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Johnny and Miriam got into their car, a beat-up Volkswagen Beetle that had been designed for Humans and Humanimals. By that I mean the Car had certain alterations for anatomy that Humans lacked

Most notably each seat had a hole for anyone with a tail to slip their tail through, of course different not all Tails are alike and so the Holes were designed for even the broadest of tails to slip through like Kangaroo, Crocodile and even Beaver!

Johnny's tail was curly mostly brown but with some white at the tip, because of the broadness of the tail holes Johnny didn't need to straighten his tail out to enter the hole.

As the began to drove through the great forest, Johnny rolled down the window to briefly stuck his head out...His tongue rolling

"Wahoo!" He exclaimed and then he barked a few times, Miriam laughed

"You love doing that don't you?" She asked

"Yeah." Johnny chuckled he would never have been able to do that back when he lived in the City of the Humanimals, such display of Animal Instincts was seen as shameful...A disgusting throwback to their primitive animal ancestors, Johnny briefly shuddered thinking back to his Puppyhood and the car shuddered along with him

"Johnny! Johnny!" Miriam exclaimed as the car swerved slightly

"Oh Geez!" Johnny exclaimed when he realized what he had done "Sorry Miriam, I had a...A flashback."

Miriam sighed "How about we stop here for the night? It's almost time for supper."

They stopped and made camp on the side of the road. Johnny did most of the work of pitching up the tent and rolling out the sleeping bags while Miriam gathered wood for the fire.

As a kettle of baked beans slowly simmered over the fire, Johnny placed a frankfurter on a skewer and began roasting it over the fire.

"Want to make s'mores?" Miriam asked

Johnny chuckled awkwardly "I'm allergic to chocolate remember? It cusses me to um...Die."

"Oh." Miriam remembered that Johnny retained his Canine intolerance to chocolate she looked at the large chocolate bar she had brought with her for this trip and took a bite out to satisfy her sweet tooth.

Johnny seeing his Frankfurter was cooked enough for his liking to took a bite out of it.

After supper they quickly went to sleep. They needed to be well-rested for the spelunking up ahead

As Johnny slept he began to dream...It was the strangest dream he had ever had in his life!

In his dream, he found himself on a barren plain...There were no flowers, no trees, only pitch black rocks and the sky was as pitch black as the ground below.

Johnny then heard a terrifying eerie shriek! Sounded like half a scream, half glass shattering! That was when a strange pale gray figure flew overhead and landed beside him

The figure had large wings for arms and no discernible head but too large red eyes between his shoulders.

Johnny was disturbed by the strange being when the winged creature flew toward him to attack! That was when Johnny woke up

Johnny panted as he waited for his heart to slow down

"This planet..." He said to himself "...This planet is so perfectly Earth-Like we don't know anything about this Planet!"

How many of you are familiar with the Mothman legend?