Hey all I hope you enjoy this new one like the sword of Eseyn and the title It's mainly female driven aside from their rule enjoy!

Lore: While you may find it King Whatand the name Whatland Amazonedome funny. It's the word amazon that frightens even the most bravest of champions. Fearless warrior women who attack any men who dare into Whatland. As the common prayer is asked "From the wrath of the amazons deliver us"

I played along the streets of Whatland. The wind was nice as always and I guided guided my yellow kite with me. The market was busy stall vendors promoting fresh sargo, delicious apples, and newly made glass jewelry and soaps. Watch sisters patrolled the streets. Sargo coast always looked inviting and my other sisters fished all along and out into the deep clear blue coast. Those that worked for a company had the huge trimie with large nets. I always asked my mother why we needed companies. She said that even though our king loves his daughters of war and battle. Lesser men and bound sisters like our fish and other things. Bound sisters is a term we amazons call a woman who is ordered around by a lesser man and does everything he asks. Some say others married and found true love and happiness. Mother said she didn't feel the same way about my father. Like all children of amazons my father was a strong warrior like my mother. Every three month strong males come and meet amazons. As costume the amazons bring wine and talk.

Most genuine spark a quick connection with each other. They then can come and visit provided they give the amazon a daughter. Mother on the other hand was a temple guard and only the bravest become that. So she asked my father how many beasts or men had he slain. She never said how many but she was impressed. Ten months later I came into this world my mother called me Echo. Priestess deemed I was strong the daughter of Medea and Hector. Mother said before my father left she gave him a true kiss as she called it. I think both my parents are two proud warrior stuck in their ways. Scrolls arrive from my father asking about my progress even my mother said when I'm a trained amazon. I can then journey to see my father. That was one thing they agreed on only a child of two warriors. Must train and earn the right to see their warrior father.

I never found out what happens to boys. Some say they go back with the father. Darker tales say the priestess leaves them in Snagged Forest to be forgotten. I shuttered thinking about that forest. Fauns and centaurs harrass any who venture to far in. It's also very vast and easy to get lost. Putting down the kite I decided to watch the storehouse guards. Clad in gleaming bronze armor and gold shields. Carrying a large spears. Unlike my mother and palace guards above her. Storehouse guards wore no amazonian helm. They wore a sub helm as we call it covering their necks, cheeks, and eyes. While still exposing their faces true guards as my mother call herself and the palace guard. Are fully covered showing only their fierce eyes. I decided to do what most of those my age do and tease them. First I walked up to them they didn't even acknowledge me. I then pretended to juggle, do cartwheels, and crack jokes about cerberus and hades. Aside from a heavy sigh from the guard on the right that was the only reaction. I continued to run along the streets. I could have sworn I heard one of them muttering thank the gods as I left. I went from place to place I watched the archers practice in the large grassy practice yard. Listened to scholars debating each other about war and love. Looked on at how pottery makers engraved the story of king What earning the right to rule.

It was my favorite story. My mother told me ages ago amazon was fighting amazon. Suddenly a man came down from Mount Olympus. His said his name was What and every amazon laughed at his name. Most just call him our king. Our king went through several trials. He battled the gorgon's who stalked our lost ruins. Withstood the temptation of the sirens. Then finally lead a successful campaign against the lesser men and cyclops barbarians. Even with all that he saw us as champions and worthy warriors. I and many others like to think What isn't his true name and whatland is just a silly word. It's just Zeus blessing his worthy daughters. Tired from all the playing I decided to head home. Like most building my house's in the middle quarter it was a stone house with small windows and a red tile roof. Before I decided to eat I put on my practice armor and clothing. I looked in the mirror and pretended to swing my wooden sword and shield. I pretended I was fighting the many headed hydras and surprise attacking a male caravan that strayed too close to our borders. One day I'll be a true amazon I grinned at my reflection.

Hope you liked it also give me your thoughts like I said maybe the silly name King What and the Whatland Amazondome. Is just simply Zeus and the Amazondome I also despite the name tried to keep it as mythology close to amazonian legend.