Where the grace
Cannot find
The dance to dance
Still we dance

When the words
Spill out
Unrefined, stumbling
Still we sing

Where the beauty
Seen raw
Shows no sculpting
Still we love

Can't stay in the lines
Can't hold back anymore
Where the fear bound us once
Now we must
Step out

I am the fool
Putting on the show
For your derision
Still I glory

I am the weak
Burning at the point
While others shine
Still I triumph

I am the fallen
On my knees
While others climb
Still I rise

Kept barred up
By the lies we once told
Blinded by the inner eye
Now we must
Step out

Step out of the cage
Step over the imaginary line
Step into disaster
And watch it all remade

The fire that burns the brightest
Is the one we set ablaze
All consuming
All our fears
Fully realized
Embraced as a lover
And transforming into the divine

Take the burns
Take the pains
Take the shame
Take it all
And take the change

It can be yours
It can be now
It can be all

So step out