Chapter 2: Starfall

A fireball struck the stone pillar, sparks scattering every which way from the impact. Jed was enraged, hurling magic in the center of a circle of stone pillars. He didn't understand why a friend in his home world was impossible, didn't understand why anyone never liked him. All he wanted was a friend to share life with, but it was just a pipe dream now. In this world he found, there is no progression he thought. Still, the friends in this strange world were still something to him, special friends to share a kind of love together, a joy to make life just a little better. Jed started to miss Matt, thinking of all the moments they shared, all the love they had. He looked around and thought of the dances they had here, in Starfall. Jed was in Starfall now, under the stars of the night sky. He looked up at the stars, the moon shone down on him like the light of Matt's face. He smiled for a moment as an eerie wind blew passed him, ruffling the feathers of his wings.

"I miss you Matt..." Jed said to himself, a tear falling from his face.

The moment was interrupted by a faint rustle of bushes nearby. Jed looked around to see if anyone was there. Peering through the darkness of Starfall he could see nothing but pitch black emptiness. He was standing in the center of the dance area, surrounded by the stone pillars. He felt like he was being hunted by something. Jed hovered a fireball in his palm as he turned his gaze to each pillar, getting ready for a fight. His eyes darted around then locked his sight with two glowing yellow eyes peering out from behind one of the pillars. The eyes just stared at him, a feeling of anger and rage behind them. As Jed focused his vision, he could see what it was eventually. The creature brought out a claw from the darkness, showing it's sharp nails. Flowing black hair came into view as Jed came closer to it. Jed's eyes widened as he knew who it was now.

"Treize?" Jed asked.

A loud purring could be heard, just before he came out from behind the pillar and pounced on top of Jed. Treize's claws dug in to Jed's chest as he had him pinned to the ground. Jed looked up into Treize's eyes and could see nothing but anger and an emptiness inside. In a moment, Treize was already scratching and clawing at Jed's face over and over in quick swipes. Treize hissed as he slashed away at Jed, turning his face into a bloody mess. His claws were dripping red as he pulled away. All Jed could feel was a pain and a loneliness he didn't want to feel anymore. He felt the breath of Treize in his face as he leaned in towards him. Jed just wanted him to end it, just kill him and let the pain go away. Treize sniffed Jed once, then paused for a moment.

"Treize... please..." Jed said, as his voice cracked.

Treize backed away and got to his feet suddenly. His eyes turned from rage to sorrow as he looked down as his bloodied claws. He realized what he had done now and rushed to Jed's side. He put Jed's head in his lap and held him tight. A tear fell to Jed's face as he weeped softly for the fallen fae. Jed's light magic awakened a little as the scratches on his face started to fade away. Jed looked up at Treize and smiled. He was happy to see his face and twitching ears. Treize looked down and smiled back as he started to purr again.

"Jed! I'm so sorry hun!" Treize cried out.

"Treize... I'm alright." Jed said, as he brought a hand up to Treize's face, wiping his tears away.

They sat there together for a moment, as the nightmare lifted from Starfall. The moonlight came and lit the place up around them. A calmness swept over them as Treize held Jed in his arms. Jed leaned his head against Treize's chest, holding his paw. Treize lightly caressed Jed's back with a gentle claw, circling around and around his wings. Jed ran his hand up Treize's arm, feeling his muscles flex. A tear came to Jed's eye suddenly, as he felt calm yet sorrowful at the same time. He felt like he was trapped between two worlds. Treize noticed and looked down at Jed, holding him tighter.

"What's wrong hun? Talk to me..." Treize said in a soft voice.

"I.. I feel trapped between worlds." Jed said.

"Trapped? How?" Treize asked, nodding.

"I have all this love in this world, but I don't think I will find it where I am from. I'm alone there, with nobody beside me. Just like in a distant dream realm, where I felt love once before in another life. Yet again, I feel like I'll never truly have someone beside me. Don't get me wrong, what I found here is wonderful, but it's not quite the same, you know?" Jed stated.

