I you all been enjoying my eseynish word stories this is the last one so it will have the old words and an expanded vocabulary

Drone (Dro-Ne) Slang For Old Woman

Zwefere (Zwe-Fere) Meaning Weaver

Casket (Cask-Et) Meaning Basket

Curgher (Curg-Her) Meaning Mayor

Wizagitch (Wiz-A-Gitch) Meaning Witch

Huarde (Hu-Ard-E) Meaning Guard

Sredan (S-Re-Dan) Meaning Trader

Zealt (Ze-Alt) Meaning Salt

Bridget the drone as she was called never hurt a fly. She lived in her modest Hovyell making goods as a Zwefere. Casket's was Bridget's main goods she made. She was blessed with a kind heart. Yet she had no children and wondered what would happen to her hovyell and shop. While it pained her on many occasions to think about the now seventy year old Bridget was not only the nicest woman in all of Eseyn. Another surprise was waiting for unbeknownst to all in the metropolis of Fernszury. Bridget had invested several of Fernzury expeditions and enterprises. While it might have been small say twenty here and twenty there. Since the age of twenty and with the urban growth of Fernszury. A knock from the local curgher assistant humbly asked Bridget to follow him. Poor Bridget was confused and despite being nice she could be a little too joyous. Fearing she might be considered a Wizagitch and not just a drone as the townsfolk called her. Boarded up her door the assistant sighed and kindly said that Bridget was not in trouble.

She then asked to talk to her districts huarde leader Hans. Hans assured her that she was not under arrest joking the people would tear him and his entire huarde to shreds. That made the nice woman laugh and she opened up her door. Other people in Bridget's neighborhood also seemed curious as it was not necessarily rought or poor it still was a place where the commoners lived. She followed the assistant who said her name was Melissa. The zwefere couldn't understand why Melissa said her name in disgust talking to her. After all they both are just people save for their appearance and wealth. Hans also would follow and telling huarde district after district to follow her. This was turning all too much for the poor woman. Why was everybody so curious to follow her she also could have sworn hearing some of the huarde saying. We dealt with this woman's kindness, crying, and charity. Saying they wanted their cut. Cut what in the heavens did they mean cut. Soon she arrived at the Sredan quarters they scoffed and spat on the ground. Some even saying cruel things making the zwefere really believe she was being put on trial. Soon Melissa, Bridget, And her escort arrived at the Fernsbury Sredan Office. The office was granda rich velvet rugs, beautiful paintings, and the smell of roasted food and spice filled the air.

Soon she was escorted by another assistant named Frank to go up to a reserved quarter for her. Again the poor woman was confused but opened the door. She was then introduced to servant who rushed her. The head servant woman ordered the women to be gentle. Bridget was given a fine green dress that looked beautiful. Along with a rich pearl necklace and matching bracelets. The servants put on rich warm and beautiful red dyed shoes. Finishing off with a solid gold tiara. Bridget looked in the mirror getting teary eyed. Why so much kindness for a simple drone like her. Indeed that's probably what most thought of her. Frank complimented her saying she was the most gorgeous elder in all of Fernszury and even dare he say it Eseyn. She was treated like a noble woman servants following her and Frank telling her about distant lands and expeditions. Even the sredan in this very office bowing and calling her Lady Sredan Bridget.

Soon she was guided to the office diner quarters. A large rich marble table with fine munblar seats. The plates all made of expensive and precious metals. What she loved most about the hall was the delicious roasted food. From wild game to the domesticated animals of Eseyn. Bridget noticed several people sitting around all warm and welcoming. They complimented her attire some even asking If they picked the right color and jewelry. She just nodded saying It was all beautiful and nice. Soon they began shaking her hand saying it was a great honor to meet their largest benefactor. Benefactor what the heavens did they mean benefactor. Bridget decided to play dumb and joke It wasn't that much. She must have not been used to the customs of the higher folk or they also played along. As the dinner table erupted in laughter some joking "Wasn't that much how cute". Sarah was the first to compliment her saying her spice trade flourished after nearly five years of continuous twenty dollar investments. Susan even laughed not even her husband Clark or her father had that much faith in her expedition.

