I woke up to some of the sunlight in my face but after I went back to sleep I heard Quantay calling my name as I went down there to see food as he said grace and after eating he had Demonie lifting weights and Jayla doing sprints outside as I had to do the punching bag inside as he was looking at papers as I was confused as to why he wasn't doing anything.

"What are you doing?" He looked up for a second at me as he continued speeding across the paper with his pen in hand "I'm filling out paperwork for school" At that I had became slightly angry and confused because I remember my training from when I was a pup and I know as a boy pup training is extremely hard so I began to ask "School? School for who?" He gave me a look that said do-you-want-me-to-answer-that-dumb-question.

I had felt my body get hot and my mood became aggravated "Why are we going to school when we know Tyrone is literally trying to hunt us" That was when he finished another paper as he gently put the pen down as he laced his hands together "Because at school no one would dare reveal what they really are especially not in front of humans and when those humans can be hunters...Y'all two can take a break out there!" Once they came back inside they was sweaty as they sat down in the kitchen and began to drink water.

"That might be smart but what if they do reveal themselves, then what? we sit there?" He gave me a look that wanted to see what I was really thinking but instead he stood up from the table "No..." His claws came out as I saw how fire began to coat his fingers as his eyes started to glow red "We kill them".

I gained a slight smile as I turned to the punching bag as I cracked my knuckles as Jayla and Demonie was watching "Then maybe I can shatter someone's chest for sport" I punched the bag as it made a loud BOOM sound as it slid back to the wall.

I then turned around with a smile on my face as Quantay held his ears with a agitated look that I couldn't help but laugh at until he shot lighting at me as I got out the way as he had a smirk and I gave him a glare as he sat down on top of the table "Lets go ahead and train" We all beelined to the door as Quantay was running as we knew what kind of game this was.



We had took a car as it was a Camaro that was black with white racing stripes as we was on our way to school, Quantay said he's "borrowing" the car but we know that he meant stole and honestly I don't want to know what human crossed paths with him over a car as Demonie kept looking fascinated about the car as his mouth hung slightly open "So you must have a good connection with someone to let you borrow this car" After his statement I had rolled my eyes at him as I started to look out the window 'The dumb shit that comes out his mouth sometimes makes me wanna kill him' Then I watched my older cousin look back at him as well.

"What? Was it something I said?" After that second comment her face showed slight anger as she gave a quick huff "Just shut the hell up for the rest of the ride" After that I looked to him as his face was full of shock as he looked at me for confirmation "And back home".

Once we entered the parking lot we saw a few cars but hardly any compared to ours and once we went past some white car Quantay slammed the brakes as we looked at him as if he was crazy "You not about to be slamming on these brakes like you crazy!" I heard Kayla yell and the way his face looked out the window you could tell he completely ignored her as he continued to stare "I'm in love" We looked over and saw that white car as it had a snake imprinted on the side as I looked at him.

'A CAR he almost killed us all over a CAR' I could see that his sister was mad at him right now and chose to stay silent for the rest of the ride as I began to speak my discomfort "Another car?" After saying that he looked at me through the rear view mirror as if I was crazy like he didn't just slam the brakes nearly killing us all "That car is a cobra mustang that I'm gonna buy that later" After finally getting a parking spot we walked into the school as something started smelling funny and couldn't place it because it was everywhere.

'Uh...something smells...off' That was when I noticed it just hit their noses as well as Kayla had that same question on her face.

"Quantay what's that smell?...Quantay?" He was gone with Demonie as they was in the lunch line as I rolled my eyes at his antics as I checked to see if Kayla was still next to me before I spoke "Remind me why I'm following a Alpha as near as retarded as him" She had chuckled a little bit because the question kind of stuck with her "Because he has more training than we do and he's more of a hunter than we are and knows things about the wild if we was to be stuck as wolves for a while" That was when I gave her a slight nod as she still watched her brother as he was in the line with our cousin Demonie.

