I went to my tower library for my daily research. I tried to study the History of The People. I sat down at my desk with my red gnome herbal tea. I nearly spilled my tea to the sound of construction. Idiots I said to myself I put down my book and head up pancake tower stairs. The dweorg builders began placing stone after stone on the new floor. Which would serve as the guest rooms should I have any visitors. The head dweorg builder was a dwarf named Scott Toolmaker. True to his last name he was busy making iron nails and commanding the dweorg to build tables, chairs, and thatched windows. Now I'd be grateful but today is an off day.

Of course dweorg once they take a job. They do it seven days a week. Scott continued to ignore me which was pissing me off. I cleared my throat again I was being Ignored. Enough I shouted my voice booming and all the candles went out. While that would scare a lesser builder. Dweorg are known to build even when being attacked so I've read in my books. Plus the dweorg are one of the few races who know vampires are truly extinct. Bare in mind Scott has done several building project for my family. However he's had a grudge with me as I accidently set his black beard on fire from a fire spell accident. While all my family use basic trickery spells. I'm more adept at more offensive spells.

Jason the second in command whispered something in Scotts ear. From what I heard they wanted strong drink. Over my dead body I protested the last thing I need is drunk dweorg. Again Scott and Jason reminded me that even if they don't work. The payment contract would continue to take out funds from my account. I groan and went to my teleportation ring. Cerbyhire was the name on the ring. Soon after traveling through the magic winds I arrived at Cerbyhire. Cerbyhire was mainly a gnome and dweorg town. The outer building made from dweorgish stone and dried mud brick gnomish roofs. I felt somewhat bad the way I was treating Scott. So I went to Coop Street. The sound of clucking chickens rang all around the street. Coops trailed all around the open street. Chickens, and chicks pecking at the feed on the floor and drinking from a bucket.

I said hello to the head poultry farmer Gordon Poultry. His son and daughter Alice and Walter. Did the usual and cowered behind their father. I sighed my blood red eyes and fangs always scared the gnomish folk. I showed him my scroll he scanned it and nodded as he sent several crates of eggs. That's another four hundred I'll have to pay for my tower. Cerbyhire is safe so the crate carriers would be safe. Next I remembered Jason and three of his workers liked Inn&Pub Egg Beer. It's literally an egg cracked into the Inn or Pub Beer. Funny I laughed I liked that also. It has that name as no Inn or Pub has to pay a license fee. I walked towards the end of Coop Street. Then proceeded to go inside the Poultry Pub. The pub was one of the quieter pubs in Cerbyhire. I paid the entrance fee from Frederick the gnomish guard. Entrance fees are some of the ways a small pub or inn stays afloat.

The patrons looked at me then proceeded to go back to enjoying the music, food, and dancing. I headed towards the pub bartertenders booth. I sat down on a crude wooden stool. The bartender asked what I'd like. She almost fainted when I requested five barrels of Egg Beer and and two crates of chicken tenders. I laughed that's another three hundred. Thankfully I can ask my parents and I also have money on the side from magic tournaments and investments. The gnomes must have been using teleportation as a tramp was outside asking for me. Town watch blocked him from entering as he would stink up the pub. Tramps are usually sent for messages and basic information. I walked outside I recognized him Leon the Dirty. As he's my main contact or those who work for me. Leon did the best bow he could and handed me a letter. I opened up the letter. I laughed It was an apology from Jason. I laughed as It obviously hurt his dweorg pride. I then pulled out a parchment and wrote simply apology accepted. I teleported the letter to pancake tower.

Leon was payed of course he bit the money just to be safe. I rolled my eyes and headed towards the Cerbyhire merchants quarters. I sighed again as I was being harassed by the gnomish children. They giggled poking at my dress or pretending to bite someone on the neck. Alright I told myself I hissed showing my red eyes and fangs. They ran away giggling. Most people in this place call me the Pancake Mage. Or Lady Pancake if they want to be formal. Cerbyhire pays tribute to Loya for protecting. As Salt Chiefdom is close by my mother handles the protecting and taxation. Loya is liked by several settlements swearing fealty or asking for protection. Low taxes and low levies in times of war. Some of my mother retinue noticed me and bowed they were mainly humans. I must've been in my family street as the salt training ground was close by. Serjeant Zoskarr was busy training the town watch and those who paid for training. The grizzled grey haired human saluted I bowed. The semi-warriors and adventures panted and dripped with sweat. Hacking away at the straw dummies or firing projectiles at hay targets.

Finally I arrived at the merchants quarter. Peddlers sold things from human pottery, gems from the dweorg mines, and gnomish crafts of wicker and hides. I bought a simply clay tankard from one of the peddlers. I went into another pub Called the Bored Salad Pub. Despite the name the pub made great salads fresh from the gnomish farms. The pub also served pub beer and pub cider. I bought a salad from the bartender and pub cider for Scott. After waiting several minutes the salad arrived called the bored special. Served with frost lettuce and topped with walnuts and diced apples. Frost lettuce earns its name as the lettuce is chilled with ice for preservation. After eating I went to the local teleportation ring. I wrote pancake tower and was sent back to my tower. When I was younger I used to have a queasy when teleporting feeling now I'm used to it. I could hear them working twice as fast. Leave it to the dweorg who are the only race to work harder when drunk. After going up they cheered saying the lady of pancake towers had arrived. I laughed saying no hard feeling they agreed. Soon I found myself drinking Egg Beer and even laughing with the dweorg. I poured mug after mug from the clay tankard I bought.

Soon the night was coming and I was drunk. Groggily I went down the stairs to my quarters. The expensive drawers and rich velvet bed with goose feather mat and pillows. I went toward my mirror looking at my reflection. You look like a drunken mess I told myself. I dressed in my green silk nightwear and was so tired and drunk. I soon drowned out the builders noise by passing out. Before passing out I told myself just two more days of work.

Thanks for reading this was a fun one. Question does egg beer sound good?