Attention: This an updated modification of my original poem. I felt it was incomplete and added the last two lines.

Woman's Frustration

You think I don't love you anymore

I do, it's just my wounds are still sore

From all the angry fights that we've had,

And you want to make love when I'm still mad.

Expecting that embraces allow you to be forgiven

When there are no sincere apologies with them.

Thinking that to back down makes you less a man

And me less a woman when I make a stand

For what I believe in, what to do and be.

While you silently rage and don't try to see

Beyond what you want and your own needs.

I need validation, some small seeds

Of understanding how I feel.

I'm not asking you to kneel

At my feet in supplication.

I just want to have your appreciation

Of who I really am to be spoken.

I don't want lip service or a token

Speech without any deep feeling.

I'm exhausted and sad constantly dealing

With your childish actions and behaviour

I have realized that you're not my saviour.

I'm complete as I am without anyone else

We should complement each other as our individual selves.

It's not about winning and losing you see

It's about living our lives together but free.

When we both come to understand this

I think the time that we share will be bliss!