I decided to change my story around a bit. This chapter. I may do this again. ENJOY!

Lightning flashed up in the sky, followed by Sakura blossoms headed toward Earth.

A voice boomed as loud as thunder, although the two women were inside a house, black and white, invisible to mortal eyes. There was a thick fog outside.

"Aris, this is the last time!"

"I don't know what you're talking about, Ira!" another voice boomed back.

"You know exactly what I'm talking about!" Ira retorted. "You use your powers as Goddess of Beauty only on yourself! See those blossoms outside?! They're the real reason for this power! So, I'm switching ours!"

"What do you know?! You're the Goddess of Weather! Not only that, you have jet black hair and skin paler than mine! Your dresses transform into the colors of the weather, like black, (once again), for the storms! You probably just want a change of wardrobe! MY wardrobe! And where'd you get those blossoms?!"

"You use your Powers of Beauty to make yourself beautiful! You are covered in white, silk robes! You have blonde hair in a beehive hairdo (without bees, I must add)! You suck the pretty petals off of plants until they are alive, yet ugly! These petals falling from my hands are an example of my new and your old powers! I'm switching yours and your looks with mine until you learn to not be selfish!"

"And how will I do that?! How will you change us?!"

"You work with the PEOPLE you stole beauty from-the last resort you made! And I will change us with my own powers! I call it the Weather Stone! Once it glows the colors of the main weather, you will be free!

And now, I cast you out!"

Light poured from the two goddesses bodies and swirled around them. They completely looked like one another.

The thunder and lightning stopped and Ira waited a bit while Aris looked over herself.

"What did you do?!" said Aris, abhorred.

"Time to go." Ira decided.

"NOOO!" Aris cried as the house disappeared and the fog parted.

"I should've told her where to find the people she must work with, and that they are equally at fault, but I think it best she find out on her own." Ira said to herself.