Only minutes away from noon, Dim Some Town would have the privilege of welcoming it's first true Haitian restaurant to the many eateries it's been graced with. Located near the seaside part of town, Ginny's, named after the owner, Ginger, was a dream she always prayed would come true. Ever since she worked at The Spice Hut with her uncle, she wondered if she could take her talent in cooking to the next level. While trying to make her dream restaurant a reality, the Haitian woman took up modeling to acquire enough money to open the place. Though, she enjoyed flaunting her flawless physique in front of a camera, Ginger's first love would always be cooking and since Eric's birth, she hoped her son would also have that passion. And by the looks of it, it's a blessing that he does but it would help if he learned to stop preparing food just to earn money.

All that matters is her life-long goal had finally been met, took a lot of time and sacrifices to get there, but all worth it. Now, Ginger could sit at the bar and revel in peace; surveying the sharp, leafy plants garnished around the front. Handwoven chairs and tables along with colorful paintings crafted by Haitian artists. Definitely looked like a place that would've made her whole family proud; the woman couldn't deny she did her heritage justice.

"Yo, this is just crazy, mom!" Eric grinned, jogging up to her after checking out the place one more time. "You got all these plants and these vases... oh! And dang, the food's already smelling ridiculous! Can you really believe it?! Ginny's is finally a thing and it's about to become one of the hottest spots to eat in Dim Some-no, the world!"

At that statement, Ginger chuckled and patted her son's bed of dreads, "Oh, don't start over-exaggerating now. It's only the first day, we just need to see what everyone thinks of this place before we get too cocky."

"Eh, I guess but mom, aren't you excited?! In just minutes, we'll be opening this place up! Just imagine all the customers waiting to drop by-oh, shoot, I need to check if there's a line outside!"

"Eric, Eric, Eric, relax. You know how much it means to us to finally open Ginny's, let's just sit back and enjoy it."

"Alright, my bad... at least, the really good thing about this place is now I can sell my perfected smoothies for everyone to try! That way we can really rake in the dou-wait, I'm getting a cut of the profits, right?" Eric gave his mother a no-nonsense stare she chuckled at.

"Tell you what, you do what needs to be done around here and we'll see how much you'll get by the end of the day. Deal?" suggested the Haitian woman.

"Fine, works for me... eh, who are you texting?"

"Just letting a few friends know I'm about to open Ginny's. No reason to not invite them, am I right?"

"Yeah... wait, who's Colby? Mom, you never told me-"

Ginger stood from her seat and lightly shoved her son towards the front, "You stop worrying about what your mama's up to and make sure these tables are clean, alright?"

"Hmph, fine... but I'm onto you!" the boy with dreads shared a look with his mother.

"Heh, sure you are, boy."

Back at Monty's apartment, a heated argument happened to be taking place.

"Pierogies!" shouted the half-Hispanic.

"Croquettes!" Rika yelled back with clenched fists.

"Arf!" Ronnie spat, sitting between the two on the couch while they stood before each other.







"Ron, will you cut that out?! We're trying to have a debate over here!" said Monty.

"Yeah, and those noises you're making are really not helping." the pigtailed girl added.

"Sorry, sorry but... why do you guys have to fight over what to eat for lunch, anyway? It's such a waste of time and energy and vocal cord strength, ya know?" Ronnie croaked, speaking in a more relaxed voice. "Why can't you guys just... I dunno, make something with whatever we got in the kitchen? That could be fun. And who said we need to go out to eat, eating out is overrated. Eating in is where it's at. It can be just as trendy as eating out and me being a modern-day trendsetter should know that. But what do you say, you in or you out?"

Following that spiel, Monty and Rika just karate chopped the bubbly blue boy on the head to punish him for interrupting their dispute.

"Ow! What, just wanted to share my thoughts, that's all! Hmph, don't come crying to me when you need my brilliant advice." huffed Ronnie.

"We don't need your so-called brilliant advice, so butt out. Anyway, where were we... oh, yeah! Croquettes!" the girl in pink decided to continue the argument.




"Hey, hey, hey, what's going on here? Did I just walk into another one of your lovers' quarrels?" quipped Colby, stepping over to the living room with his phone.

"Sure did, Uncle Colby! Never have I seen an argument over food with so much passion and romantic undertones..." Ronnie added to his two pals' dismay.

"Ronnie, just shut up already. Sheesh... dad, Rik and I have been arguing over what we should have for lunch and I keep telling her we should have pierogies 'cause they're sick!" Monty barked.

