Here we get to find out the story of Planet Mizzer/Alderbaren's Both the 'Moth Men' and the 'Green Monsters' are Cryptids first found in the West Virginia I figured I'd make the Moth Men the original inhabitants of the Planet when it was Giant and the Flatwoods Monsters the Invaders. The Dream about a Moth Man Johnny had is what gives him the Psychic the ability to comprehend what they are saying with their cave drawings

After some more exploring ofthe utterly barren Alien Shop Miriam said "But why is only this one shop here? Why are there no other buildings in the vicinity?"

"I don't know." Johnny said "But there is the possibility there is more deeper within the labyrinth!"

"Just remember," Miriam warned "While we do have a very long rope, it's still limited and we can't explore the entire labyrinth with it."

However the two of them didn't have to wait very long before they found something else.

"Cave paintings!" Miriam gasped as she shined her flashlight on a portion of cave wall that was smooth and flat.

Getting closer Miriam squinted as the particular bit of cave painting she had found

"This figure..." She said "...It appears vaguely Humanoid but it has wings for arms and seems to have no discernible head..."

Johnny gasped "Miriam! I had a dream about this particular creature!"

"You did?!" Miriam exclaimed

"I dreamed I was on a black and barren field." Johnny said "The ground was black, the sky was black, everything was black...Until this pale gray creature with red eyes came and attacked me and that's when I woke up."

Miriam was amazed "It's like you're psychic..." She said before she met Johnny the Human Elders had told her and the other Children they believed that Humanimals had mystical abilities as they were 'The Children of Nature' but then she met Johnny and seemed like an ordinary dude who happened to have a few Dog Instincts.

Johnny however didn't seem to notice her awe and shrugged and said "I think the Planet itself is trying to tell us something..." He shined his Flashlight on a different bit of cave painting, this one depicted what seemed to be a family of the winged aliens complete with children."

"I can't believe we discovered who the original inhabitants of Mizzer were!" Miriam exclaimed "This is a the Archaeological Discovery of the Century!"

"Yeah..." Johnny said cocking his head "...But what happened to them? And could it happen to us too?"

As they traveled down the wall of cave paintings they saw depictions of more and more things...They saw a perfect circle (A very hard thing to draw perfect circles) shining the light around the circle revealed bits of silver embedded in the cave wall around it and nearby a mass of gold representing…

"The Sun!" Johnny exclaimed "That gold thing represents the sun! And the bits of silver are to represent the stars!"

"They knew what their planet looked like from space, while still living in caves?" Miriam asked

"I think they just liked living in caves while still being relatively advanced..." Johnny said "...He shined his light on the family painting I gather from this painting that the species was nocturnal, the cave entrance is painted just behind the family and the moon and stars are painted above them."

"Hmmm." Miriam said "These strange creatures do vaguely remind me of a nocturnal Earth creature...Moths...Moth Men."

The Paintings told a chilling story...An invasion from strange creatures that seemed more mechanical than organic a bloody war between the Native Moth Men and the Invaders...the Land was devastated by the war then from the Clouds descends something...Something that resembles a Human Being but with six feathered wings sprouting from his back…

"An angel!" Gasped Miriam

The Angel takes a spear and strikes the ground with it...The next painting depicts the Black Circle of the Planet...a slow motion depiction of the planet splitting in half like an Amoeba and two smaller planets stand side by side…

Johnny's pupils shrank "This Planet...Was once one half of a much larger Planet!" He gasped

I like to think this is more entertaining then those 'Ancient Alien Documentaries' you would find on the History Channel