Chapter 42: The Magic Retreat

Jed placed his hand upon one of the giant pink crystals of his magic retreat. The magic from it was drained and it wasn't glowing anymore. He sensed someone with him as his heart started to beat out of sync. Jed turned around slowly and he was faced with a strange fae. It looked just like him, his old self, Justyen. Brown hair, pink wings, tall, dressed in a purple robe. Justyen's eyes glared at him with a pink glow.

"What are you doing here?" Jed asked.

"I've come to reclaim my true self." Justyen said.

"Reclaim? But I am not you anymore." Jed said as he frowned.

"This is not who you are, we died when Steviad did." Justyen said.

"I've moved on and found great friends and a special one I love dearly." Jed shook his head.

"You've changed too much... Jed... No... you are me and always will be." Justyen stated.

"I have changed for the better. You were weak, desperate to find something you couldn't even have." Jed said.

"We will always be ice, frozen into nothing. Life doesn't want us, Matt doesn't even want you." Justyen said.

"Fuck you... Matt loves me..." Jed said angrily.

"You're fire will be out of control. The Triad is corrupt with lust..." Justyen said.

"You're wrong... I used to think like you, but there is much love in this community. They all made me a better person and we will continue to grow. Let the fire grow!" Jed shouted as he took fighting stance.

"So be it then Jed... But know your true self!" Justyen exclaimed as he shot an ice bolt at Jed.

Jed jumped to one side as it struck a crystal, turning it to ice. He shot back a pink fireball, but Justyen struck it away with a ball of ice. It exploded it the center of the room as they both began hurling balls of fire and ice back and forth at each other. The room was both cold and hot, a struggle between ice and fire, joy and sorrow, love and hate. Jed's magic was weakening as his hand became colder and his pink flame was withering.

"Fuck!" Jed shouted as an ice blast hit him directly, encasing him into a block of ice.

"See Jed... you will always be frozen in life...always..." Justyen said as he approached the frozen Jed.

Jed tried to break free of the spell, but the darkness inside him started to overwhelm him. He wanted to be released from this solitude. He didn't wanted to be afraid of the world anymore and be brave enough to follow his dream. Jed couldn't breathe as his anxiety level was rising. He didn't want to be sad and depressed anymore, but only to be happy with the world and friends that be built around him. It was always a struggle because of the rejection and torment other guys have put Justyen through. More then anything he wanted to save himself and live a happy life and find his dream love, be with Matt and the friends he has finally made. They made him happy, they gave him the strength he needed to push through the ice in his heart. The ice block shook as Jed's pink light struck it from within.

"No! Stop that! What are you doing?!" Justyen screamed.

Cracks began to form in the ice as the pink light continued to shine from inside. The warmth of the love he was filled with melted the ice. Beams of pink light burst out of the block as Justyen started to fade away. More and more light filled the room and Justyen was overwhelmed by his love and the love from everyone Jed has met. This was his home. Jed emerged from the ice and became one with himself, balancing both ice and fire now. Life is always a balance, fire and ice, light and dark, joy and sorrow, love and hate. Jed looked up to the night sky through the glass ceiling and saw the stars of his friends. He saw many friends he loved and ones that had passed, like Gold Jules, who he didn't know for very long. He also saw the dark star, Liam, still watching him...

Jed rose through the ceiling and into the darkness with his new grand wings granted from Faeble. He came face to face with Liam for the last time, the dark star that said he loved him, but truly didn't. No longer will Liam mess with his mind or his heart. This was the end of the dark love that he came across.

"Hi Jed..." Liam said as he hovered in the darkness.

"Liam..." Jed said, his light shining bright.

"I've missed you." Liam said.

"No you didn't.. You don't love me..." Jed said.

"What do you mean?" Liam asked.

"You ignore me and are selfish... you caused too much tensions." Jed said.

"Whatever..." Liam said.

"That's all you don't even care about anyone but yourself..." Jed said.

"Peace..." Liam said as he brought out his star shield and charged at Jed.

Jed stopped his attack with burning cherry blossom petals as they scattered around him, destroying his dark shield. Liam was stunned for a moment as Jed struck him again with more burning petals. The spell burnt Liam's clothes off and was only wearing charred underwear now. Jed admitted he was very sexy, but on the inside he was a terrible person. He eyed Liam up and down his hot body and started to get hard.

"You like what you see?" Liam asked.

"Fucking you was fun, but that's over now... I never want to see you again..." Jed said.

"I love you, but if you don't want a relationship with me anymore, just say so..." Liam said.

"I have said it many times, dumb fuck! You don't listen!" Jed shouted.

