I'm the writer that made Eclipse If any of you seen it on FanFiction, I was originally Inspired by a show I saw and I hope it's good enough to your liking now onto the story


It was a funeral for the Alston family and ours Family the Vixen's, the heads for both sides including their mates went with them on a trip somewhere but when our special trackers went to look for them they found them killed in battle and today we are on different sides as there was caskets in front of us and them as I was looking at my parents bodies as Tyrone came over the line and stood a few feet in front of me.

"Your Family did this, you tried to set us up and got my parents killed" I looked at him as if he said the most craziest thing imaginable "We both lost our parents Ty and the Vixen family doesn't set people up" Rage filled his eyes as he stared at me.

"Lies! Your family will pay for this...In blood" He left as they was getting ready to bury the bodies as we went home to the mansion some of the members stay in and the actual Vixen family as I watched Kayla raise a wine glass.

"Listen up everybody! Tonight the heads may have fallen to whoever did this, but know that they're still howling at the moon like we are in the after life...To the Alpha heads!" We all shouted "To the Alphas" as we drunk champagne while the music played but it wasn't loud though since we don't want to shatter and destroy our ear drums.

"Quantay!" I looked over to my left as I saw Demonie pointing to to a room which was probably more quiet as I walked in and saw Kayla, Jayla, Cyrus and now me and Demonie.

"It's a shame what happened to y'all parents and I looked up to your father the most" Cyrus patted my shoulder as I began to remember how my father would send us out on hunting jobs.

"Thanks we all appreciate it" I watched my little cousin Jayla give him a glass and a small smile "Thanks Cyrus" He gave a small smile as he began to take a sip from the cup.

"lets have another drink" We had our drinks as we began talking and did more talking and soon we started to go out to the backyard watching the moon as we then heard fighting in the inside and lighting strikes as we ran back inside to see blood shed everywhere even on the walls as the Alston Family wolves had got a surprise attack on us and started killing everyone 'My pack'.

"Where's Quantay!? I want your Alpha's life" I was about to fight until Cyrus grabbed me as I saw that he was worried.

"Fighting him head on will get you killed, you have to run" He knew there was a chance that I could kill Ty right now but why would he stop me? "What about you?" His face showed that he didn't care right now as he gave me a small smile with a pat on the right shoulder.

"I'll be the beta I'm supposed to be now go" I ran with my family out the back door as Jayla and Kayla had already transformed into their wolf forms as Kayla was a light brown wolf while Jayla was black as they both had Alpha Red glowing eyes.

After me and Demonie turned our back and got our clothes off we both became wolves as he became a grey wolf as I was a grey and black with with two diamond designs on my forehead as we all had Alpha red glowing eyes.

Once we saw Tyrone's pack chase us we started running through the woods as we started using our Auras as we sped past trees trying our best to escape as lightning struck in front of us as Tyrone was running at quick speeds as we was quickly nearing the point where we can escape and once we saw the cliff we all jumped but Demonie nearly missed but still made it as we looked at Tyrone's pack as they looked at us and the cliff we managed to jump as they started to leave with Tyrone being last.

Once we found the two story house our parents bought before they died as we quickly went inside as we was upstairs and into the rooms as we was Human again and searching for clothes as Kayla's room was across from mine as she looked for clothes angrily.

"Tyrone has lost his mind! Do he know what he just did" I was half way dressed as I sighed at Cyrus's decision 'It wasn't supposed to be you' He was my childhood friend more like a brother in more ways than one.

"He's starting war, I know and he'll pay for what he did to Cyrus" I had met up with Kayla downstairs as she wore a yellow shirt with black jeans that was cut up from the mid thigh to the mid shin as she didn't wear any shoes.

"Cyrus didn't deserve none of this, he was just a Beta following his Alpha and Tyrone went and killed him" Jayla and Demonie wore matching white shirts and jeans as they was downstairs by the living room door.

We sat in the living room that had a glass table in the middle as it had a couch on the left and a chair in the front and back as the right side had two chairs.

"He'll get his but we gotta make sure we're ok first and we still gotta know the Elements more" Demonie actually made since for once as I didn't want to ruin the process by speaking on it.

"But he has a bigger pack, how can we fight somebody like that?" I watched Demonie think hard as I chuckled slightly "By training and trying to survive we can't really get far if we attack so we do defense and that'll be our best offense".

"Can that wait until tomorrow, I'm still a bit drunk" I shook my head in disbelief at Kayla as she walked out to her room as I watched Jayla and Demonie do the same, I won't let him take my Family no matter what's going on.


I stood tall in the Vixen household as bodies lay before me as I was angry- no seething with rage about how I didn't catch the one I really wanted to kill as I grabbed a wine bottle and scratched the top part off as I poured myself a glass.

"Your really Sinister aren't you?" I chuckled slightly at my older cousin as I turned to face him seeing that he wore a black hoodie with a white shirt under it as he wore jeans and black boots.

"Whatever floats your boat Dee but I will have his head to ease my nerves" He chuckled at me as he took his hood off showing his low haircut.

"Your girlfriend should be enough to ease your nerves and once she come back and see that you started war I wonder what she'll say" I seen the light skin boy come from around the corner around the same time Dee did as Dylan had a small smirk on his face as he practically wore the same thing Dee wore as I sighed angrily at my younger cousin.

"It's NONE of your concern of what she'll think! Just know that the Vixen family will die for their betrayal and I won't stop until I hold Quantay's heart in my hands and crush it" I watched Dee cross his arms as I looked at him still slightly angry.

"It wouldn't really matter since they stepped over to where the Vampires be at" A perfect point he made but I started to drink the red wine.

"Doesn't mean they'll die though Dee but you have a good point but I want it to be me that kills him and his weak little pack better survive long enough so they can watch me reign over everything and everyone because I'll savor every moment then I'll kill them since they're his family" I heard Dylan fake shutter at what I said as I started to pour another glass.

"Your brutal Ty" I took a sip and gave a satisfied sigh "You don't like me being brutal?" He chuckled as he crossed his arms and leaned up against the wall.

"No...I'm enjoying it" He came over with Dee as we poured a glass as we toasted while everyone else was cleaning the dead Vixen pack bodies as I was kicked back in a chair enjoying the wine 'You will be mine Quantay and you can count on it'.