authors note: I realize this was messed up so I fixed it sorry to All those who tried to read it before

What is infinity

What is infinity

The open space of everything

Connected to that divine entity

That the chorus so sings

So what is infinity

The endless void

That holds such affinity

That no mind can't avoid

It is but a thought in the mind

Or a hope that could never end

To understand what we could never define

To one day comprehend

Is it the end of all

Or the beginning of new

Like that of the worlds nightfall

Or is it the morning suns hue

Could it be both

The new and the old

To uphold an untold troth

Taking care of its household

Is it watching us with care

giving us a hand to hold

As if caring for a heir

Showing us to our mold

What truly is infinity

That thought that clouds the mind

Holding it in infinite affinity

To always be entwined