Hello all hope you enjoy this story it follows the Tinseltown Shadow Leaf's cloned half-elves as they suppress a rival shadow force on Fog Island.

The fog rolled in again thankfully our half elf sight made the fog more visible. Fog Island was once a decent outpost for the Tinseltown Exercitus our makeshift military. Now Shadow Leaf rebels had taken it. Using special effects and quality arms they overwhelmed the studio. A brave extra managed to survive and deliver the message. Now the romance and drama division was sent to reclaim fog Island. Extra's had their spears ready while stuntman in chainmail and carrying swords and shields followed close behind. "Movement dead ahead" shouted a stuntman. As the actress leading the team I commanded the figures to identify themselves.

For several minutes we stood silent and deadlocked. Some of the younger extra's getting a little jumpy. I gave a final warning the figures charged. Using my special effects I slowed down severals movement allowing my unit to finish off some of them quickly. I soon found myself blocking a flurry of pyro special effects from their rebel leader. Shadow Leaf Wayne my second in command a stuntman used her saber fighting off several attackers. She gave good speeches while fighting inspiring the troops. Rebels soon learned they had no chance against a seasoned exercitus force. Soon they fled some putting their hands in the air. I commanded the fastest runner to tell the director Shadow Leaf Green that the rear guard was routed.

Tourist's following us began to scavenge anything of value. I ordered a small detachment of stuntman to protect them just incase. Three romance extra's had to be carried back the medic using special effects to stop the bleeding. Fog studio as it was being called was busy with activity. Actresses gave speeches or bossed around extra's. Stuntman training and stunt doubles assuming the role of actresses. Catering department caravan's continued to arrive bringing apples, wine, cheese, and other food. Romance exercitus forces are distinguished by the dark or bright pink hair. Only romance Shadow Leaf's have that. I have a small gripe with my romance sisters they all seem superficial to me. Course they also call us drama followers fake and dramatic. For those of you who don't know special effects is what you would call magic. However special effects are raw and more powerful. I spent nearly two hundred years practicing in special effects.

Fog Island was on the verge of becoming ours again. That was confirmed when a lone rebel approached the studio. The messenger said the rebel commanders called for the right of single combat also known as the debate. The directors and producers talked amongst themselves. The terms of the debate was simple if we won the rebels would have to surrender and face justice. If the rebels won they would get a three day ceasefire. The romance producer in charge agreed and scouts began looking for a stuntman to represent our side. As actress I requested stuntman Wayne a reliable sister. She was humbled though in the end the higher ups chose a young stuntman named Shadow Leaf Annie. She took a deep breath I could tell she was nervous. All of fog studio cheered especially the romance sisters since she was a romance sister. All of our forces watched her fight the rebel stuntman. They both fought with grace and sent a flurry of attacks. Annie tried to use a paralysis special effect several times. The rebel stuntman answered back with counter effects. Annie's persistence paid off as the rebel sister fell to the ground paralyzed. Our romance sisters cheered and bowed most saying that's why romance is better than drama. I just rolled my eyes soon the fog island outpost raised the white flag. They began to be escorted out one by one.

"Lawyers are going to have a field day with this one" Wayne laughed. I also profited as I would command a small studio lot making sure not another rebel gets any ideas. With all that's left i prepared for the paparazzi oh great I laughed inside.