Jed became angry and cast out one last pink fireball at Liam. It came at him like a falling meteor and exploded on impact as many pink sparkles fall from the sky. The nightmare was finally over and the grid went back to normal. The tension in his heart faded away as he descended back to the magic retreat. There was one last thing he had to do...

All the pieces of his beloved friend Dono came together. Jed cast a golden spell on him as the cracks were filled with a golden light. It resembled the Japanese art of kintsugi, where the cracks of broken objects are lined with a golden paint that glue sit back together. Dono's body began to glow and soon he was back to his human self, penis and all. Jed knelt next to him as he held Dono's head in his lap. Dono looked up at him and smiled.

"Thanks Jed..." Dono said quietly.

"Hey there." Jed smiled.

"Am I back to normal?" Dono asked.

"Yes, everything is fine now. The nightmare is gone." Jed said.

"Oh good. Where am I?" Dono asked.

"At my magic retreat. Want to snuggle?" Jed asked.

"Yes." Dono said as he struggled a bit to get back on his feet. Jed helped him up and they went over to the pink couch on one side of the room.

They laid there together with Jed on top of Dono, gazing into his beautiful green eyes. Dono held Jed tight against him, their lips locking for a kiss. Jed's heart beat with a new joy and started to develop a crush on new friend.

"Dono...there is something I should tell you." Jed said.

"What's that? Are you in love with me?" Dono asked.

"I have a crush on you..." Jed said as he blushed.

"Oh my god, Jed!" Dono said surprised.

"I just..." Jed said as he looked to one side.

"You saved me..." Dono said.

"I love you, Dono..." Jed said, kissing Dono's nose.

"I love you, my Jed." Dono said.

Jed laid his head on Dono's chest as they cuddled there on the couch for hours, just talking and getting closer. Jed was happy he finally had close friends that made him happy. His old self never thought that would ever happen. Dono caressed Jed's back as Jed closed his eyes and smiled, thinking of all the good times they are going to have. This world may get crazy sometimes, but the balance will always bring back the light and joy to their hearts.

"Come on Dono, everyone is waiting at the pub. Austin is waiting for you." Jed said.

"I miss Austin..." Dono said.

"Let's go baby." Jed said as he got up and reached out his hand.

Dono took Jed's hand as they teleported to the Twink Meeting Point pub, where everyone was waiting and all healed from the new light. Jed looked around the room at all his beautiful friends. His eyes darted around, overwhelmed with their love. Matt came out of the crowd to embrace Jed, it was a moment of relief and revelation.

"Matt!" Jed shouted with joy.

"Oh Jed!" Matt said as he embraced Jed tight, his special one.

"I'm glad everyone is alright." Jed said.

"Are you okay?" Matt asked.

"Yes, I'm fine. I'm happy." Jed said as he smiled at Matt.

"I'm happy too. You make me happy... Jed." Matt said, kissing Jed intensely.

Jed hugged Matt tight and saw Dono and Austin hug in the distance as a happy tear rolled down his cheek. Everything was back to normal and perfect. Everyone started to dance and party and drink beer and get naked, everything they do at their hangout. Skittles and Marcus were dancing on the pole. Bradley and Bhakti were cuddling on the couch watching them. Ethan and Darren were slow dancing in the center. Treize was at the bar giving out drinks. Nibb and Nilsson were dancing up a storm. Travis, Ganymede, Daniel and Maggie were sitting at the bar watching everyone else and having a drink and talking. Everything was at peace...

"So.. Jed...How are you feeling with everything that's happened?" Matt asked.

"I'm just glad the nightmare is over and everyone is safe." Jed said as he leaned on Matt in the chair in front of the fireplace. Austin and Dono were in the other chair, snuggling and talking.

"Is it really over?" Matt asked.

"Yes... Liam is gone and I don't sense any more darkness." Jed said.

"I'm so proud of you, Jed." Matt said, holding Jed tight.

"Really? Oh Matt... you so sweet." Jed said as he kissed Matt on the nose.

"So so so proud of my Jed. I love you." Matt said.

"I love you Matt..." Jed said and he rest his head against Matt and closed his eyes.

Jed's mind drifted as he felt Matt beneath him and everyone chatting around him. He smiled to himself, feeling at peace. This was the place he called home, the place he loved most, with everyone he loved. All the friendships he built over the year and all the good times that had come led to this moment. He felt stable and strong enough to take on anything. A glimmer of hope shined in his heart. There may be more struggles and calamity in the future, but for now the nightmare was over...

The joy was back! Thank you everyone for being my friend and getting me through the darkness...

I love all of you... Take me away...