure. A rider approached us her piercing red eyes staring at us. I showed my seal and did the hand gesture again. "Welcome Trader Chalice". Agony forward base was flooded with soldiers, merchants, and travelers. Everyone looked shocked at our arrival many whispering. Agony's base commander was a hunchback administrator named Victory the Hunchbacked he even wore the nickname with pride and honor. Agony's quartermaster a vampire began counting all the goods and said they were accounted for. Agony's troopers mainly Uempestas began unloading the goods. Everyone was paid what was promised dolls had began terrorizing the highway and while many fled I decided to fight. Troopers commended mine and my followers bravery. I hadn't noticed that many stuck from the doll incursion. I then told victory I wouldn't have got to Agony if not for all these brave followers. Ike grinned and gloated Dementia just nodded i could tell she was grateful for the compliment. Tired from the ordeal I went into my caravan with a simple desk and bedroll. I lit a candle and wrote in my journal and reported the losses of thralls and wounded. Along with the general rumors and finally the payment. I blew out the candle today was a long day now I would be stuck in Agony base till another order came could be worse I yawned.

Thanks for reading again i tried to make it dark without venturing into M rating. Question of the chapter did you like the story and is guards wearing shorts unique or dumb?