They passed a few hours with TV and cuddles on the couch, Cam with Donnie and Roanan with Custard. Roanan used the time to surreptitiously gauge his reaction to Donnie relaxing around Cam, and came to the conclusion that he'd be more comfortable if Donnie didn't stay over. Shitty, but true. And while shitty, it beat the hell out of the awkward morning after that would come with a magic-induced threesome. Didn't make asking Donnie to leave any easier though.

"Sorry to kick you out like this man."

Donnie smiled. He understood what Roanan was thinking and he even agreed.

"It's not a problem, Roanan, let me know if you need anything."

He gave Cam a chaste kiss, nodded to Roanan and headed home.

This also didn't make staying the night with Cam any easier.

He fidgeted for a moment, checking the dog's phone as if anything interesting would have happened on it. Custard wiggled closer to see, so Roanan obliging opened Instagram to check on Custard's new notes.

"This one has five whole likes, little buddy. We clearly captured your good side."

Cam had a split second of wondering if she had already fallen asleep and was dreaming that Roanan had a small fluffy dog and was checking his Instagram account... and talking to the dog about it.

But why on earth would she dream about that?

She shook her head.

"I think I'll leave the pair of you to your pics then."


He didn't know why he said anything. He sure as hell didn't know what to say next. He just… He'd gotten used to talking through things that made him uncomfortable with Valerie. It made it hard to want to leave things feeling weird with Cam.

But none of that helped him know where to start.

When in doubt, babbling always seemed to work for him. Eventually.

"Sorry I couldn't handle Donnie hanging around. The bond, ya know..."

Ugh. Off to a wonderful start. Sorry your boyfriend wanted to bone down and it made me horny too. Promise I'm not thinking about you naked right now! Perfect.

Cam smiled, only a little tiredly. It had been a long day at work.

"I know, Donnie's explained it before. It's fine, I need the sleep anyway."

"Yeah. Okay." He set the dog down, because his brain had told him it was time to give her a good night hug and kiss, just as Donnie had. Mothers save him. "Goodnight, Cam."

"G'night, Roanan." She wiggled her fingers at him, then the dog who had started toddling after her. "Nope, you get to stay out here with Unky Roanan, buddy."

"Yeah, c'mere, squirt." He scooped the dog up and deposited him in his bed. The dog tilted his head at Roanan, then immediately trotted back after Cam.

Cam laughed and gently shut the door in the dog's face. She was not sleeping with a dog, even if he was cute.

Custard pawed at the door, yipped, then began his impression of the Tasmanian Devil. Roanan rushed to scoop the little guy up before he could tear through Cam's door.

"What the hell, my dude? Your "has its own suitcase its so damned fancy" doggie bed isn't good enough?"