Hello all hope you've been enjoying the corruption order tales this chapter follows several POV as they serve landlord Hades in claim a strategic settlement called Looter Town Enjoy

Shortie/Pleb POV

I found myself in a vicious scrap with a looter townie. All around this storehouse shorties in my squad fighting with the looters. The looters made the first mistake even an alliance recruit knowns. Never go for the shorts as they tried to strike low. My squad did the standard takedown then crushing the skull. Other shorties had some of the looters in chokeholds. Punching my opponent straight in the face staggering him. With a shout I drove my club down on his skull. He fell backwards unconscious. He must of been the leader as they began to flee in terror. Inspired those in my squad with throwing knives and slings struck the cowards fleeing in the back. Like every pleb as the higher society call us we began scavenging anything of value and finishing off the dying and wounded looters. Thankfully the storehouse was still pretty full as landlord Hades managed to surprise attack the town. Naturally the townies decided not to build a wooden wall. My second in command Matilda informed me that Hans the eques trooper wanted to see me. As i walked out my squad nodded or pulled down their hoods and scarves in respects of me. Toby the prankstar in my squad began using his club smashing the worthless goods.

As if taking the initiative me everyone in my squad began following his example. As I went out even with his visor down Hans was laughing. "Quite a rabble you've got there pleb Wat Tyler". I saluted and said my shorties just blowing off a little steam. That got a genuine chuckle from Hans. Hans said my shorties could have their fun but when over we had to bolster the market square forces. I gave a clear shout all my squad stopped looting. Matilda gave me the report only Cody was wounded Molly and Jacob carrying the young light green haired youth. All was going well and the troopers had already made a safe passage for us. I raised my hand "hear that" I laughed. "That's the sound of glory and anarchy" my whole squad laughed. Indeed us plebs of shorties are gonna have a lot of fun tonight.

Taggitarius Trooper POV

The rear guard of the looter townies tried to do another failed charge. Throwing rocks and glass. One of my troopers got hit in the head a thrall and pleb getting him to safety. Hades gave this poor excuse for a town an ultimatum. Leave like most of the bandits in the area. Or be killed like the other fools who opposed us. I threw my throwing javelin hitting a townie square in the chest. uempestas troopers formed a shield wall protecting us taggitarius and ranged plebs. Chaos is all i could call it the uempestas sergeant trying to bark order. Townies drowning out his words with war cries and banging loud objects. Another failed charge then another these guys are stubborn I'll give them that. Next came the common tactic the uemepestas troopers opened up the gapp letting some of the looters in. Not realizing till it was too late they fell overwhelmed by pleb and trooper support. We opened up the gap again this time letting our light eques troopers chase down the looters. Sweat dripping from my face I went towards the local trough. Others washing their faces or the blood from their hands. I looked at my reflection my face worm and my short black hair messy. "Hey Charlotte nice javelin throw" Nicholas a trooper in my unit grinned. I just smiled and nodded. The talk of everyone was the same President Innocent was getting things done. Only one month in office these expedition acts already driving thousands of bandits out. Some of the looters were tied up on a makeshift post. I along with seven others got picked. Target practice we taggitarius troopers call it. Four picked the bow, two picked a crossbow, and thrall handed me my personal favorite javelin. They cowered and begged for mercy or praying to the heavens. When it was over they looked like practice dummies. "Looter scum" i spat.

Thrall POV

I closed my eyes watching the looters be killed. The wizagitch who I served reminding me if I or the others she commanded. Wanted to join the looters this is what would happen to us. He then ordered me to give flasks of water to the tired troopers and plebs. I nodded and began passing out the flasks. Most didn't acknowledge me just ripping the flasks from my hand. Next I helped the healer by washing off the blood from the makeshift hospital floor. Most of the order saw me as faithful and diligent. Indeed the wizagitch Thomas my master was thinking of awarding me with a cindlestiff. It's just a dream now I told myself and continued doing various tasks. Several townies cried as they became offerings to the corrupted gods. Some of the people giving me tasks paid me in cheap bread or in a simple flask of water. This was turning out to be a good day overall my stomach didn't groan and i was less thirsty. With the looters all thrall worked with content as they along with myself would be spared as sacrifices. Thomas then informed me my work was over for the day and said I could rest. I laid on the cheap bedroll while I feel sorry for the people of Looter Town. It's better it be them than me.

Landlord Hades POV

"Idiots" I shouted at the council. I told everyone to kill the looters and save the town. Now a quarter of the town was in ruins. My new settlement would have a stone wall and be full of corruption order citizens. All that meant nothing if the town was sacked. Several trooper and pleb commanders informed me that they already began displicing the overzealous followers. My hunchback assistant Michael gave me the status of the rations and troops. While my marshal Karren informed me of casualties, wounded, and morale. The grand wizagitch Marissa informed me that the gods favor my army. As if on call with my thoughts the leaders of Looter Town bowed before me asking for mercy. I decided to let them live though they would be blinded in one eye. I then told them to remind any villain or lout who would dare fight against our grand order. The day was mine I had my city and began answering the Corrupted Herald. Proclaiming me in the herald as a hero yes i Landlord Hades of the new settlement known as Corruption Town along with my people which i made sure to say in the herald. Are all heroes troopers began waving the corruption order flag this is our day.

Hope you all enjoyed this chapter Also this is the last one so i hope I gave enough lore for one story. Question did I give enough lore for the corruption order?