The last Rose

The roses petals blew away

One by one like dust into the wind,

Or like thoughts

Lost in the never ending swarm

That is the mind of man.

Always changing

Always moving

yet the rose stays

Moving back and forth

Dying slowly as man moves past

Never looking

Never caring

Never stopping

Triumph after triumph they spread

Jungles that used to be wood are now steel

Dirt and grass are now massive paths made of asphalt

And yet the rose stays

Slowing dying as the wind blows

Petals slowly falling

The time passes

And the gray follows

And after the last triumph

Man passes

One by one

They pass

Only to disappear in the gray

Forever lost in the color they made

Looking, searching

For what they destroyed

It isn't until the last pass

They look

They care

They stop

They cry

For all the color in the world

Faded with the last pedal

As it blew into wind

With the last tear of man

by cross Dunlap