Hello everyone this will be the last chapter greek mythos was a bigger writers block for me than I thought :)

I dressed into my rich white robes. These are my daughters the proud amazons. I trimmed my large beard slightly. Finally I stepped out of my bedroom the palace guards bowing. I've earned the right to command my amazons. Years ago sister killed sister for control of the Amazondome. With a loud crash of thunder I appeared out of the sky. I commanded them to stop killing each other. They just laughed calling me a simple old man with some sorcery. I again told them I didn't just come from the sky but from Mount Olympus itself. They said If I truly was a god I'd have to go through several trials. The amazons asked my name so they could laugh at my foolishness. I simply said What all of them laughed some even to tears.

First I went to the ruins of Medusa. The amazons lost the temple to the fearsome serpentine gorgons. Medusa wasn't the ruins true name that was lost centuries ago. Medusa was the name of the leader of the gorgons. Soon the serpentine women hissed and stared me down. Frightened when they saw I did not turn to stone. I felled each one severing their heads. "He is a god for What" shouted an amazon. A small band of amazons who followed me expecting me to die in seconds. Now charged with me their fear of gorgons gone in my presence. Soon myself, gorgons, and amazons fought with bravery. Gorgons using their tails crushing amazonian bones, fighting with excellent sword skill, or turning some unfortunate amazons to stone. Amazonians responding severing gorgon heads with swords or impaling them with spears, or filling them with an entire quiver of arrows. Last but certainly myself What conjuring lighting from my hands and the sky.

With a foul cry Medusa appeared. She looked just like the amazons or any woman. Even more unique Medusa had no serpent body just snakes for hair. Medusa's swordsmanship rival even some from Mount Olympus. Medusa growled in frustration as her stare did not turn me to stone. Hours passed gorgons and amazons stopped and stood watching two champions fight. Blood poured from my body but I would not die. With a cry I shouted my name What. A name the gorgons soon wouldn't forgot as they watched Medusa get scorched from the lightning. Now my name despite sounding silly Inspired the amazons who fought with me. News spread like wildfire as even the priestess claimed they could feel the evil presence of Medusa vanish from this world. A small band of new followers would claim the ruins calling Whatland. In respect for my heroic and the brave amazonians who gave their lives fighting for me. I simply wanted my followers to be called Whatland Amazonians. I spent the next several years rebuilding Whatland what began as a band of dozens turned into hundreds. Next I challenged the sirens who plagued the coastal amazonians. I sailed onto a small boat towards Siren's Rock as the amazonians called it. They tried to sing temptations asking me to drive my boat towards them. I simply stood imobile on of them jumped from the rock. Her upper human body rising to meet me. Though I could tell she was upset from the ripple coming up as she thrashed her fish tail. She begged again and I simply ignored her. Beyond frustrated they simply asked what would it take for me to listen to them.

I laughed and said I'll listen as you curse my name and my amazons. They look confused until they realized they had to leave my waters. Siren's Rock soon became known as Siren's Demise and the waters were safer with the sirens gone. Now my final test was needed as all but a small number of amazons still didn't follow me. Men and the cyclops forever plagued the amazons. Men attacked the amazons in retaliation for attacking their villages or claiming a bride though battle. Cyclops for greed and amazon meat was their favorite. Now almost all of the amazonian tribes would march with me fighting in an event known as the Amazonian War. Three long years i and my Amazons crushed the wicked man and vile cyclops. They feared me as I made lighting fall from the sky and my hands.

Amazonians fighting beside me praising my name and their new kingdoms pride. My first victory was when I slayed the cyclop commander known as Polyphemus. This time i did not using lightning instead it was with my own two hands. With his passing the cyclops routed leaving only the men. I learned the people who attacked the amazons called themselves trojans. With victory after victory they fled to their capital Troy. While my amazons would mourn killing the women fighters of Troy. A victory was needed to teach not just the trojans but any other culture of men who attack my amazons. I devised a plan building a wooden horse. I commanded a small strike force under the command of my second in command Athena. The foolish trojans let the wooden horse in. While I could hear the screams from the surprise defenders my army cheered as the city gates opened. After a long several hours Troy was sacked. King Priam and his many sons executed. Hecuba was spared and forced to sign a treaty becoming a vassal of Whatland Amazondome or just the amazondome.

With everything my victories and governorship. Every amazonian that drew breath was loyal to me. I would continue to train them and conquer more land. Granting my most gifted leaders land for settlements , temples, or forts. I also allowed strong warriors to come and meet my warriors. Even the strongest man was afraid of them as Troy was called all but untakeable. My daughters got to pick the man those that gave birth to sons would go with their father. Daughters would be raised as warriors by their strong mothers. Whatlands population was strong in the tens of thousands. After giving heroic speeches, watching future warriors, and posing for new sculptures and pottery. I returned to my room. I looked at my strong built and my white beard and fierce blue eyes. What a stupid alias I laughed in the mirror. It's just Zeus and the amazondome. Of course even my children the amazons know that I laughed my voice carrying throughout the halls. Soon the laughter of my daughters followed only a fool thinks my name is What.