"I cannot believe you were so reckless!"

Turns out he was right. The moment Dakk had entered the room and closed the door behind him, Father Crowe was on him like a pack of dogs before Sister Charlotte could address him. The hierarchy of the Magdalene Order dictated that Sister Charlotte was the leader of the branch and thus all slayers were to report to her before anyone else with few exceptions.

Dakk sighed, but didn't say a word. There wasn't any use in arguing with Crowe when he was riled up, especially over something so petty.

"I guess the fact that I took out a whole group of Shadows as well as their handler in the process doesn't factor into the equation?"

There was a vein on Crowe's temple that was starting to show in his anger, "Of all the slayers in this branch, you're the only one who keeps causing a serious amount of property damage and even risk exposing those monsters, not to mention us, to the public. I'm quite surprised in the fact that the Order has allowed you to actually be used in the field."

Dakk smirked, "What can I say; I'm damn good at my job."

"You think this is a game, Dakk?"

The slayer shook his head, "My report will show that I used every precaution before engaging the enemy and ensured that the fighting was contained and away from the peering eyes of outsiders as to the best of my ability. The destruction of the warehouse, given the shape of the building prior to its collapse, made the assumption that it was going to fall pretty much inevitable once my sword was drawn. As far as I'm concerned, Father, that building wasn't going to last no matter how I proceeded with the fight."

Though neither of them could see it, Sister Charlotte was smiling. She knew how good Dakk really was behind his carefree attitude, underneath that she saw a professional who did the best he could and while there were times she wanted him to be more discreet seeing good results was better than seeing bad all the time.

Father Crowe shook his head and sighed, "I can see it is as useless as ever to try and talk sense into you. You still get decent results for the Order."

Dakk smiled lightly.

Crowe's voice was boisterous and proud, "But there is still room for improvement from you. Vast improvement, I will add. The Order of Magdalene is such a small branch in comparison to others such as the Order of St. Lucia at the northern border or the branch in Miami, but when comparing results of its operations none can compete with the Order of St. Benedict in New York City. They tend to make my job easier, though to be fair most of the work is done by Sister Wendy, the number one ranked slayer in the Slayer Society. A slayer who is a professional and discreet in her duty as well as a positive role model in which every slayer should look up to."

It was like he was trying to rub the proverbial salt on Dakk's freshly wounded arm, but the slayer didn't bite. Instead he just took it in with stride but didn't let it get to him. "If that is all I am needed for, Sister Charlotte, I will go and finish my report for you."

Crowe had been completed ignored by the slayer and he couldn't believe the arrogance of the young man. He was acting as if he wasn't there telling him how to do his job.

The woman behind the desk lowered her hands to rest on her desk. "That will be all for now, Master Tribal. Get some rest, you have earned it." She didn't see the point of keeping Dakk around any longer, besides she knew it wouldn't be too long before he would be insisting on returning to the field.

Dakk nodded once and walked towards the door, again ignoring Father Crowe as he passed him, and left the room and closed the door behind him.

Once the door was closed Crowe sighed loudly while Sister Charlotte got out her chair and walked to a shelf near her desk.

Crowe was still seething at Dakk's lack of respect for him, "That boy I swear is such a-"

A loud slam on the wooden table broke off Crowe's rather insensitive statement, and the old man turned to see a glass bottle of expensive brandy on Charlotte's desk.

"Since when do you drink, Sister?"

Charlotte sat down in her chair and poured herself a glass, "For a few years now." She wasn't surprised at how he had never noticed that she kept the bottle in plain sight on a shelf near her desk, then she remembered Crowe was the type of man to only notice the blatantly obvious or what was on the surface. It was one of the more annoying things about him that Charlotte cared little for, not to mention what he had said earlier. "Was it necessary to compare my slayer with that Benedict woman? He does what he can without the need for comparison."

Crowe cleared his throat and straightened his collar, "Of course. It's to help motivate him. Sister Wendy is the best slayer in the Society by far, having slayed no less than five hundred demons since she joined five years ago, and she is the envy of every other Order on the continent. Even the more senior slayers look up to her. Shy of being twenty-five and such a prodigy…"

Charlotte drank her entire glass in one go, the fact that Crowe was gloating and not hiding how proud he was made her glad she was drinking right now. "We do what we can with the few slayers we have on hand, Father Crowe."

"I understand that, Sister, what with only having five slayers on duty at a time for a city whose population is in the millions, two of which are on loan from the Lucia Order from Maine and another who is about finished with her training, not to mention the other two are veterans who cannot be in the field most of the time. The Magdalene Order is shorthanded."

While she didn't like to admit it outright, Charlotte knew he was right, which is why she was grateful that Dakk was so enthusiastic about his job. It was a level of excitement she had seen in one other person in her twenty years of being in charge of the Magdalene Order, and that person wasn't with them.

No coincidence that person was related to Dakk.