"Well, they're clearly not as sick as croquettes! C'mon, Mr. Colby, settle this for us; are you a croquette fan or a shameful pierogi lover like Monty." sneered Rika.

"You're the shameful lover here, what are you talking about?!"

"Kids, as much as I'd love to see this little spat play out, I just got an invite from one of my good buddies to check out her new restaurant! So, if there's anywhere we're gonna have lunch, it's there!" suggested the King of Curry with a toothy grin.

"Oooh, what kind of place is it?" asked the feathery-haired boy, putting his hands together.

"Just this cozy little Haitian spot by the beach, think you'll love it."

"Too late, I'm already a fan! Any restaurant that's by the beach will instantly get Ronnie's love!"

"But that sounds like a great idea, Mr. Colby, should we get mom to join us too?" Rika questioned.

"Heh, I was about to say we should. Great minds thinking alike, sweetheart!" Colby smirked, tapping the side of his scalp.

"Uh, sure, dad, but let's go get her and check this place out. Maybe it won't be so terrible, who knows?" shrugged Monty, standing by the couch with the others.

"It's gonna be so awesome, I just know it! Like I always say, eating out is always the way to go!" chirped the bubbly blue boy.

"What ever happened to 'Eating out is overrated'?" the bluenette asked with a cheeky grin.

"Eh, I lied. Plus, I'm too hungry to cook something, so..." Ronnie capped his sentence with a raspberry.

Heading down to Ginny's, Colby, Sage, and their children were pleasantly surprised by the reception of the new restaurant. With the light, tropical music in the background, customers clamored and chatted while enjoying authentic Haitian cuisine. It felt like Ginger just took a part of her home and brought it back with her for everyone to experience. If that was her intention, she definitely hit the nail on the head with that goal.

"Wow! Oh, my gosh, this place looks so chill and relaxing! Just what you'd expect from a Caribbean place!" chirped Rika, observing and enjoying the lighthearted atmosphere.

"And whoever's whaling on those steel drums is really killing it! There's nothing like a good steel drum to get your feet moving!" Ronnie grinned, finding himself bobbing his head to the music.

"Whew, just being here makes me want to go on vacation. It's not hard to tell that Ginger did a pretty good job with this place." Sage remarked.

"Right? Say, Monty, you're kinda quiet, speak up! What do you think of this place so far, buddy?" Colby nudged his son, currently distracted by Ginger strolling over like she was on a catwalk. How could a woman walk and look so captivating doing it?

"U-Uh, it's n-nice..." Monty droned, getting a better view of Ginger now standing before the others.

"Hey, guys, so glad you could make it! Oh, it means so much!" the cocoa-skinned woman embraced Colby with a hug before moving onto Sage. Though, he didn't mind seeing her hug the rosy-cheeked woman, Monty found it a bit disturbing that his father received a longer hug than she did. But he wasn't the only one bothered by that.

"Aw, you kidding? This is your dream we're talking about, we wouldn't miss this Grand Opening for the world!" Colby grinned.

"Also, Colby told me you were opening this place and by the looks of it, you really made the right call in doing it." remarked Sage.

"Aw, thank you. You know, this really wouldn't have been possible without all the support I got and I had no idea that French guy you told me about would be so interested in investing my business." Ginger spoke.

"Well, that's Deej for ya, one no-nonsense entrepreneur! Oh, and I think you met the kids already after that exchange with Rika and your kid." the King of Curry directed his attention to the three teens.

"Oh, yeah, with Eric and that Dining Duel. But it's nice to see you, Rika, and this is your brother, Ronnie, right?"

"Yep, Ronnie here! Ma'am, you probably get told this all this time but WOWZERS, you are one bea-utiful gal!" the feathery-haired boy commented as the adults chuckled.

"Eh, heh heh, please excuse him. My bro can be kind of a weirdo..." Rika said with a bashful smile.

"But I'm a proud weirdo!"

"Hey, if you're proud of it, I can't fault ya for that. And this young man right here... you must be Monty. A pleasure to finally meet you, your dad talks so much about you." Ginger shook hands with a still lovestruck Monty.

"Uh, y-yeah... same... hi..." the half-Hispanic droned again.

"Oh, you're just too cute. Why don't I get you guys seated and I'll get Eric to-"

"What'd you say about me, mom?" Right on cue, Eric came by with a suspicious look directed towards Colby for some reason.

