Lore: In the land far away lays the port settlement of Bellediac a Dardania port that serves both civilian and military ships. Today revered admiral Nigel Horatio II trans both the fishing and military ships can they prove their worth.

The smell of fish and salt was strong. I step out of the Elders town hall. Elder Gary is a decent man I wish him no harm or ill will. Gary however is a man of peace and passiveness. With both half-orcs and pirates near this vital port settlement. A strong and war ready admiral is need for both security and prosperity for Bellediac. Shipwrights continued to complain stating the timber need for the constant ship drills. Was proving to expensive and that the ships and sailor were fisherman and traders. Not marines or sailors.

I reminded them that they are complaining to a revered admiral. Nigel Horatio II son of Grand Admiral Nigel Horatio I. I adjusted my hat and walked out in the streets. Today's agenda was simply. First I oversaw along with the constable Thomas. The hanging of the Coral Reef Pirates. I'll give those pirates credit they didn't cower instead cursed Dardania and her people. I just laughed and the good people of Bellediac chured when the gallow floor opened. Some looked away I did too once when I was just a petty admiral. My father told me never to do that again. As Jupiter and his celestial admiral Poseidon would see me and my family as weak. From then on every hanging I make sure to look the sea scum or sea chum as we Dardanians call them. Right in the eyes my cold eyes meeting their cold eyes. After that I walked towards the Half-Mermaid Dinghy Club office. Some mermaid born from Dardanian humans and mermaids. Can somehow which is still a mystery produce with our kind. The children have legs and arms just gills and enchanting merfolk eyes.

Some are good swimmers. Dinghy club on the other hand as the name suggested prefered the boat over swimming. Dinghy are the smallest crafts in the Dardanian fleet both used for civilian and recreational use. Along with military carrying small supplies. I shook hands with each member who all praised my seafaring and military skills. Some even cried with delight when the best Dinghy sailors would be picked for the reserve fleet. It would be called the Dinghy 1st Fleet I chose the half-mermaid with the highest score a blue hair girl named Seaweed. The water was calm today so I commanded petty admiral Seaweed and the 1st Fleet to sail with the other ships today. 1st Fleet crew marched towards their vessel docked on the docks. Gary met me outside and together we did small talk.

As we headed towards the pickler and fishmongers traders. The pickler rack was full of smoked fish from salmon, anchovies, and the abundant and trade food. The Bellediac sardines. Nearly seventy tons of sardines are caught each year. Water mages have done programs to keep the population steady. By building the fisheries. The sardines is delicious and good with ale and bread. Provided you don't mind the heavy salt. Oh listen to this man rabble sorry I tend to do that. The pickers and the fishmongers all told me. That pirate activity had drop once I had been appointed as admiral of this settlement. Bellediac's oceans also had fish in steady numbers. Robert Fishmonger and his sons also presented me with four crates of anchovies. I said the anchovies would not go to waste. I paid the porters to haul the crates to my house on 2nd Sardine row. As I was the richest man in the row.

My row was filled with retired sailors and marines. The local pub the Seaweed Bread. Was run by a elf named Lucy who made her famous seaweed bread. I tend to enjoy the bread with sardines and table wine. After everything I finally arrived at the docks. Everyone looked ready or tried to. The marines and military sailors all carried tridents and long swords. Protected by leather jerkins and wearing the signature white sea caps. Militia sailors just carried pitchforks and wore common tunics and straw hats. That was going to change as I used my own funds to hire the smiths to make the militia fleets carry axes and crossbows.

I gave a simply speech saying your children are watching you today make them proud I said. They all cheered and got into their vessels. Everyone practiced with sails and monunvered left, right, forwards, and back. Some almost ran into each other. Constable Jerrick and his town guard was being trained by my captain Elissa. She was a season marine talented in both land and sea fighting. Dinghy 1st Fleet acted as invaders coming to shore. Bellediacs town guard tried to fight but most of the guard were just fisherman and traders. Still they put up a decent fight tackling or using staves. The sun was going down and only one schooner the Princess Schooner under the command of a fisherman whose name was actually princess. Was grazed the elf complained she was blaming the useless rubes. The shipwright said he could patch it up in a couple days.

The fine Dardanian people of Bellediac seemed proud and full of patriotism. They showed their children they could be good sailors, marines, and fisherman. They could be skilled sea folk now they did their favorite pastime. Carousing in the local pubs. Wine, seaweed bread, and sardines did sound nice I laughed.

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