I was in the cafeteria as I saw that new girl again I didn't know what it was but...something about her just made me wanna talk to her and so I sat with her at a table as she looked and saw me "You again?" I laughed a bit at her comment as I fixed myself in the seat "Yeah, at least I ain't here on nothing negative all I'm doing is talking"

That was when she had looked at me with a look that gave me praise almost like a child that did a good job "Oh? So you a good guy?" I smiled slightly at her comment as I felt like I was getting somewhere "Yeah"

Somewhere in my mind I felt proud because this girl has played hard to get since I first saw her I might just have a chance "What if I don't like good guys?"

I just sat there as my heart sunk into my ass as she said that and she gave me a normal look as I was about to get up but I soon heard laughing coming from her "I'm just playing Emmitt lighten up a little"

I had chuckled slightly at her small joke as I felt my heart racing a mile a minute, as I tried my best to slow it down "You know it's a little unfair that I don't know your name" She began to have that grin grace her face again as she looked me in the eyes and tried to look serious "Your right, because I didn't give it to you"

She chuckled again at me as I waited for her to stop as she continued to smile in my face 'Is she purposely trying to piss me off?' After a minute of waiting I began to speak my mind "Are you gonna tell me?"

That was when her smile faded slightly as she looked me in my eyes "Why?" I began to feel like she's being so I quickly took the opportunity "Because I'm asking you nicely with respect a female deserve"

She made a look that showed that she was impressed as she sat there for a minute that felt like forever "...Nah, I prefer the Hood kind because I'm bad myself"

I was shocked at her comment as I was starting to become confused as I remembered our last class together "You don't strike me as a bad girl since you caught real attitudes over a B minus but you know you can have it your way"

Her facial expression gave away how she really felt at the moment and that was what made me smile a bit to myself as I watched her sigh "Ok...My name is Kayla Vixen"

Days went by as I actually fell for this girl or did I already fall when we first spoke? No matter because we enjoyed each other and she was cool to be around and she made the dull days become brighter


I was about to walk up to Kayla as I saw someone tackle her into the woods as I began to run across traffic and nearly got hit by a car as I went into the woods as I heard growling like a animal as I saw that man as he had nails longer than they're supposed to be as his eyes was...glowing blue? But Kayla was getting up as she had grown...Claws? and Glowing Red eyes? and I watched her effortlessly beat up that man but another showed as his eyes glowed blue too but before I could get into anything a black wolf with white markings jumped in and attacked one of the men as I heard a crunch sound as Kayla pinned down the man as she practically fed him to the wolf as it killed the last man

"I can't believe it's our trusty partner in crime, nice to see you...Cyrus" I watched its eyes glow blue as she smiled while hers was red as I slowly left quietly

'What the hell did I just witness? Will Kayla one day tell me about this?' All these questions bombarded my mind as I was gone before I was discovered


I was at the house in my wolf form as Kayla walked in as I was right behind her at the front door taking in the scenery as Kayla looked down at me with a happy smile "Y'all won't believe who came in handy today!"

Everyone came to the front seeing me as they got excited immediately and ran around the house as Quantay came back with a towel as he threw it on me as I became human and wrapped it around my waist "Go change into clothes upstairs"

Once I was up the steps I saw clothes on the bed as I put on the black shirt and jeans as he gave me black boots as well as I saw a black thread as it had a trident hanging on it...cool

As I put it on I felt good about myself as I went down the steps as food was already prepared as Kayla stood in front of me ready to drag me somewhere as usual "Eating other wolves doesn't count as food"

I had chuckled at her statement as I was sat down and got myself comfortable "Damn right you are...right you are indeed" I grabbed a seat as it was Spaghetti, garlic bread and two backed potatoes that all was gone within minutes as Demonie grabbed my empty plate

"Where have you been?" I gave a long sigh as a look of thought crossed my face as I got all of my events together

"Constantly running actually and I knew that he was coming for Kayla first so I drank from a stream and didn't dare stop and I made it on time, mad fighting skills by the way" She gave me a gentle smile as she bowed in a playful manner

"Thank you might even be able to keep up with your Fighting style" See even though they're Alphas I get some praise too as a non Alpha since I can dance with one and not come out mince meat in the end making me just as rare as a true alpha but not being one since I did unspeakable things for my leader "Can't wait and see tiger but lets get down to the real issues"

I laced my hands together as I noticed that Quantay over there needed my attention "I was thinking about recruiting two new wolves, they're fresh and they'll need training" I had rubbed my forehead as I sighed slightly "When you say wolves you mean omegas sticking together?"

At that comment Jayla had popped her head up as she looked at her older cousin "Where?"

He laced his hands as he looked from me to her "At school and I saved them from Vampires that nearly killed both of them" At that comment I had looked at him as if he was crazy "And you left them alone...again?" He sighed as he just realized what he had done "I had to ask y'all first, we've been a alpha pace this whole time so I thought maybe you don't want change" I had stood up from the table as he looked up at me

"Who at this table would leave wolves to defend themselves against our enemy when we could help?" He ran his fingers in his hair knowing he messed up but I stood up as he looked at me "I respect your decision for wanting what we want first though, but at the end of the day your our leader so at school tomorrow you'll bring them here for training and to know that they have a pack"

"I hear you Cyrus, and while I'm at it I'll fill out your paperwork for school"

He walked off as he took up plates as I rubbed my temples in thought as I looked up at the pack "Who's up for a stress run?"


I was in a white car with Quantay while everyone else was in a separate car so I could talk to him alone "So do you know what we're up against?"