"Oh, you're Ginger's little boy, aren't ya? Nice to finally meet you-" Colby tried to shake hands with Eric only to have his hand smacked away.

"Ey, you better keep your hands to yourself, man! And my mom!"

"Eric, what is wrong with you?!" hissed the Haitian woman.

"Uh... my bad. It's cool to see you all... any of you interested in trying one of these fast-selling smoothies I got?" offered the boy with dreads.

"Oooh, yes! Do you have a wild berry one, cause that would totes hit the spot!" asked Ronnie with cupped hands.

"Well, I'm interested to try to this cherry strawberry smoothie you told me about. And it better be as amazing as you claim it is." Rika smirked.

"Oh, it will be, trust me. I would never joke about that." Eric spoke with a nod.

"But first, let's stop chatting and get you guys seated. It's about time you try everything that Ginny's has to offer." Ginger grinned, leading the blended family to a table.

"Well, it better be everything I hoped for and more!" chirped Colby.

"Oh, you'll see..."

Following a hearty meal of red beans and rice, a vegetable stew, some goat curry that Ginger had originally served at The Spice Hut, fried plantains, patties, and freshly-made guava juice, the gang was about to leave with their stomachs full.

"Ah, all that food was so good, wasn't it?" Rika asked her brother, holding his stuffed belly.

"Right?! And the shaved ice they had? Oh! I don't care if I'm bloated, that was totes worth having!" grinned Ronnie.

"Everything we had was definitely worth having, we just have to stop by again," suggested Sage, peeking down at Monty munching on a beef patty. "Isn't that right, Monty? You've been so busy stuffing your face you haven't said a word. Everything okay?"

"W-What? What'd you say?" Monty stammered.

"Duh, mom, isn't it obvious? He clearly has a crush on Ginger, it's written all over his face!" explained the pigtailed girl.

"Yeah, that's why he can't stop smelling his hand after she shook it!" added the bubbly blue boy.

"N-No, it's not, shut the heck up!" But the spiky-haired boy failed to prove his point by smelling his shea butter-scented hand again.

"Eh, heh heh, Monty, you are really something special. Okay, so we're all done here? Better let Ginge know we're about to head out." Colby looked around for the woman, standing from the table.

"Say no more, I hear ya," But Ginger just came over in time. "Did you enjoy the food? I was hoping I would have the surveys ready so you could write your two cents, but they should be here later this week. Y'all enjoyed yourselves?"

"Oh, absolutely! The food was yumtastic, a solid five stars!" chirped Ronnie.

"Heh heh, yeah, everything was just wonderful. Thank you for inviting us, Ginger, we'll be sure to stop by again sometime." added the rosy-cheeked woman with a smile.

"That would be great, thank you! Well, it's been nice to serve you guys and I really appreciate you all stopping by, but would you mind if I have a quick word with you, Colby?" requested the cocoa-skinned woman, to just about everyone's surprise. Though, Monty clearly appeared annoyed.

"U-Uh, sure! You guys go on and wait for me in the car. Sage, here's the keys." Colby handed the keys to his best friend.

"Alright, come on, guys." the older bluenette led the kids out of the restaurant, but Monty stood by the exit to listen to their conversation.

"So... what's up? Everything alright with you?"

"Oh, yeah. Heh, this is probably the happiest I've been in years. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you. You know, you're probably one of the first few people I've talked to about Ginny's and while everyone had their doubts... you're probably the only one who stuck with me through the whole process. No one has ever put so much faith in me, not even my own family and I just... I can't thank you enough for always being there for me." Ginger smiled sincerely, earning one back from the male with the eye-patch.

"Aw, you didn't have to put me aside to tell me that. You're welcome, Ginge. That's just how I am, anytime someone I know wants to reach their goals, I'll help 'em every step of the way." nodded Colby.

"And it's definitely paid off. You know, you really haven't changed since we met those all those years ago. Still cheesy and goodhearted as ever... but it's nice that you matured a bit."

"Heh, same to you. really is nice to see you again and wow, have you grown! Went from being a pretty young lady to a stunning, self-assured woman..."

"And you've grown into quite the gentleman yourself..."

What exactly was Monty hearing right now? And why did Colby have his arm wrapped around Ginger's waist like that, did he miss something? Even Eric pretended to sweep near a corner of the restaurant while observing his mother interacting with her so-called friend. They weren't really just "friends", were they?

A few minutes later, Colby and Monty returned to their apartment after leaving the restaurant. The half-Hispanic knew he couldn't forget what just happened with his father and his crush.

