I've decided to end the story here, I realized that while it would be a narrative convenience to have Johnny and Miriam learn all the secrets about Mizzer in one expedition that is neither realistic and thinking back to previous information in previous stories the Cave that Marzipan discovered that functioned as a Walkie-Talkie to another Planet was something she found within her own town of Bluebell in the thin circle of woodland that divided the Cat and Dog Districts from the Tropical Mammal, Woodland Mammal and Livestock Districts and Bluebell is very much a valley town far from the mountains Johnny and Miriam have been exploring but scientists never get all the answers in one expedition it takes years...Often more than one generation to find all the answers, but because so many of these strange things are in the very area where the Earthlings first settled should be taken as a sign that that this general area is where the Angel thrust his spear into the ground to divide the Planet in two.

Here we meet Cerulia Blue a Cat Humanimal of the Russian Blue Breed, she is a very old Cat, a Great Grandmother and I decided 'Old Person having flashbacks as they lay dying' is a both a little cliché and I didn't want to get that tragic for the ending as this chapter is already somber as it is...She isn't dying but she is remorseful of not something she did but of something she didn't do, her Name was inspired by one of Boris Badinov's Many Alias in the Original Rocky and Bullwinkle show Cerulean Blue when he wanted to get back some stolen paintings he had sent to Bullwinkle, I simply feminized the name and finally, this chapter will do something I've wanted to do for a while tell the story of the First Mizzer Humanimals when they first came to Mizzer, rather than a second hand account like in previous stories.

As all this was happening with Johnny and Miriam, in the City of Humanimals in the Cat District and old Cat-Woman sat on her porch as she watched the darkness come. She was very old, a Great Grandmother...The Mizzer air still incredibly fresh because barely any industrialization had occurred since the Earthlings first landed seemed very conductive to long lifespans in both Humans and Humanimals...The Cat-Woman was a Purebred Russian Blue her name was Cerulia Blue that was the name she had chosen for herself long ago…

Cerulia closed her eyes and thought back to when the Earthlings first arrived on Mizzer….


The Blue Cat who would one day be Cerulia was sleeping in her tank of Green Fluid just like all the other Humanimals. Deep asleep they were as they slept they dreamed.

The Blue Cat's dreams were of inky black darkness but she heard singing...The singing was of Human Words...The singing seemed pretty but it also seemed faint, The Blue Cat couldn't quite make out exactly what was being said.

Then the dream ended, The Blue Cat felt herself awake...A sound...Like water flowing...She opened her eyes...The Green Fluid was flowing away from her! To where she did not know...She was still incredibly sleepy.

But that was when the bottom of her tank opened! She fell down a dark and winding tunnel! She screamed, as she slipped and slided the Green Fluid still clinging to her fur helping her slide faster, it was like the ultimate water slide...Which isn't exactly a Cat's idea of a fun.

But it wasn't long before it ended, Th Blue Cat landed on a conveyor belt, all she could do was pant exhausted as a quartet of mechanical arms wielding towels dried off her fur before the conveyor belt came to a complete stop.

The Blue Cat got off the conveyor belt and was finally able to notice her surroundings, she was in an enormous room of red velvet, there were other conveyor belts bringing other Creatures of various kinds many of which The Blue Cat had never encountered when she was a normal Cat! (Although the Memories of when she had been a normal Cat were becoming increasingly blurry the more her new sapient brain worked) and yet even for the Species she had never encounter before she instantly knew the name of that species but she didn't know how she knew…

The other Creatures seemed to be getting acquainted with each other...The Blue Cat noticed all the conversations already taking place and felt intimidated. She felt so small compared to many of the larger creatures...(Not noticing there were plenty of creatures smaller than herself) She looked for a Fellow Domestic Cat and found one, a glossy black furred Tom with yellow eyes.

She approached him purring flirtatiously but before either of them could say anything the room instantly darkened causing some Humanimals to scream in terror but from multiple speakers a Human Voice said "Please take your seats for your Introductory Film to Planet Mizzer."

The Blue Cat heard various creatures' voices speaking "That was a Human's voice!" "What's an introductory film?" "What's a Planet Mizzer?"

But when the gigantic movie screen at the very end of the room became lit with colors and sounds everyone instantly became quiet and sat down. The Blue Cat sat next to the Black Cat.

"Greetings Humanimals!" Came a Friendly Voice, on the Screen was a Cartoon Human who was animated very stiffly, his arm waved but his mouth didn't move so no Creature knew if this Human was the one talking "We the Humans welcome you to Planet Mizzer, this Educational Film will educate you about us Humans, then you Humanimals before you are taken out of this Spaceship to your new home of Planet Mizzer."

Ever Humanimal's eyes widened, this was thrilling!

"We Humans evolved one million years ago..." Said the Narrator "...We evolved from Ape-Like Ancestors on the African Savannah..."

The Film showed cartoon images of Hominids chasing down prey, creating stone tools and learning to make fire.

The image of the Humans dancing around the fire with incredibly Triumphant music playing stirred the emotions of the Humanimal Audience.

The Blue Cat turned to peek at the face of The Black Cat, his claws were gripping the red velvet carpet tightly, he was biting his lip...The emotions were not just of awe and amazement, The Blue Cat noticed a twinge of something more unpleasant in his face...That something...Was envy.

The Film then went on to list the many other achievements of Humanity...Images depicting Humans' Lives showcasing the many inventions that improved housework. (Being Neo-Hippies, they were obliged to show these instead of Inventions for War or anything else that showcases Humanity's more brutal side)

The images were stock images from 1950s artwork often depicting a Nuclear Family.

Then came the part about the Humanimals.

"We Humans created you Humanimals from normal animals!" Said the Narrator "By means of the Crystal Meteorite we were able to transform you into ordinary, unintelligent animals..."

The Black Cat hung his head down and violently shuddered, he felt disgusted with himself for being such a lowly contemptible life form.

"...To extraordinary intelligent Humanimals! You Humanimals are just like us Humans in every way!"

End Flashback

That one line...Was what sent the Humanimals into frenzies of confusion, because all they had to do was look in the mirror and see they weren't like Humans in every way but the Black Cat envious of Humans and disgusted with himself for being 'an inferior life form' that couldn't evolve to intelligence on its own like a Human was determined to prove he could be like a human 'in every way' thus began the quest to transform into Humans.

Cerulia had been one of the few Cats who had been with the Black Cat when he declared that the Transformation was to be metal rather than physical. She realized that The Black Cat had some Demon living inside him, he was a charismatic but his envy of Humans drove his insane quest to become what he believed was the perfect life form.

Cerulia realized that she could have stopped this insanity but she didn't because she felt a deep lust toward that Tom, but he never mated with her or any other Queen so she married a fellow Russian Blue and had many Kittens with him…

She realized that if she had been any other Species she wouldn't have felt such a deep lust for him and thus she would have done something, but no she was one Smitten Kitten and by carrying the torch for him even after she married someone else...She knew she had doomed her fellow Humanimals to misery...She renounced him too late...And the path the Humanimals had taken could not be stopped by her...Cerulia hoped and prayed that something would save the Humanimals from themselves.

Thus with Cerulia being Cat who had a crush on the Black Cat I made her a character who was in a position to know what The Black Cat's issue was but not do anything about it, I also like to think that after The Black Cat died, he has to wait in the Anteroom of Heaven, watching the many generations of Humanimals suffering because of him and he can not be freed until the Humanimals of Mizzer are freed from the Mental Prison he put them in...All the Humanimals not just to few who break free and pursue what their Dreams like Johnny