"So far on this chessboard it's Tyrone and his men- well now dead men and the vampires at our school who might attack us" I had nodded in understanding as I watched women and children walk by

"And I'll be right there kill them, because no one ain't gonna try to kill my best friend and think they'll escape me" He chuckled as he looked over at me

"Same for you, they ain't gonna try to take down one of the best Betas to ever live without me there to stop it" We fist bumped as we reached the school and once we got out I smelled some of the vampires they mentioned as I knew that they weren't hiding the fact they killed

Once we was out of the car still thinking about the subject out of nowhere a group of seven came up to us as a extra one walked up to us but he looked dead at Quantay "Do you know who I am?"

He gave a thoughtful look playfully as he shook his head in the negative "No I actually just got here" After that comment the boy gave a mad look

"Well I'm the guy running the show around here, I run this school and when you laid hands on two of my guys the other day I felt offended" At that comment Quantay had laughed slightly making the leader even more angry "I don't care if your offended because your nothing but a thug and a bully"

Shock came to the boy face as he had showed his anger "A thug and a Bully? If you know what's good for you-" I got tired of hearing this boy try to make himself higher than my Alpha so I got in his face quickly "If you know what's good for you you'd stay out of our way"

As I was in his face I let out a low growl as he was angry but he turned and left with his crew as I stood there watching them leave as Quantay patted my shoulder "You have a serious temper" After that comment I had laughed slightly "What can I say? I get it from my Alpha"

I flashed my eyes as it's beautiful blue showed as he laughed at me and we walked into the school as I then got a good look of the place as we continued to walk throughout the school and soon I noticed Kayla sneaking away as I was confused as to why she was sneaking away as I looked over to Quantay.

Hey can you go up to the office and turn my papers in while I'm in the bathroom?" He had took them from me as he gave me a quick nod "Yeah just follow my scent afterwards" Once they was gone I quickly went around the corner following Kayla scent as I was gonna get down to the fact to why she was sneaking away.

Soon I saw her with a boy as they kissed and held hands as I began focusing my hearing as they was talking as Kayla heart began racing "You seen me where?" He took a moment to answer as I heard him take in slight air before letting it out "In the woods"

I heard her heart go a mile a minute as she looked at the boy...what was he talking about? He couldn't be talking about my arrival could he? I had peaked around the corner as I saw the boy and inhaled his scent to keep to memory.

"You can't tell nobody what you saw" I watched him put both hands on her shoulders in a calming form "It's not about that, I just want to know everything before I find out the wrong way" She sighed as she gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.

"Ok...I'll tell you later but right now is too soon" Could that human be talking about her being a wolf? That's not gonna fly


I took a wild guess and thought that it was the bell for class as I left going into class...she wouldn't consider him knowing about us would she?

After that first class was over I had three ending classes with the pack but I saw one of the soon to be pack members but we didn't speak to them yet and after the last class their was a commotion about a dead body and all of us was heading there as we saw two bodies actually and I noticed that they have the same markings on their bodies which was a bit weird so I smelled the scent of the killer that led to a alley as it was human



Leon and I was with Quantay as we saw a group of people by a white and black car with white stripes 'This is my family and that's my best friend Cyrus but I still consider him family'

After introductions was done I looked at all of them happy in the inside that I found a pack 'So who's the Alpha?' I watched a dark skin boy with a little weight to him step up to me as he wore a white shirt under his black hoodie as his jeans had one hole in the left knee while wearing black socks with his black slides 'I think it's me'

His eyes went red as he held out a hand to us as the girl next him smacked it away before I could grab it 'It's me don't listen to him' She wore a yellow crop top and black pants with black and yellow Foamposites.

Her eyes was red like his as I was shocked then the other girl came up as she pushed them playfully out the way "It's me it's not these wannabes" Her eyes was red as well as I was becoming more shocked and a tad confused as the boy wearing a black outfit shook his head "It's that guy standing beside you" We looked at Quantay as his eyes glowed red as well as he smiled at me nervously 'I meant to tell you I had my own pack'

"But a WHOLE Alpha pack" After my statement the boy in all black had cleared his throat to cut me off "Actually I'm not a Alpha but I'm rare like one though"

His eyes flashed blue as Leon looked at him in awe "How's your eyes blue?" He looked at him in slight remembrance as he let out a long sigh 'Because I killed' I looked at him as he had a straight face as I looked at the others to see if it was a joke but they nodded in agreement.

"You'll learn that one day you'll do anything to protect those you love including someone who's the closest to family you got" We looked at Quantay as he nodded slowly as we looked at Cyrus again

"Anyways those bodies are Vampire and a wolf and the killer is a human more than likely using a sword" That was when Demonie had a confused look "A sword?"

Then Kayla had began to cross her arms in thought "Maybe a hunter?" Quantay had begun to nod in agreement "Has to be, so now we have a problem" Then the boy in black named Cyrus had sighed in annoyance "Something tells me that I'm not gonna like this hunter...not one bit"

I had began to show my worry at the word hunter as I slightly cleared my throat worry entering my voice "So how do we stop a professionally and skilled killer?" Cyrus had hummed at my question in thought as if knowing the full answer.

"There's only one way to deal with them" Leon then began to voice his opinion as he started to cross his arms "And that is?" Quantay began to put his hands in his pockets as he gave me full eye contact "You defend from them and if they attack...we kill them...one by one" All of us looked around in worry as we thought about this "Hunter" and I was seriously hoping that we don't run into one.