The defenders of Stambaugh Fort had just run out of food. Their stomachs grumble and the war drums of the orcs and goblins grew louder by the day. Ravenspurn was on the verge of falling. Suddenly the forts local teleportation circle glowed bright blue. It was the the ash grey council from the floating city of Sage. It was the female grand wizard Frexyll along with dozens of apprentices and wizards. The portal for the supply teleports glowed reddish black. Dozens of dried foods from fruits, meats, and water and ale. Several of the tired Stambaugh defenders rushed for the food.

Frexyll commanded her followers to head towards the castle walls. The sergeant Zederich (Zed-er-ich) thanks the grand wizard. She smiled and said he could thank her when the vile creatures are routed and driven from Ravenspurn. The wizard and apprentice reinforcements casted lightning bolts, fireball spells, and Frexyll herself sent a meteor killing dozens. A dread howl from a large wolf came from the east. It was the dwarves from the mound hills. Many shapeshifted into wolves, spiders and the fabled dolmen bears. Mauling the now disorganized orcs.

A beautiful archangel joined them. His hair black, skin white as marble, and his golden armor blinded the orcs and goblins. His swords burned a blueish fire and shield also blinded the invaders. Arrows and spells bounced off him. Another horned sounded it was the tribes from the Nasella Plains. Swordswomen danced a ballet of death cutting down many. The bison roared with fury assisted by a strange pale buffalo. Despite the fact his hide was matted violent thunderstorms followed his charge. Horse archers sent a flurry of arrows and trampled those in their way. Ravens sooned joined and when they landed the hags from Gors swamp joined the fray. Hatred had consumed them and many stayed out of their path. They sliced goblins with their daggers and others opened up the very ground swallowing whole orc and goblin troops. Despite this the orcs and goblins still fought killing several of the reinforcements. A hag was cleaved in two from a large orc commander. Several bison despite being large fell to goblin spears and pikes. Some archers got lucky shots on several apprentices and one wizard fell a arrow tore into her throat.

Some dwarfs drew their last breath dying in their animal forms. The sergeant ordered the drawbridge to be lowered and the defender though exhausted. Joined the fray with lances from the few knights left. Crossbow bolts supported them and the footsoldiers both peasants and trained troops clashed with the orcs. The goblins panicked as Frexyll killed their leader and bolted. Another reinforcement arrived sending precise arrows it was the Beechwood elves. Their special troops the rangers removed their invisibility cloaks while the common defenders of the force charged out of the nearby woods. Now Ravenspurn had a chance and the orcs and goblins knew it. Grudgingly the orcs sounded the retreat. The most brave or foolish stayed behind fighting to the last. The battle was won though thousands laid slain or dying. The hags cried in frustration as they knew only seventy remained. Archangel Sebastian had taken too much damage. The mound hill dwarfs wept but said his form would be back in a couple months. The pale buffalo however snorted his pale hide painted with orcs, goblin, and even his blood. He summoned a thunderstorm and in a flash he was gone. The ash grey wizards teleported the fallen back too Sage for a proper burial. Some stayed behind as the goblin sorcery had to be purged.

A few hags also joined the wizards and apprentices. Stambaugh thankfully suffered minimal damage during the defense. Messengers were dispatched to the house of Ravenspurn. Some of the local earls also would soon arrive. Today was a bloody day but as Ravenspurn had done for hundreds of years. The invasion was halted and as long as Ravenspurn existed she would defend the earldoms for years to come.

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