Hello all you've been reading about Eseyn for several stories now you can hear about the Eseynish Language ENJOY

Is Hovyell (Is) (Hov-y-ell) Meaning Ice Hovel

Xahtuh (X-ah-tuh) Meaning Water

Another day working at the Is sisters factory. In this realm Nora and Hayden Is rule the Is market. Using a mix of magic and architure they build the Is hovyell. While many may see the domed structures as no better than the slum hovyells. These ones serve a purpose turning Xahtuh (X-ah-tuh) into blocks of Is. Soon companies and the common folk flocked to the sisters. They went from being moneyless inventors to rich tycoons. Names Kevin by the way Kevin the Half-Orc they call me. Long story short my mom an Eseynish woman fell in love with my father an orc. I was recruited by a company agent as half-orcs are some of the strongest "civilized" folk of Eseyn.

I put on the companies anti-cold resistant apron shirt. The blasted thing is always so tight and stiff. I then picked up my identification scroll as sabetours and thieves had been trying to steal the plans. Townie as this settlement is called was always a bustling town. Rich in forested lands that attracted several munblar companies. Lake Townie was also rested along the landscape. After the sisters made the hovyell it went from six hundred labors and townies. Too nearly one-thousand. I walked along the town merchants peddled goods from the local munblar. Restaurants and food vendors sold freshly chilled food and drinks. Such as quail, apples, and chicken or beef from the traveling farmers. Drinks such as Is water, hard drinks, and the newest craze cola. The town watch eyed suspicious people or gave directions to travelers. Finally I arrived at my work after dodging several wagons and carriages. I showed my scroll to the dwarf guard Jerk. No really that's his name he just grunted then reach under his long grey beard to get the gate key.

I clocked in as always I'm never late. Just on time I could already hear the yelling from Matilda the cold as Is foreman. Rumor had it she was a fairy destined for a high merchant title. Instead she resorted to underhanded and shady deals forcing her fairy brethren to deny her the right. Purple in fairy culture is considered bad or mean. When Matilda was denied her title she turned as sickly purple as you could get. From her hair, eyes, clothes, and of course wings. She was so bad that Jacob heavens rest his soul took off his apron and froze himself to death. Matilda just cursed calling me big dumb oaf and pointed at the newly made Is cubes. After muttering under my breath I began to pick up the blocks and put them on the company wagons. Grendel was another half orc kin. He grinned saying his usual another day another dollar. I always shivered as the Is block was hauled over my shoulder.

Someone rang the bell and we all lined up. Curties of our wonderful foreman we had to do hourly inspections. Jerk and his security came down and began checking scroll after scroll. Susan the only fairy in the security team gingerly approached me. The poor blonde fairy asked for my scroll. I showed the scroll Susan began checking every little detail of the scroll. I joked I'm not going to rip her wings off Susan recoiled startled Jerk and another security guard laughing. When everyone was accounted for we proceeded to get back too work. Rumor had it that spies and thieves weren't the only problem. The sisters allegedly had a disagreement on the shares and profits. Hayden was in the works of building her own personal hovyell in defiance to Nora.

As if the rumors was true I was approached by a small elderly gnome. He said his name was Davis and that he was a representative for Hayden. Davis said the usually pitch that Nora only cares about profit over workers safety and morale. All true but I'm earning roughly two dollars a day nearly two times the amount for most townies. I agreed I was given a note which I couldn't read. Davis gave a jolly laugh and told me to take several Is blocks and put them in the wagon with the raven colored canvas cover. Matilda was like a hawk so I had to think of something. I had spare money and Isabella the nymph worker was ready to retire. As she saved up her entire thirty years labour for the company. Isabella grinned and complimented me saying fight the corrupt Nora. Clearing her throat the nymph began to talk of unions and better pay. Matilda shouted over the panel and Jerk and his force began to try and quell the crowd. Along with detaining Isabella I quickly hauled several blocks about fifty pounds worth to the wagon driver. The elderly female dwarf nodded and handed me a scroll.

I nearly fainted when the scroll said to go to the Eseyn Nation Treasury. I would then be given the modest amount of two-hundred dollars. Isabella continued to protest before being bound and sent to the towns barracks. With that most got out early as I can assume the company wanted to do damage control. I headed towards the treasury and showed a teller my scroll. She could tell I was nervous but assured me that the policy between Hayden. Along with her rebellious workers are kept strictly confidential. A beggar bumped into me leaving behind a parchment. It was a compliment from Hayden herself. I bailed Isabella out of jail for seventy dollars. Again the sergeant not even questioning how I had so much money. Isabella and I met up with Grendel the three of us went to the tavern called The Layabout and bought rounds and rounds of hard drinks.

While for a half-orc the amount we drank only buzzed us. Isabella had no idea where she was giggling. We went out and guided Isabella towards her sisterhood hovyell where all nymphs live. The head nymph wasn't too thrilled but said at least we brought Isabella back. Grendel and I went our separate ways for the night. All was well sure I may have cheated Nora but I'm a hundred dollars richer.

Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed my world building/language arc. Also munblar is next. Question what do you think of the Is sisters workforce?