My mother Shadow Leaf Breakspear was busy trying on dress after dress. My mother had lived through five husbands all humans. I came from the second human my father Arthur. Now my three half-brothers are visiting. I'm the only girl my names Christina Breakspear. Jason the oldest in the family was first to arrive. He gave my mother a hug then put his long coat on the coat hanger. As custom he gave me the youngest member in the family a gift. I didn't see any until he reached around and pulled a quarter out. I squealed Jason smiled. Next was Walter the second oldest. He owns a railroad track making company in Wyoming. Walter gave me a model railroad I marveled at the detail of the green and red railroad train. Walter said not to drop it as it was very expensive he then said you promise. I nodded Walter than did what his always did and patted me on the shoulder. Michael the third sibling was the last to arrive. Michael claims to be a famous bard in Colorado though we've never heard his name from anyone in Colorado. Michael gave me a small wooden lute and said he would teach me.

I told my brothers I loved all their gifts. The phone rang one of Tinseltowns newest invention. Once again my mother told the caller her number was four and the person the caller wanted was seven. Walter shook his head stroking his bluebeard claiming those darned things are a terrible invention. Countless times his company which he called Breakspear Track Company would have constant malfunctions with the phone slowing efficiency between the foreman and the workers. Jason on the other hand defended the phone stating the pony express takes hours if not days to send even a simple letter. Michael sang course said if they even make it out alive In his bard voice. Finally my mother found a simple yet elegant black dress and wore a fine pearl necklace and bracelet. We had a reservation at the local commissary called The Commissary Grande. It served mainly food from the desert dweller culture.

It took an with the walk and the small talk but we finally arrived. Grande was busy with many enjoying their meals. My mother told the waiter our family name. She looked confused Jason had silver hair from his father. Walter had his blue hair, beard, and thick mutton chops. Michael had green hair and mustache. I had blue hair in intricate braids. My mother told the waiter it's a long story. Soon we sat down at the table and ordered our food. Since we like to keep it simple we all ordered a water and several desert longhorn steaks. All was going well unit my mothers transport phone started ringing. Soon everyone from my mother's kind, cousins, their spouses, and even their children all looked at us. Again my mother was telling several people her number was four. "Outrageous" shouted a shadow leaf unicorn other told her to hang up the phone. Soon my brothers started disbanding. Michael offered his voice to entertain the cooks. Walter went around tables asking if they would like to hear what he does. One table took the offer though they heavy critique my mothers outside diplomacy as her kind call it. I had my head buried hoping I was invisible. Jason was just laughing while lighting his cigar. That also added to the enraged commissary patrons.

" Mother want to make us look bad I'm just helping" Jason chuckled. She went on for several minutes maybe half and hour. People got up repeatedly to talk to the manager. My mother is a director however and all of the patrons ranked actress or lower. She directed an entire western exercitus studio. The phone and the telegraph was the newest western genres newest device. Some would say that technology is the decline of the west. Finally the steak arrived and my brothers who left headed back. Michael was dubbed the worst bard they'd ever heard. Walter was called a bison butcher as many of the bison in Wyoming teetered on the brink of extinction. Plus most of my mothers sisters and cousin are vegetarians. Meats on the menu usually catered to non shadow leafs and tourists. A shadow leaf spat on the ground as my mother obviously ate the steak. We finally finished all stuffed and the manager told my mother all of us are no longer allowed at Commissary Grande. Along with that if her entire western studio acted like her. They deserve to fade into obscurity. Mother just scoffed and said Is this how the future generation acts. We all looked at one another and laugh. "Come on darlings let's get I cream" my mother laughed. We all walked towards the ice cream parlor laughing as more caller called the wrong number along the way.

Thanks for reading all also each chapter had some genre to it Ch 1 Fog Island some horror and action. Ch 2 The Caterer Adventure. Ch 3 Cloning Sci-Fi Ch 4 The Coyote Adventure/Suspense. And This chapter a mix of western along with a jab at todays phone user hope I didn't offend anyone. With all that said what do you think of this one? Also this is the end of this tale I mainly do 5 short chapters easier and less chance to get attached to characters I'm more of a world-builder to be honest :P