"I understand." Treize nodded and held Jed tight.

"Sometimes... it's just not enough..." Jed said.

"It will come...just be strong and patient." Treize replied.

"I'm tired of being patient, I want to live and share my life already!" Jed exclaimed.

"Jed... dance with me." Treize said.

"What?" Jed looked up.

Treize got to his feet and held out a paw for Jed to grab. His tail twitched as his ears twitch and he smiled. Jed couldn't help but smile a little and a tingle ran down his back. He took Treize's paw and they began to dance. Their motions in sync, they danced around the Starfall grounds under the moonlight holding each other. Treize pulled Jed close as they swayed together, his paw running down Jed's back between his wings. A gentle claw traced along his skin making Jed tingle. Jed held Treize tight, moaning a little as he felt the claw against him. Jed just rest his head against Treize as they swayed together, feeling the comfort of Treize's embrace and claw circling his back. He felt Treize purr and his heartbeat as he closed his eyes now. This was the sort of feeling he wanted to have in his home world, but it still felt nice in this place.

Treize spun Jed around with the fae's back pressed against his chest now, between his wings. Treize wrapped his arms around Jed, placing his paws upon Jed's chest, still swaying back and forth in sync. Jed held on to Treize's arms as his paws ran across his chest. He felt a paw slide in his pants as he leaned his head back on Treize's shoulder. He whimpered a little as he felt Treize grab his dick. Jed's breathing started to get heavy as Treize lowered his pants to reveal his hard dick slap against his stomach. Treize grabbed the hard shaft and started to stroke it slowly. Jed moaned at his touch as he grasped Treize's arms tight in pleasure. He felt Treize's hard dick rub against his butt and he wanted it inside him. Treize flexed his muscles as he stroked Jed harder. Jed felt the cock head enter his ass a little ways and turned his head to kiss Treize. In an instant, Treize was already fucking Jed now, his hard shaft thrusting in and out of Jed's ass. Jed moaned and tingled all over as he felt Treize deep inside him. At the same time Treize was stroking Jed's cock, precum leaking around the head and dripping to the dance floor. Their bodies became hot as they fucked and all Jed could think about was how he wanted to have his hot seed inside him and cum with him. Faster Treize stroked Jed and deeper he fucked his ass. Jed held on tight to Treize's arms, feeling his muscles flex turned him on and almost shoot his load. He held back a little and waited for Treize to cum inside him first. Treize kissed Jed's neck and moaned as he felt his hot seed flow inside Jed. Jed started to cum too as he hear Treize moan in his ear. Together they were wrapped up in ecstasy, blasting their man juices for each other.

"Oh god.. Treize..." Jed said, panting.

"Yes Jed?" Treize asked.

"That was... intense.." Jed said.

"It was..." Treize said as he purred.

They sat on a nearby bed overlooking the dance floor, held up with two thin trees, intertwining the structure of the bed. The sheets were marble colored, made of blue and white. They were both naked, Jed leaning against Treize as their legs dangled off the edge. Jed took deep breaths, trying to calm himself down after being filled with magic. Treize had his arm around Jed, holding him tight against him.

"So Jed... will you stay?" Treize asked.

"Yes, I will stay... and try to figure things out." Jed said, as he closed his eyes.

"Good, I was hoping you would." Treize said.

"I still have to find Matt in this nightmare, he wasn't at the pub." Jed said, starting to get concerned.

"You will find him, he is out there somewhere, as is a friend in your world." Treize said.

"Right now, I just want to see Matt... Fuck my world..." Jed said.

Jed opened his eyes as a deep pink flame flickered in them. A new found strength built inside him as he said goodbye to Treize and went off to another place. For a moment, he didn't care about a real friend anymore. If nobody wanted to care for him or get to know him, then fuck it. He would rather find a joy he once had in this world again and continue to grow and perhaps... perhaps a real world friend will turn up someday. But soon, the loneliness will be back, it always comes back...