Hello all I completed dardanian with just the two tales now like the sword of Eseyn this is my second true story. It will be a villain piece like always about Chieftess Mirth of Salt a noble in the kingdom of Loya in Eseyn Enjoy

No one knows how I became the first chieftess to be appointed by King Zackeodric of Loya. How a nobody from a salt mine settlement became standard bearer for the king. One thing they do know about me Mirth. Is that I'm ambitious, deceitful, and cruel. It all started when the county of Salt as my land is called. Was plagued by bandits and monsters. They all laughed when they saw the new leader was just a eighteen year old shieldmaiden. I made them fear me. My first victory was against the Pickaxe Gang. The gang was called that as the weapon of choice was a pickaxe. They also wore sackcloth hoods and showed both barbarity and fiendish delight in the pain they inflicted. Zackeodric send me a small routine of troops. Most however were just freeman and semi-professional warriors.

Our first three skirmishes if you could call them that. Resulted in stalemates with wounded and losses minor. Mirth the devil they call me I always laugh at that. Or mirthy impaler which I find even cuter. How I got those nicknames was when I won my first skirmish at Salt Mine One as it was called. I gathered all of the gang stationed at the mine. Stripped them save on their hoods. They seemed confused some praying others offering money. I had my men restrain them up in the air with ropes. I then ordered them to be impaled through their torsos. I even ate my favorite meal pancakes and mead while they twitched, squirmed, and screamed. The next thing I did in sicken all as I took a cup and used their blood as syrup. Already a messenger was dispatched telling my enemies that the devil was coming for them. Again I routed and impaled gang after gang.

Others surrendered or fled Salt County. Mine one becoming a industrial and military point. The oppressed people picked up whatever they could carry. Joining my routine next came the monsters. Most of the monsters were mainly just half-orcs and evil pixies. One of my favorite moments in the campaign against the monsters was when I hired a dentist. Pixies are afraid of vampires before they became extinct. I ordered the dentist to sharpen my canine teeth into fangs. I also learned some trickery to change my eye color. Even my own retunine fear me. When I fought the pixies they fled at the sight of me. My fangs, blood-red eyes, and reputation for blood and cruel punishment. Fled or even killed themselves lest they be captured by me. The half-orcs resisted and in turn wounded up on the pole. While my king disapproved of such savagery. Salt was becoming stable and calm with each victory. The final stand would be at the Salt stateline. Now only four hundred foolish or desperate souls. Met my force of only one hundred more. Most look miserable yet determined to end this conflict through violence.

I raised the new flag showing a pick extracting salt with blood pouring down. My new standard something that even the people in the Kingdom of Loya hate looking at. No mercy was asked so none was given. With this last act of violence my domain salt was at last free of corruption. Zackeodric complimented me saying my actions was necessary. His wife the queen was revolted by my actions. Along with my apperance such my fangs. Indeed the scariest thing was when I'm not at war. I act like most nobility. Talking, eating, doing other activities such as writing, reading, and helping around the place. Course for any lawbreakers my dungeon is my little safe place. That's ironically where I met my husband Gunnar. The love of my life was scared to talk to me so he broke the law to meet me. I asked him flattered why Gunnars cheeks turned red. Tell me I whispered in his ear. At first I thought he was going to say something lewd as the guards said he was insulting the new chieftess. He said he wanted a kiss from the new chieftess. I allowed his request and soon we wed. I learned Gunnar used to be a warrior so I made him my war leader.

We had four children three daughters Apple, Pancake, And Tomato. Along with one son Fries. All had their fathers warrior spirit. As Well as their good old mothers detect, cruelty, and plotting. Pancake was especially good at manipulation and playing the gentle maiden. I can't complain my family is strong I'm a chieftess and my name send shivers down everyone's spine. I grinned exposing my fangs remembering the children of Loya check under their beds from me at night.

Thanks for reading I wanted to make this dark while staying in the T rating. This will be told through the family. Question which family member do you want next?