"The Fall"

It has been said "Th' infernal serpent; he it was, whose guile

stirred up with envy and revenge, deceived

The mother of mankind"


For I know not how much blame I can place on myself,

Or the Serpent or Adam

And how this came, dutiful as I aim to be

I cannot pinpoint the moment that lead me here

How can I not carry the burden and help to ease the guilt

For as the role of mother

I am more tempted to shelter, protect and lie

For the sake of my children

And why you may ask?

I know not why, nor do I imagine I am permitted to know,

the reasons or answers of why.

Why is it that I first awakened and found myself with a mind full of questions

Questions, that never intended to be answered?

Why was I, and not Adam to play the role of the inferior?

Why was I never told that I only existed to please?

What could I do,

But accept my fate as best I could

Knowing only that I was beautiful and that I came into existence with wonder

What had prepared me to be seized and captured

By this man I knew not nor did I want,

But had no choice, but to serve

What an appealing idea it was, to be 'free'.

Would you not do what I have done

if and when you had been presented with such a choice?

When I was given my choice

It was not naivety that drove me to action

It was not the flattery or this perception of vanity

When Adam called me Woman!

It was not actually an act of rebellion.

When I asked questions it was not my intent to be difficult.

I simply wanted answers for what and who and why I was.

What could I do,

But taste the forbidden

And set myself free.

With an open mind,

I bit the apple.