She then handed her a scroll Bridget fainted Hans quickly catching her. The scroll was given to her in the amount of seventy thousand dollars. The head curgher Guillaume hurried saying please Lady Bridget don't scare us like that. Next she was handed a chest from the mumblar tycoon of Fernszury Godwine. The tall half-orc shook her hand though taking precaution as this was an elderly person he was thanking. Godwin proceeded to say that with her nearly six hundred dollar a year investment. From the age she was twenty to the time his expedition investment closed when she was forty. Twenty long years paid off and thanks to her not only was Bridget given ten times her investment back inside the chest was a scroll. Bridget's Wudu Forest was named in her honor. Along with the mill she would co-own. The foreman Karen shaking her hand gingerly as the half-orc woman promised that her name and mill would not be disrespected. Bridget said she had to sit down a servant letting moved a chair even putting down a nice goose feather pillow. Markus the head chef handed Bridget a silver goblet of cold Is Xahtuh the head cleric Abigail also suggested that they speed up the ceremony for the zwefere's sake and safety. Others thanked her and even handed her things from deeds, dollars, gems, and even being put into wills. Wills Bridget thought she wouldn't live to see that. Soon everyone was eating and jesters and minstrels played songs and performed acts that the woman liked.

They sang the songs of love and family something Bridget had always wanted. Other times they performed the acts of valor such as giant slaying and daring dungeon adventuring. Some of these acts even impressed the half-orcs as they found it hard to believe. A simple zwefere would be into stories of half-orc battles and tales. Everyone even drank cola not just any cola. The rich vanilla flavoured drink as Bridget had stated several times. She never drank an ounce of alcohol and always loved the sweet flavoured drink. Vanilla flavored on the other hand she only ever got to taste once in her life when she was just a child. Chicken was the main roasted food again one of the simple things the woman only ever got to taste once. Rich pepper and even the rare delicacy zealt was showered on the chicken. Zealt of course wasn't rare but for the distract Bridget was from it was indeed a delicacy.

Soon other people caught on and everyone in the sredan quarter wanted to meet this woman. Bridget was told she would be appointed as the head sredan and curgher for her district. Hans bowed with his head and sword down sweating to serve her and his huarde with his life if need be. The cleric and everyone showed her one last thing. Was a small vial with a purplish liquid. Abigail said to drink it. The old zwefere did as instructed she felt strange as if she was getting younger. Bridget looked at her hands the wrinkles fading. A servant handed her a mirror. Bridget again nearly fainted her long hair no longer grey instead returned to blonde when she was younger. From what she could guess she was twenty again. Twenty that made her laugh as that was when it all started.

Abigail confirmed that she was indeed twenty again. News of that also spread as Bridget walked out of the hall every sredan marveled at her. Soon bachelors began to swarm her saying they would make a worthy husband. Hans and the huarde began pushing the crowd back. Night was falling and soon Bridget's district which was no known as Zwefere's District was in full celebration. Even the older gossip circle agreed that if anyone deserved to be young again it was her. Even after all that Bridget sat at her desk still in her common dress and modest leather headband. Melissa bowed and asked for forgiveness for judging her. Bridget just laughed and said there was nothing to forgive. Hans and the district huarde had several times chasing off enterprising suitors and jealous louts. Soon huarde leader from every district and families got a scroll of five hundred dollars.

Martin the leader of the entire Fernsbury Huarde said an entire academy and barracks would be named after her. While holding no military power she was named constable in honor for her generosity. Hans joked just incase she wanted to cause trouble. After all she was twenty again all the huarde leaders erupting in gruff laughter. Bridget began to wander off as everyone talked to each other. She thanked the heavens and the people she was young again. Maybe she could travel to the new building she owned or co-owned. Or she could look for a husband and have children. Ensuring her line and new sredan empire was safe. She brushed such ambitious thoughts aside thanking what she had now and if she could be so bold. Say she didn't truly deserve. She looked at the caskets she hadn't finished smiling say that's what she'll do first be the zwefere Bridget always was.

Thanks for reading I decided to do 3 tales as I'd given the most interesting of words and yes I know drone is a word just wanted to give it another meaning ^_^. Question Do you feel happy for Bridget?