All Thaddeus wants is a normal peaceful life but it seems life has other plans.
When the voice emerged from within his head, Thaddeus tried to make do with it. However, when a mysterious sword appears in his life, he quickly finds out that he simply can't run and pretend any more.
Now he must set off on a quest to pass the unachievable trials. Does he have the heart to pass or will he break under the pressure of the foreboding trials?


He was so close. Oh, so close to completing his task but it only ended in failure. He didn't know where he went wrong. How could this have failed so horribly? With his footsteps echoing all around him, the man paces the large open area of the room that housed all the books known to man. He had checked every book and scroll ever written yet he can not find a reason why this ended in disaster.

Bringing his hands up, he rubs the frustration off his face before his hands slide up to where he tugs on his golden-brown hair, trying to pull the answers he seeks from his brain. Letting out a growl of frustration, he flops onto the chair that he had been using all day and hangs his head back, looking at the ceiling high above him.

The man's eyes land on the sun painted in the center of the eleven-foot tall ceiling, where six different colors branch off from it in a sea of red. A sense of calm washes over him as he continues to stare at the sun above him. Taking deep breaths, he lets the frustration escape his veins as he reluctantly accepts the fact that he is back to where he first started. Gathering himself up, he stands with renewed determination and conviction. The man just needs to find a new clue.

I do not know where to begin. He pauses for a second before shaking the thought away. No. I can not think like that. I will find something even if it is the last thing I do. Though perhaps some fresh air will bring new ideas. Straightening his red robes, he walks towards the door and out of the library. Once out of the stale and stuffy room, he walks down the corridor with his mind already set on the calming fields that are just around the corner. Suddenly, he hears footsteps echo along the walls.

"Master Sage!" Someone calls out. The master sage stops in his tracks and faces the racing boy. He is not much older from the newest sage, perhaps a few years to the boy's eighteen. When the young sage finally reaches the master sage, he bends over with his hands on his knees as he pants from his run.

"What is wrong, young one?" The master sage asks after the breathless sage fails to speak. Frustration slowly begins to refill the master sage the longer the novice takes to respond. With his hands behind his back, the elder hides his clenched fists into his sleeves as his foot taps incessantly. "If you will please, I have other matters I must attend to."

"Master Sage," Begins the boy, recovering his breath as he tries to finish his message. "The Chamber of Prophecy."

"What about the Chamber?"

"You must come, Master." The young sage tells him. "You have to see."

"See what, child?"

"There's a new prophecy." The boy finally reveals. The color drains from the older sage's face. A new prophecy is exactly what the master sage does not need at this time.

"Tell me everything." He commands as he and the young sage race back to the Chamber of Prophecy.

"I was cleaning the chamber as I had been instructed to, I was nearly finished when the whole chamber was engulfed in a brilliant light. I shielded my eyes and when I dared reopen them, the chamber was different. The walls were polished anew as well as the floors. The weathered writing was refined once more," The boy informs before glancing back to the older sage. "And a new prophecy was transcribed upon the Wall of Man."

The master's eyebrows furrow in thought at the reveal. A prophecy brings its own qualms, he knows for a fact as he is facing the qualms for another. Both sages turn the final corner and the Chamber of Prophecy looms ahead of them. The master sage can't help but be filled with a sense of dread. Even without seeing the new prophecy, he senses that his quest - his mission for the realm itself - hinges on the outcome of this new prophecy.

The older sage comes to a stop in front of the Wall of Man while the younger one remains a few steps back. The master reads the new prophecy once, twice- three times when he throws his head towards the heavens and sends a prayer to the Creator.

Our beloved Creator, why choose me for this quest only to make it extremely difficult to execute?

Any can fill this role but merely one can be worthy of the role. Answered the familiar voice he knew to be the Creator's. You must find the one, Jeremiah.

"Master Sage?" Calls out the novice sage. "What does this mean?"

"This means, young one, that this is the trials that must be faced." Explains the master sage. Jeremiah, the First Sage, spins on his heels and marches out of the Chamber with his newest member in tow. "We must go. There is no time to waste."