"Man, lunch was pretty amazing, huh, Mont?" Colby tried to start a conversation.

"That it was... that it was," nodded Monty with a skeptical look. "...what were you and Ginger chatting about?"

"Ah, you know, just catching up like old friends do. Nothing you need to worry about, buddy, just grown folk stuff."

"Tch, grown folk stuff... how'd you met her, anyway?"

"What's with these questions, Mont? You really wanna pick your pops' brain, don't ya?"

"I just wanna know how you met Ginger, now tell me." the spiky-haired boy demanded to know, folding his arms.

"Okay, okay... I basically met her when I was your age and she was maybe fifteen or sixteen. Whew, boy, did I have a crush on that girl. Even to this day, she still looks like something out of a fashion magazine and I'm not just saying that, she actually models too! And man, is she good at it..." the male with the eye-patch dozed off, fantasizing the cocoa-skinned woman posing in scantily-clad outfits.

"Dad, snap out of it!"

"Huh? Oh... uh, what were we talking about?"

"Ugh, forget it."

Back over at Ginny's, Eric was about to bring a few orders to the kitchen until he spotted Ginger sitting behind the counter, giggling to herself.

"And why the heck are you in such a good mood right now? What's up with you, mom? You been like this since you stopped talking to that one dude." Eric interrogated, having his head playfully patted by his mother.

"Oh, stop being such a sourpuss. Your mama's not allowed to be happy, especially on a day like this?" retorted the Haitian woman.

"But I haven't seen you this happy before, what's going on? It doesn't have anything to do with that eye patch-wearing dude, does it? Knew there was something weird about him..."

"Will you stop worrying about me and relax? Last time I checked, I'm the parent, you're the child. And there's nothing that weird about Colby, for your information, he's a really friendly guy. Maybe you'll see that when you try to get to know him better instead of being suspicious with every guy I meet."

"I'm just looking out for you, mom, you know these dudes can be trash."

"Well, not all guys are like that, so chill. ...oh, forgot to mention. Speaking of Colby, I'll be meeting him for coffee tomorrow before work." informed Ginger, surprising her son.

"You'll what?!" Eric squawked.

"And before you say anything, we're just meeting as friends. That's it, now shouldn't you be giving the cooks those orders?"

"Oh, right... tch, 'as friends', my butt..."

Monty was in his room watching videos of people getting in comical accidents until his phone rang.

"Heh heh, what an idiot. Spotted that bucket from a mile away-huh?" the half-Hispanic checked the caller ID, seeing an unfamiliar number on his phone. "Who the heck is this? ...what, who is it?"

"It's Eric, is this Monty?" replied the boy with dreads.

"No duh, it is. What do you want and how did you get my number?"

"Whoa, whoa, first of all, lose the attitude. Second, Rika gave me your number and told me it'd be funny to surprise ya."

"Figures, typical Rik."

"And third, we gotta keep an eye on our folks. Something funny is going on my mom and your dad and I'm not a fan of it. And I know I'm not the only one."

"And how did you know?" asked Monty.

"'Cause I saw you watching them when they were chatting. It ain't hard to spot a tall dude your age." Eric quipped with a shrug.

"Heh, at least I'm taller than your shrimpy butt."

"Look, will you just hear me out instead of taking shots at me? I'm telling you we need to watch out for our folks. Just heard from my mom they're going out for coffee tomorrow so that should be our chance to spy on 'em!"

"And why do I have to get involved in this?"

"Dude, isn't it obvious?! So, you can keep your dad away from my mom and I can keep her away from him and you!"

"What, why me?! I wasn't-"

"Yeah, you were. I saw you earlier, looking her up and down... gazing at those curves... and those full, juicy lips..."

"I am literally seconds away from hanging up and blocking your number. Get to your freakin' point." demanded a heated Monty.

"Alright, man, geez... all I'm asking is we spy on 'em while they're going out, make sure nothing suspicious is going on between 'em. You with me or nah?" asked Eric as the spiky-haired boy chewed his lip for a moment.

"Okay, fine, but you better text me more details about the date later. I'm not doing this 'cause I care about you, I just don't want my corny dad around your mom."

"Yep, I hear ya. Well, catch ya later then."

"Yeah, later."

The following late morning, Ronnie and Rika strolled down the hall with matching knapsacks until they found Colby coming towards them, whistling with a skip in his step. Both twins knew him for usually being in a jovial mood, but what was it about today that made him this blissful?

