Leon the Exorcist: The Spiritual Lover

I remember my first exorcism like it was yesterday. The Catholic church had assigned me to exorcize a possible poltergeist possession in Lakewood, California. This was my first case without any help from my master, Hailey Lauv. The higher-ups in the church told me that the case of "the spiritual lover" was supposed to be an easy one. Barry West was a stockbroker with no wife or children. Mr West had reported to the church that he was having "dreams" of a woman in white clothing. Normally the church would've laughed in his face and ignored his request but the evidence Mr West had provided, convinced the church that this was no ordinary "dream". So I was ordered to meet Mr West, conduct an interview, and perform an exorcism on him. However, I wasn't prepared for how much the situation had progressed before my arrival. When I arrived at the house I felt a slight presence as I walked to his door and rang the doorbell. When Mr West came to answer the door the presence rapidly grew stronger. In my field of work, all exorcists are trained to detect presences in order to determine the strength of the spirit. The presence, in this case, was so strong my whole body shivered like I was standing in the North Pole in the nude. When I stepped in his house, Mr West instructed me to take a seat in the dining room and he would join me in about five minutes, I agreed and took my seat at the dining room table. After five minutes, Mr West and a woman joined me at the table. I introduced myself to both Mr West and the woman. According to Mr West, the woman sitting next to him was an old friend, her name was Valerie Quill. At first, I was cautious of Ms Quill but I felt no presence from her and I assumed this was his girlfriend. When I conducted my interview, told me that everything was fine and that there was no need for me to be here and conduct an exorcism. Of course, I didn't believe Mr West, the church would never send someone out to investigate if there wasn't a problem. was also the one who came to the church in person to request aid and so this sudden refusal didn't make sense to me. I proposed to that the interview will be short and I'll leave as soon as the interview was over. objected to my proposal but luckily I was able to convince to let me stay. I asked Mr West to describe in detail these "dreams" he told the church. Mr West explained to me that every night for the past three weeks he was being visited by his past lover, Kacey Summers. Ms Summers was soon to be the fiancé of Mr West, however, Ms Summers met an unfortunate end due to a car accident last winter. When she died her body was cremated and scattered to the winds. But the ghost of Ms Summers had been leaving messages around the house such as beware, stay away, and death will come soon. I told Mr West that these messages were nothing to take lightly of but Mr West laughed and said that he wasn't worried and he will continue to ignore them. After hearing this, seemed to be pleased. Again I tried to instruct to take this matter seriously, but then I felt the strong presence again the air in the house turned cold and ice began to form on the ceiling. My Master told me whenever a presence is this strong, an exorcist must be prepared to face the worse because the spirit is getting ready to attack. I quickly ordered Mr West and to stay close to me. Prepared for the worse I pulled out my cross and started saying the Lord's prayer. After I said the Lord's prayer, I pulled out my salt pouch from my pocket and poured the salt around us in the form of the circle. The salt circle would act as a barrier to protect us from the spirit's attacks on the human body. After I made the circle, ash started appearing in the room and piece by piece the ash that had suddenly appeared started coming together and formed in the shape of a woman. The ash woman pointed at us and ran toward us, my salt barrier kept the ash woman at bay. But her attacks on the barrier was relentless it was only a matter of time before she got through my salt barrier. A spirit filled with this much hate usually shows no mercy towards its victims. I was prepared for death but then I remembered another one of my masters' teachings, a hateful spirit like the ash woman can only find peace when the truth is revealed and justice is served. Then it dawned on me, the ash woman was Mr West's past lover, Kacey Summers. I looked back at and ordered him to tell me in detail what caused the car accident that killed Kacey Summers. Mr West told me that the brakes to her car had failed, I pressed Mr West for more information but that was all he could give me. I was running out of time I had to figure out why Kacey Summers would come back to enact vengeance on they loved each other and he wasn't the cause of her death. The ash woman grew larger and screamed murder, then slammed her body against my salt barrier. I put down my cross and started to pray, I asked the Lord to give me clarity on this dire situation. While I was praying I pieced together all the clues that came with the case, then I remember the messages left by Ms Summers. Beware, stay away, death will come; these were the messages she had left because she was trying to warn him of possible danger. Then it hit me like a sack of bricks, It was. She was the danger to Mr West, I quickly grabbed Ms Quills by the shoulders and asked her was she the one who killed Kacey Summers? She tried to deny the accusation but I slapped her and asked her again. After being slapped she caved in and told the truth in front of Mr West and I. Then the spirit stopped attacking, backed away, and the ash woman fell apart. Finally, the spirit was calmed but Mr West was furious at Ms Quills for what she had done to his fiancé. I held back from attacking Ms Quills, however, I was unable to protect her from what was coming next. While I was holding Mr West back from attacking his "friend". Ms Quills saw an opportunity to escape an ran outside the salt barrier, the ash woman quickly reformed herself and grabbed by the neck. tried to beg for my help but there was nothing I could do because justice needed to be served. The ash woman, having caught her murder she set herself on fire and burned Ms Quills alive. I tried to look away but Mr West he stood tall and watched Ms Quills scream in agony as her body was being burned. After five minutes Ms Quills body turned into ashes and the winds blew her away leaving no trace of what was once Ms Quills. No longer feeling a presence in the room I left Mr West alone in his house. I should've stayed and comforted Mr West but something told me that he wanted to be left alone. Six months later, I met up with Mr West again to check his recovery progress. Apparently, he moved to Canada and is now married, he's expecting his first child in a few months. I was pretty happy for him, not many men can move forward with their lives after what they've witnessed. Afterword's the church awarded me with a promotion in rank, I was no longer an apprentice, I was now a full-fledged exorcist and there much more work needed to be done.