"Without some of those traits would you challenge him?" She had sighed and looked over at me "He has to have none of them for me to challenge his authority but at least he doesn't be all you listen to me because I'm the Alpha type of attitude, family or not I would really show him that I can be quick just as him because I'm trained too" I began to nod slowly as I looked over at her brother and our idiotic cousin "I guess you answered my present questions and future ones".

'He has been good to us especially when our parents died in the Great War even though we all didn't get along as cubs he still protected us' I looked up from my spot as that nasty smell hit my nose again as I tried to keep myself from gagging as I put my shirt up but that hardly did anything.

"Most of this school kind of has that smell, what do you think that smell was?...Kayla?...Kayla?" I turned as I saw her sitting down at a table as she was talking to some dark skin boy as I was quickly getting frustrated from getting left behind so I started to storm off but I ended up tripping over a milk carton but before I fell with my plate I was caught and my food was taken out of my hands as the boy smelled like cinnamon.

"Thanks, can I have my food back" His face was filled with shock as his brown eyes stared into mine as if he was confused as he helped me up "Dang, not even a thank you" I had scoffed at him as he crossed his arms "I would've been fine if I fell" He began to laugh a bit to himself as he looked me up and down "You seem a bit fragile to pretend to be tough" I laughed to myself after he said that.

'I can punch through a brick wall with no problem but I'm not gonna tell you that' I had rolled my eyes at him as I took my food out his hands "Whatever, thanks for catching me before I hit the ground" I began walking off but before I could get three steps away he grabbed my shoulder as I looked at him confusingly.

"Can I at least get your name?" I looked at him as if he was crazy as I laughed slightly "Alright I'll tell you come here" I had a slight smirk that looked like a smile as he came up to me as I went by his ear "I don't talk to wannabe playboys on the first day of school, Loser" I walked away as I chuckled at his face full of shock as a smile graced my face.


We was walking as I did nothing but look at the girls that walked by as I was REALLY enjoying the sights, after looking at another girl she looked at me too as I got slapped at the back of my head by my least favorite cousin...Jayla "What the hell was that for!?" She rolled her eyes as me as she began to cross her arms "Can you be less of a perv out in public?" That was when I sighed, I was seriously tired of her as continued walking behind Kayla and Quantay that didn't surprisingly say anything and in that moment Kayla looked back.

"You can't seriously believe that all of these girls here are clean, some of them smell" She said that with pure disgust as Quantay began chuckling a bit to himself "Because they're Vampires here so stop being so loud" I had looked over to my least favorite cousin again as she began to voice her thoughts on the matter.

"Vampires? I thought they was a fairy Tale" He had shook his head no at her statement as we turned a corner "No, they're very real that's why they have that weird scent you can't comprehend and those are the ones that keep killing and obviously they're trying to prove that their stronger than wolves by having that slight scent on them" After his statement his sister showed her disgust on her face as she shook slightly as she caught goosebumps.

"That's nasty, even if I kill I would bathe" We had reached the office as we was separated to our displeasure as it was Me and Kayla in the first Class together but at least we have the other three together as a pack...right?.

Once we as in class I noticed a few of those scents as those scents paid too close attention...'Can they smell us?' That was when I felt a quick tap as I began to listen for whatever Kayla had to say

"Demonie I want you to listen closely *She whispers*...these scents might be dangerous so you stay in my sight of vision" I didn't like the sound of Kayla leading me but what choice did I have if I had to admit between me and her I can't actually sit down and take any situation serious "Same for you I guess *He Whispers* And Hopefully no drama comes our way" Once we had our seats we only looked over once to notice looks of only one of those scents...I hope he knows how to kill them too.


I was halfway asleep as Jayla was somewhat paying attention but I knew that I had to seem normal in these vamps eyes but I knew they could smell me and the others which didn't matter because we had two advantages...They don't know the awesomeness of our Alpha pack and we're Original Wolves.

But I tried not to think on it to much as my head was clearly in the clouds as I had my mind focused on a girl...we're not even here for mating and I'm getting frustrated on wanting to talk to her but it's something about her that just speaks to me...like love at first sight type shit you know?...NAH but I do like this girl a bit then I heard some old man screaming at me " !" I finally decided to actually start looking around as I saw that it was the teacher as I sighed and starting to be aggravated by this annoying man.

