The house of Ravenspurn was in an uproar. Orcs from north raided the Ravenspurn farming communities and merchants. The Ash Grey council and their arrogance believed that the orcs had been driven out. Stambaugh Fort was being besieged and hope was fleeting for the battered Ravenspurn defenders. Worse house Ravenspurn lost on family member. Thomas Ravenspurn perished fighting the orcs at Wheatland Plains. However It was a pyrrhic victory as Thomas and his force had halted the Eerie Black Tribe Invasion. Now Godwine Ravenspurn sat in his office thinking. While he mourned the death of his eldest son Thomas. Godwine still had other sons Kevin, Douglas, and Michael.

Along with if necessary his only daughter Susan would take the place of her brothers. Ravenspurn was vital for Godwine knew if she should fall. The orcish tribes would invade the other territories and fully engulf this world. Something puzzled him however usually the orc tribes do small raids and are about only two different tribes at most. This eerie black tribe however had at least hundreds of different orc clans. Along with the goblins from the Evans Peak. Hope was not lost completely Lady Zellindria (Z-el-lin-dria) of the Beechwood elves. Was sending a force of nine hundred. Chief Skazgund (Sk-az-gund) of the Nasella Plains. A great chieftain of respect to the plainsfolk and one of Godwines close friends. Was busy convincing other plains tribe to join in the defence of Ravenspurn.

So far dozens of plains tribes were riding fast towards Stambaugh. Reports from scouts and messengers claimed you could feel the ground shake from their horses and bisons. Nora Ravenspurn the matriarch of House Ravenspurn was good friends with the dwarves of the Mound Hills. While unlike other dwarves the pious dwarves could not let the unholy orcs win. They had to fight and ask for forgiveness later. Marshal Daniel entered the office and bowed. Farmers had been drafted while not trained fighters. The destruction of their homes left them no choice but to fight. That and the hatred of the orcs and the desire to avenge the fallen. Gave them some morale. Godwine looked at the portraits of House Ravenspurn line. They all proved themselves time and time again driving back the orcs. Richard Godwine's grandfather even routed the undead when a rogue ash grey wizard named Zelyauil (Z-el-yau-il) wanted to take Ravenspurn and the realms beyond for his own.

That made the people distrust the council of wizards. The fact that the said this orc invasion wasn't a threat didn't help the situation either. Still some wizards and apprentices joined the fight. High Wizard Markzinius (M-ark-zin-ius) served as the commander for the council. His magic and the magic of others would prove invaluable against the goblins who while small. Their magic was raw, powerful, and deadly. As if he was being mentioned the elderly wizard walked in the office with his marble staff. Markzinius bowed and gave a much needed report. He had fought in a skirmish with the goblins and routed several seers and goblin forces. Losses none as the veteran wizard used familars instead of apprentice much to the disappointment of the eager youths. The news already spreading around the castle improving the morale of the battered and weary non magic defenders. Some villager even gave gifts to the council forces. A messenger also arrived a frail woman with clumps of hair missing and blind in her left eye. Her clothes shabby yet looked tribal ritualistic. With the intricate markings and painting of wild creatures. She took out a wolf skull and put it on. The guards headed towards her Godwine gave the command to let her speak.

The woman said her name was Verunna of the Hag Order. They had a score to settle with the orcs who burned and devoured her order sisters. While they used dark magic all help was need. This truly was an interesting coalition of wizards, elves, dwarves, and humans. Yet they all knew this was needed for if they failed the whole realm and beyond would run red with blood.

Thanks for reading this one was fun to do and as the Ash Grey order was my favorite I ask this question. Would you trust the Ash Grey Council?