The sun came out from behind the clouds shortly before noon when there was a break in the storm that had arrived in Berlin earlier that morning. Viktor hadn't really left the school property after he had parted with Sera. She had told him she didn't want him in the school and he wasn't a fool as to why she told him this. Still as her bodyguard he had a job to do in protecting her but that didn't mean he wasn't going to respect her privacy. He also knew the primary reason she had ordered him to leave earlier and he was surprised she had the backbone to order him around.

'The girl doesn't want to be found out. That's cute.' He couldn't help but smile, since her naivety was adorable in some cases. Like anyone would believe she is a descendant of vampires, or even that she is a dhampir at all. Any other bodyguard would have ignored the order and kept her in his sights as per the duty of the guardian but Viktor's experience in the role gave him the right to make the right decision. Besides, he felt she needed something to help take her mind off what had happened a few weeks prior at her birthday party. Getting the news that her mother was a vampire and that she herself is a vampire noble on top of nearly getting killed was almost unbearable for anyone to take let alone a seventeen year old princess. Yet the one part of the bargain that day was she acquired Viktor's services, and it was because of him that she was still alive to enjoy the little semblance of a normal life she had left.

Keeping to the shadows across the street from the school Viktor kept a watchful eye on the building without actually going to the building. Though he avoided the sun, the worst it did for Viktor was irritate his eyes. Contrary to some beliefs, Viktor and every other vampire can move about by day, though it is not their natural time and as a result their powers were weaker than normal. It was a dangerous time for a vampire to be out in the day.

As he waited around the block, Viktor took his time and actually walked around the block of the school a few times to pass the time. Walking around the block, talking to strangers who tried to strike up a conversation with him, and even taking the time to read the paper from a street vendor. Playing human for a few hours seemed so trivial for someone like him, but he found it to be entertaining to an extent.

Then the weather changed, the clouds darkened and soon the rain returned to get the entire city wet again. The rain wasn't falling as heavily as before but it still wasn't comfortable to be in with a dark grey overcoat. He found a small cafe to hang out in when the weather turned sour, and despite all the looks he got from the people inside he was able to enjoy himself.

Then three thirty came around and after he had contacted Joel to go pick Sera up, Viktor went over to the school to get the princess home.

Students carrying umbrellas ran down the stairs as he went up them, the girls stopping to take a look at the handsome stranger as he ascended the steps. Viktor ignored them and proceeded to the front door, coincidentally reaching the top as Sera was stepping outside the doors.

She stopped in her tracks, and two other girls stopped as well, .

Sera, however, was beside herself when she saw him approach, "Viktor?!"

Usually he would be waiting for her down by the car with the door open, but this time he wanted to escort her through the rain. This time he had a proper umbrella to use.

He kept a straight face, "Have a good day at school, Your Highness?"

"I did...until now," was her reply.

Viktor finally took notice of the two girls on either side of the princess. He recognized them as Anne and Eve, the princess' two closest friends, and they both had the expression that they had just seen something otherworldly.

That was no doubt a result of the supernatural beauty a vampire had and Viktor was easily the most handsome man in the world to the girls right now.

"Hello ladies." He tried to be casual about what was going on, but talking to her friends seemed to make it worse as they stammered their own replies to his greeting. Despite having lived with it his entire life Viktor's enchanting appearance wasn't his fault and the fact that he couldn't control it irritated him to no end. Especially now when Sera was getting embarrassed by it.

She cleared her throat, desperately wanting to get the heck out of her predicament, "Glad to see you brought an umbrella this time."

Viktor opened the umbrella and held it out for her, "We should be going now, Your Highness." He offered her his other hand.

Sera looked at his free hand with a flustered expression and her cheeks turning red as an apple. She regained enough of her composure to clear her throat and moved to stand under the umbrella, as well as giving Viktor a very stern glare. She turned to her friends, "I'll see you tomorrow. Later."

Anne and Eve broke out of their trance long enough to say their farewells, and Sera began the trek down the stairs to her waiting car, and Viktor followed close behind.

Once inside and the doors closed Sera covered her face with her hands. "I cannot believe you...I'm so embarrassed."

Viktor understood what she was going through, though a part of him felt she was a bit over-reacting by what just happened. "If you mean me being there to pick you up, I'm just doing my job."

Sera sat back in her seat, "You dark winged dolt! You could have been more professional and less casual with me around my friends!"

"I tried to, though that would have drawn more attention to myself in the long run."

The distraught princess turned to look at him, "Huh?"

"Had I acted like a bodyguard and not a normal person, it would have been painfully suspicious, don't you agree?"

He had a point, though Sera failed to notice how with what just happened. There was one thing she was bothered by in particular.

"By the way, what was with the hand holding thing?"


"When you offered to take my hand, why did you do that?"

Viktor's explanation was short and simple, "Force of habit and proper code of conduct. I apologize for making you feel uncomfortable."

"Uncomfortable? More along the lines of humiliated!" She huffed and looked out the window to avoid looking at her bodyguard.

"Might want to reconsider that way of thought before the soiree tonight," Viktor said, his tone turning a bit more serious now. "Vampire society is, plainly speaking, all about code of conduct. Following the rules set by the society is how they have largely survived for as long as they have."

Though Sera had calmed down a little, she didn't speak another word on the trip back to the Palace.