"Yeah what's the fire?" His face showed a lot of emotions as he stared me down as I stared back and I had to refrain from letting Jayla attack him from staring me down as if he was my equal and she was ready to by the looks of her desk "The "fire" Is that I've been calling you for three minutes" I had started laughing slightly as this old man had started to get very angry with me "Sorry ask whatever you wanted to ask" He began to take in a small amount of air as he pointed to a equation on the board "What does the equation X plus three X equal?".

I had actually took the time and thought this through as I started listening for answers that the Students would say among themselves as I heard it "Four X".

He went back to talking not letting me know if I was right or wrong as I looked over as the girl was looking at me as my heart was going a mile a minute as she turned back around but flipping her hair in the process...Oooh you wanna tease?.


I had started walking out into the parking lot to see my family waiting for me by the car as my sister was the first to approach me "You do know how to kill these Vampires right?" I was slightly shocked by her eagerness but I didn't show it as I cleared my throat to give a clear answer "Yeah, wooden stake through the heart or you just simply either do one of these things...Rip their heart out or just simply knock their head simply clean off their shoulders while everything else like bullets is useless except for us biting them which is lethal to them anything else?" I had saw them look at each other as they all gave me my answer as I got in the car with them and drove off.


I was walking down the halls as I heard faint thumping as followed it and it led me to the library as It was Vampires and that girl with some boy who was bleeding as their chances was looking slim...time to make my move.

I started to run at them as they saw me as my claws was out as I clawed one in the chest twice quickly and he swung a right hook as I ducked and hit him in the stomach with a right punch and finished it with a kick to the chest where his fresh wounds from me was as he fell not getting back up "Who's next?" The girl looked at me as the boy did as well as their eyes was glowing yellow as I looked back at the vampires as it was three standing and they could only look at their fallen partner as they was debating in their mind as I made a low growl.

Soon one charged using his quick speed as he knocked me into the bookshelves and once I got up I held up my defensive guard as I dodged his punches that came left and right and soon he threw a left punch straight at me as I ducked under it and slashed his throat and pulled him towards me as I kneed him in the stomach with my right knee as I turned him around as I held my claws to his throat.

"If you don't leave your friend will see nothing but darkness, leave the other Wolves be" The boy was bleeding bad and I needed to help him but soon they left and once I heard the door close I let my victim go as he turned to look at me as his throat was slowly healing "I keep my promises we don't need no more violence so leave" He used his vamp speed and was gone in a flash as I quickly jumped the tables for the boy as I began to heal him with my aura as his breathing was returning to normal.

"What's your name?" He was a blonde with short hair as his eyes are brown just like his skin as he wore a black shirt with jeans that match while wearing all white running shoes "It's Leon Speights, thanks for saving us" I had pulled him to his feet as he took off his torn shirt and slipped on his white jacket "No problem and you are..?" After helping her to her feet she fixed her clothing as it had little splotches of blood on them that came from her friend as some was on her hands as well.

"It's Camille Parker, you?" I had smiled at her slightly as she gave me a happy sigh "Name's Quantay Vixen and you two shouldn't fight without a pack" At that she had started to laugh as she pointed to the bookshelves that was knocked over "Says the guy that took on two vampires without a scratch".

I looked at her as her eyes made contact with mine as I gained a slight smile on my face "I have training which was why they didn't stand a chance but you two on the other hand are easy to pick off" At that they both kind of frowned as they looked at each other as a smile came to Leon's face "But we're both wolves and betas and maybe you can join my pack and help us out some more" The idea was tempting to run around and pretend as if I didn't have a pack of my own and lead these two on their own path but I could always bring them into mine.

"Nah, just meet me at my house so I can train you both" He had frowned as I declined his offer but still was glad that I had saved him from being put down "I guess so" Once I got them out the library I had texted Demonie to get Kayla to drive away as I had another ride home..this adventure of mines has just begun.