At 8:00 in the morning, the grandfather invited the twins to go with him via a car. The twins are happy to see the scenery of the countryside. It so beautiful and free from the hustle and bustle of the city. A few minutes later they arrived at their grandfather's vineyard located at the edge of the river. The twins came out from their grandfather's car and they couldn't wait to see the river next to their grandfather's vineyard. A few moments later he called the twins to help him clean the vineyard area and to pick up grapes. They both looked happy to do the work in the garden. When the time is almost noon, the twins swimming in the river while their grandfather rested at a nearby tree, smoking silently. Then the three of them returned home for lunch. By the time they passing in front of the old mansion, the male twin spotted an old woman standing in front of the mansion. The male twin is shocked by this, but he choose to remain silent. After arriving at home, he sat down on the nearby wooden bench and thought to himself, "Who is this old woman? Is she's a ghost?" He quick goes inside and ask his grandmother, but his grandmother didn't know anything about the old woman. In the evening at five o'clock the male twin walk in the countryside alone. During his walk in the countryside he meet a girl who was sitting on a haystack at a wheat field. The male twin introducing himself to the girl. The girl also introducing herself to him and asked him to sit next to her as they then chatting together. When the dusk is near, they stopped chatting because the day is already dark. The male twin quickly return home. When he returned home, he felt there's something behind him. The male twin try to look back but nothing behind him. Not wasting time anymore, he quickly running to his grandparents house.