"Mornin', kiddos! Hope your day's about to be as awesome as the King of Curry's, whoooo!" the male with the eye patch crooned.

"Oh, you bet'cha, whoooo!" Ronnie joined in the merriment.

"But why are you so happy all of a sudden, Mr. Colby?" asked Rika.

"Eh, no reason... 'cept I'm about to meet my old crush for some coffee and chill! Do some catching up, see where it goes from there, should be awesome!" sang Colby.

"Oooh, my gosh, it does sound awesome! Who's your old crush?! Tell us, tell us!" the bubbly blue boy bounced on his sneakered heels.

"Oh, just some lovely lady you might've seen yesterday at Ginny's... need another hint, she's got this gorgeous, milk chocolate skin that just pops in anything she wears!"

"Wait, you mean, Ginger? Eric's mom?!" answered the pigtailed girl.

"The one and only, but as much as I wanna keep rapping with you kiddos, I gotta go see my girl! Catch y'all later!" With that, Colby waved at the twins as he jogged down the hall.

"Later, Mr. Colby!"

"Have an amazing date, you better tell us all about it! Wow, can you believe it, Ri-Ri? Uncle Colby just found himself a special someone, now we just gotta get mama to do the same and-" began Ronnie as his sister grabbed his shoulder.

"Ah, not so fast, you modern-day cupid. You'd have to pull a lot of strings to get mom to start dating again." Rika smirked.

"But pulling all those strings should be worth it, it's always worth it in the name of love!"

"Alright, alright, let's just-"

Next thing they knew, the twins spotted Monty sneaking out of his apartment and going over to them.

"Psst, hey, uh... did you see dad leaving a few seconds ago?" the half-Hispanic asked in a hushed whisper.

"Uh, yeah, he told us he's on his way to meet Ginger for coffee-" began Ronnie.

"Cool, then I gotta go after him."

"Wait, hold on, you dweeb. Why are you planning on following him during his date? What, you're that jealous that you wanna spy on him and ruin their date?" the bluenette grew suspicious.

"I'm not trying to ruin their date, Rik, I just wanna keep an eye on them in case anything funny happens with 'em. That's it and Eric's joining me too." explained Monty.

"Gosh, this is backwards. Usually, the parents spy on their kids when they have a date, now it's the other way around! Heh, imagine if our own kids did the same to us..." the feathery-haired boy mused with a grin.

"Uh, how about no? Look, Monty, you're not going to accomplish anything by wasting your time spying on your dad and Ginger. He just told us they're going to catch up. Why don't you just let this go and go swimming with us? It'll help you cool off." offered Rika.

"Yeah, thanks but no thanks. If you'll excuse me, I gotta go meet Eric at the shopping district. Dude's been texting me like crazy this morning, it's so annoying. Oh, and thanks a lot for giving him my number, Rik, really appreciate it." the half-Hispanic rolled his eyes, walking away from the twins.

"Glad I could add a little more stress to your life! Well, this became a huge mess. First, Mr. Colby's having his date and Monty and Eric wanna get in the way? This is the kind of drama you only find in reality shows."

"I know, right? At least, we're not involved in it so yay for us! Now, let's get our swim on! To the pool!" Ronnie chirped, pointing to the other end of the hallway.

At the shopping district, Eric sat on a bench with his phone waiting for Monty to show up.

"C'mon, where the heck is he? How many more texts do I need to send this dude?"

"How about you stop and give it a rest after sending me one every other minute?" On cue, Monty jogged over with an exhausted expression. "You don't have to remind me to meet you here that much, sheesh..."

"I just wanted to make sure you stuck with our objective, alright? Anyway, they just got there about five-seven minutes ago so let's go see what they're talking about." advised Eric.

"Fine with me."

And so, they sneaked around to the cafe where their parents happened to be sitting outside on the patio. Luckily for the two sons, they had a black fence guarding the outside of the cafe, giving them a place to conceal themselves.

"Okay, now we gotta keep quiet and see what's going on with 'em. You better not do anything to expose us, alright?" warned Eric as Monty scoffed.

"You oughta be worried about making an idiot of yourself again, bro. Don't worry about me." the half-Hispanic sneered.

"Pfft, whatever."

"Don't get me wrong, he's such a sweet kid but geez, he's so exhausting sometimes. Like, I can understand that kids will be kids, but the thing is Eric is the farthest thing from one. All focused on his business and looking out for me with the men I interact with, it's like a full-time job trying to keep him in-line." sighed Ginger, unaware of the annoyed expression on her son's face and Monty chuckling at it.

