Slowly opening his eyes to the sound of the school alarm ringing in his ears, Romeo sat up. He had been sitting against the concrete railing for the last few minutes hoping to catch a quick nap before he would go on to class. He hadn't expected to actually fall asleep though, and yet he was glad that he had come to the roof to get some peace and quiet.

He hadn't had any dreams like that before, and not only did he not know what they were or where they could have possibly come from, and he couldn't really make out more than what he had envisioned. Wings, chains, and a storm...

Romeo got to his feet, dusting off the black slacks he wore as part of his school uniform. 'Maybe I've just had too much going on in my head as of late.'

From within his mind another voice spoke smooth like silk but cold as ice. 'What are you thinking about now?'

Almost having to do a double take before Romeo remembered whose voice that was. "I was hoping you were just a figment of my imagination."

'You don't need to speak aloud to address me, you fool.'

Romeo spoke within his mind, 'And you should get an attitude adjustment.'

'The only adjustment needed is for you to realize that there is a bigger problem here than your dreams.'

That voice was not a signal that Romeo was possibly going crazy but the voice of someone that was living within his own body. Long story but one that Romeo is constantly reminded of each day when he hears this voice in his head. That voice which was cold, calculating and even a bit condescending if Romeo could take a gamble, was like listening to nails on a chalkboard.

'I know about your duty to the Gate and all but I can't just let you do what you want.'

'Why is that?'

"Because we share the same body! I have stuff I want to do during the day and all that, like school-oh hell, what time is it?!'

He got to his feet and his hazel eyes found the clock above the door nearby. He saw that he had less than five minutes to get to his first class before he'd be tardy, and the last thing he wanted was Mr. Lee to be on him first thing in the morning.

'Anyway leave me alone while I am at school. I don't want to have an outburst and have people think I am going crazy.' His attitude towards the voice was justified. Ever since the voice entered his head less than a week ago Romeo had tried to maintain whatever sanity he could as the voice tried to order him around. Go do this and go do that and no consideration to what Romeo desired. He preferred to not be in the spotlight no matter how minor it was. His existence depended on being out of the radar.

Too bad the voice didn't have much in terms of consideration. 'That isn't my problem. My problem lies with the gate being breached. I didn't have a choice but to use your body to complete the task I was given, and whether you like it or not you are going to help me get it done.'

Despite the lack of understanding between them there was one thing that Romeo knew that kept the voice in a bind. 'Despite your insistence to do that, you can't do a damn thing unless I release the seal holding you inside, so as far as I'm concerned you can stay in my head for the foreseeable future. So there.'

He expected a cold remark from the voice but got nothing.

He decided to mouth off to shove his point further in, 'Got you there didn't I? Hope so.'

'You're going to be late.'

Romeo's eyes went wide and he realized the voice was right. "Shit!"

Trying to keep the voice in the back of his mind Romeo grabbed his bag and ran through the door that led from the roof to the floor below.

Jookran High School, one of six high schools on the island of Yeonog, was the more prestigious institution compared to the other five. Seen as the gem of the island as it brought out the best students, it also had its fair share of troublemakers and those who never aimed for the highest of standards. It was a single building four floors high and since it was on top of a high rise hill in the countryside it had a great view of the nearby city of Danku.

Inside the school the students were finishing getting to their seats to begin their first class of the day. Summer break had just finished less than a week prior and so not everyone was as quick to get where they wanted before the bell final bell rang.

Romeo was lucky, he had run from the roof and down two floors to reach his class before the doors closed. Sadly for him he was the last one to make it into the class and that got him looks from all the other students, which he never liked.

Keeping his eyes down and ignoring the looks from the other students Romeo went straight to his seat located in the back corner in the back row. He messed with his hair to try and let the stress out without flipping out. He fidgeted with his pencils and books until the shakiness in his hands went away.

The teacher wasn't in the room yet and so the air wasn't as tense as it was going to be when he did show up. The attention Romeo had received earlier was gone and with it he could breathe easier. He didn't like the attention; he preferred to be the guy who hung around in the shadows.

Of course, being in the shadows was good and all but there were no shadows to be found in the school especially when the uniforms were mostly white. Well, the shirts for both genders was white and the skirts and pants were black. For this time of year the girls wore thigh high stockings also colored black that were made of a thermal material to help keep the skin warm as the temperatures dropped. Typically the students wore straight ties as part of the fashion and on the left side breast pocket was the logo of Jookran High. The black and white color scheme was all over the school and the teachers also had similar ideas when the men would wear business suits and the women would wear white dresses. An outsider could joke it was like a mass wedding orgy for the school staff.

Romeo was the only one who wore something else other than the school issued black jacket. Instead he wore a black hoodie that had a large wolf's head design on the back colored blue. It was his personal favorite jacket and he felt warmer wearing it than he was without.

Any hope he had of the voice minding its own business died within the first minute of Romeo taking his seat.

'You humans and your fashion sense.'

Romeo almost blurted out his response but caught himself before he did so. 'Shut it. This is all natural to us, besides weren't you human at one point?'

No response.

Sighing out loud Romeo put his books on his desk to wait for the teacher to show. While he was busy doing that he heard a set of footprints approach his desk, stopping on the left side.

Not looking at who it was, Romeo kept himself occupied.

"Excuse me, but can I borrow a pencil?"

That feminine voice he instantly recognized and he peered up at the lovely face of Nari. Nari Yoon-mae was one of the best looking girls in the entire school, and many would say her beauty was compared to a princess. She certainly had the smile for one. In terms of the rest of her she was no slouch what with her slender figure made the school uniform look even better on her and her brown hair that reached her shoulders. There was one accessory that made her stand out more. A pair of silver hairpins shaped like stars held her hair back around her ears. They sparkled in the light.

For a few moments Romeo was unable to vocally respond, yet his hands moved of their own accord and he soon found what she had requested and handed it to her.

"Thanks Romeo! I forgot my case in my locker and I thought I was screwed," she replied, either not noticing that he was staring at her nervous eyes or she wasn't bothered by it.

The fact that Romeo had a crush on this beauty is what prevented him from speaking. He couldn't help but lock up every time she was around.

There were days that he'd be within arm's length of her and he would so badly want to compliment her on how well she was dressed, or how her smile lightened up his day, or even offer to buy her lunch on a weekend. Yet he froze every time, but she always smiled at him. The added bonus that she knew his name made justice of his worthless existence.

"Romeo? You alright?"

Realizing that he had been staring too long, Romeo brought both his hands to his mouth and nodded a few times like he had got caught doing something bad. He deserved a medal for not being totally frozen for her.

She nodded, not seeming bothered by his lack of speaking, "Alright, I'll see you later."

She walked away towards her desk, which was in the first row of the class nearest the door.

When she was out of earshot Romeo lowered his hands and took a big breath of air and felt relieved, 'She actually spoke to me...damn...'

'That was hard to watch.'

"Shut up!"

Everyone in the room, even Nari, peered back after Romeo had his outburst and the poor teen could do nothing but hide his head in his arms on his desk in shame.