"I hear ya, but I'm guessing it's because he's that much of a mama's boy. The guy clearly cares about you, right?" Colby added.

"Yep, can't deny that... just wish he could loosen up a little more. Ever since we met at the restaurant yesterday, he's gotten so tense. This morning, he was so adamant about this date that he tried to block me from the door, making up these excuses so I wouldn't leave. Pfft... please. You already pretended to be sick several times, it's not gonna work now."

"Heh heh, your son is a hoot. But I really do like the guy, even though he's been giving me the side-eye. He reminds me so much of Monty with their no-nonsense attitudes, you know? Wouldn't surprise me if those dudes became the best of friends."

"They might as well... speaking of, how does he feel about us meeting like this?" asked the Haitian woman.

"Eh, kinda the same as Eric, a little skeptical. Heck, he even asked me how we first met and you wouldn't think it's a big deal, but he just got really irritated after started talking about you. He hasn't really said much since..." explained the food-fighting master.


"Yeah... but, uh... pardon me for going left field with this... I've been thinking about when we met years ago. When I had this schoolyard crush on you..."

"Oh, how could I forget about that? You sweating like crazy and making a fool of yourself around me? It was too cute."

"Wasn't my intention but I'll take what I can get. Anyway, that being said... I want to know if-"

"Here you are! One mocha latte and- " Much to the boys' annoyance, a server stopped by and gave their parents their coffee.

"Aw, dang it, what was he-mmmph!" Monty shouted, having his mouth covered by Eric.

"You idiot, didn't I tell you to keep quiet?! You're gonna blow our cover!" the boy with dreads hissed in a whisper.

"My bad, I forgot!"

"Uh, did you hear something just now?" asked a confused Ginger.

"Nah, not a thing. Why?" Colby took a sip of his espresso.

"Oh, nothing... must've been hearing things. You were saying?"

"Ah, right. Well, you see, I was thinking that since we couldn't really date back then 'cause of our age difference, maybe... now's our chance to... give it a shot this time?"

"NO!" That's when Eric popped out from the fence and stormed over to the parents' table. "No the HECK you're not dating my mom, NO! Not on my watch! Get outta here with that, you clown!"

"Eric, you moron, what are you doing?!" And then, Monty showed up holding back the cocoa-skinned boy from lunging at his father, appearing just as surprised as Ginger. "Uh, heh heh... hey, guys. Didn't think we'd find you here, what's up?"

"I don't know, you tell us. Eric?" the Haitian woman rested a hand on her cheek, not pleased with her son's behavior.

"Whoa, don't just put him on the spot. Monty, what are you doing here with Eric? You weren't spying on us, were you?" questioned the King of Curry with a rare stern expression.

"Well... yeah, but we just wanted to make sure nothing funny happened between you two."

"Funny like that?" asked Ginger in a more demanding tone.

"U-Uh... like this clown trying to date you! There's no way you're really gonna go out with him, are you?!" Eric spoke, directing a hand towards Colby.

"And what's wrong with that? See, Eric, this is why I can't stand it when you're like this. I know I don't have the best history with men and I understand you want to protect me, but I'm a grown woman and you need to understand that I can look out for myself. Let me deal with my problems and you deal with yours, okay?"

"Got it, mom... sorry about spying on you..."

"Yeah, me too. You're not gonna punish us, are you?" asked the half-Hispanic.

"Well, we didn't really appreciate you being all sneaky around us, but I don't think you were doing it out of harm. So, you're both good with me!" Colby gave the boys two thumbs-up.

"Tch, speak for yourself. Go on and get outta here, both of you. Go, get." Ginger shooed the boys away with a tired sigh.

"Okay, see you, mom! Sorry again about everything!" Eric cried as he jogged away from the cafe with Monty.

"Have a nice date! ...I guess." added Monty.

"Oh, these boys, I swear, these boys..." the Haitian woman shook her head, taking a long sip of her mocha latte.

"Hey, boys'll be boys. But they're our boys so we'll still love 'em, regardless. Now, stop looking so pouty and smile! You look a lot prettier that way." grinned the male with the eye patch, getting a chuckle out of her.

"You shut up..."


"So what?"

"The question, you didn't answer the question. We got another chance or not?"

Staring at her mug for a moment as a small smile curled on her lips, Ginger said, "...guess one more shot couldn't hurt."