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Francesca was nervous, she had no idea what Daniel was planning in that beautiful locks of hair head of his. She told him numerous of times she did not plan on marriage until after college once she was settled with her choice of career. She laid everything out for him to avoid any confusion later in their relationship. Honestly, Daniel was a great listener and Francesca doubt he would push marriage, at least not right now.

So why was she feeling nervous? It didn't seem like the usual nauseous feeling of anxiety. No, this felt entirely different and she had no idea what.

"You okay babe?" Francesca was immediately brought to reality via Daniel's voice. "Is this semester more demanding than the last?"

That's probably the main reason she loved him so much. He was caring, handsome, and understanding whenever there was an issue of her own. On paper, Daniel seemed like the best boyfriend anyone would die for.

Except, Francesca didn't feel that way about him. Of course, she loved him, but she felt something was not right in the pit of her stomach. Nothing malicious, no. Daniel would never hurt or abuse her in any form. It was something else, something she quite couldn't place her finger on.

Finally remembering her boyfriend's concern, she answered. "I'm fine. Just a little tired. Some of my courses are demanding more than others, but what can you expect from college, right?"

"You're right. I just worry about you. Making sure you get your rest and have adequate time to study and get your work done." His smile and slight worrisome face were genuine. Daniel truly cared about Francesca and it was blaringly obvious to anyone in space. If Daniel was here just because he was worried about his girlfriend's college performance, then she had nothing to worry about.

At least, so she thought.

"Look, I know I arrived a little earlier than expected, but I couldn't wait any longer." His smile was infectious, despite her trying not to smile at the meaning of his words. Daniel grabbed both of Francesca's hands and gave them a soft, yet tight squeeze. He smiled even more. "I know you said no to early anniversary gifts, but I couldn't help myself."

As he let go of one hand, Francesca's heart thumped so loud in her chest, she felt it in her eardrum. Relax, he already said it's about our anniversary.

Shit. She forgotten their six year was approaching. Was she that caught up in her work to not realize their anniversary was nearby? No, she marked it in her calendar to fool-proof it. Did she mention how forgetful she was?

With his hand stilling her own, raised it to cover her eyes to give an element of surprise. Honestly, he should have begun with that and avoided all the uneasiness Francesca was feeling. With his free hand, Daniel held an item that he was excited for. He removed his hand from her face and smiled brightly as he dangled a beautiful bracelet adorning various charms evenly distributed around the center point- a moonstone gem.

She was speechless, it was beautiful. She would be lying if she said otherwise. Her mouth had slightly opened, then closed as she continued to try to find words.

"You don't like it, do you? It has too many charms on it, doesn't it? Dammit, I knew I should have ju-"

Francesca shut Daniel up mid-sentence with a kiss and smiled. "It's beautiful babe, honestly. I'm just shocked you came all this way just for this." She gazed at the bracelet, wondering why he chose moonstone of all gems. She didn't hate it, she was more curious than anything. She placed the bracelet on her wrist and twirled one of the charms. It really was beautiful, the fact he spent decent money on the bracelet, judging by the quality and brand of it all.

"I just wanted to surprise you. Once I bought it, I couldn't contain my eagerness for you to wear it." He was still beaming as he spoke. "I really hoped you liked your gift. That's why I brought it in person." He looked to his girlfriend, smile becoming soft and warm.

Their food had arrived and their conversation about the gift became forgotten as they ate and discussed how their plate of food was better than the other's. It was moments like this that made Francesca forget the feeling that hid itself deep within herself. She felt no need of anxiety and for the first time that day, she felt relief.

As time went on with their conversations and their food nearing an end, they left back to Francesca's dorm room. Before opening the door, Francesca looked behind, stealing a glance at her best friend's door. She couldn't wait to tell her about the afternoon eating with her boyfriend. As she opened the door, she soon felt the closeness of her boyfriend. Their proximity to one another was making her too hot and nervous all over again.

Daniel shut the door behind them and placed his hands gently on his girlfriend's hips. Truth is, he couldn't wait to spend some alone time with Francesca. It had been five months since he last saw her- eight since they were truly alone. Each moment spent with Francesca, Daniel tried his damned hardest to make an everlasting impression of it all. He was patient, in fact too patient for a male his age in this society.

They almost went all the way during their senior year, as most couples would at prom, but just as Daniel was feeling her and trying to remember all the curves and edges of his girlfriend, he felt a slight hesitation within her movements. As much as he wanted to be touched and much more to touch her, he moved his head back to get a better view of her. Her eyes were on him and though she wasn't frightened, he sensed there was something similar to it. "Are you okay?" He asked, not sounding upset, just genuinely concerned about his girlfriend.

She nodded, biting her lip and steadying her hands on his zipper. "I'm fine. Just nervous about my performance." She internally smacked herself. Who says that anyway?

"It's both of our first time, I understand if you're nervous about that. I am too. I won't push you to do something you're uncomfortable with."

Francesca studied Daniel's demeanor and felt he was genuine in his response of not wanting to go further if she wasn't ready. Was she being selfish? They have been dating since their sophomore year and she figured they would be the only couple to not get laid on prom night. Taking a deep breath and exhaling slowly, she looked him in the eyes, "I'm not ready... to go all the way, but I can tell that you're already excited." She gestured with her eyes to his crotch.

Daniel's cheeks turned a shade darker, signaling his embarrassment to his hard cock. He has no control over his hormones, especially with how hot his girlfriend was looking. It made him mad with pleasure thinking about feeling her in every way possible. Alas, if Francesca wasn't ready, then she wasn't ready. Plain and simple and he respected his girlfriend with every fiber in his being. "What can I say? I'm crazy for you Francesca." His eyes beamed with glee.

She easily slid his zipper down. She wasn't ready for numerous reasons, but that extremely rare and preposterous case of getting pregnant hung too close to her. She didn't want to risk anything, even if Daniel said he would pull out in time with the condom. Something told her that he wouldn't have that kind of control so soon for a beginner. Didn't that take a certain level of control? Judging by the bulge she was now holding in her own hand, she further assumed he wasn't equipped to that mastery of one's own body.

Everything was suddenly silent. Francesca could hear her own breath and soon Daniel's as she took his cock gruesomely slow out from his boxers. She wasn't entirely sure what she was doing, at least not to the full extent. Sure, she had seen videos, but nothing is quite the same when replicating in person. Until this point, she only ever gave him rubs over his pants. A teasing gesture if one might call it that.

For the first time, she was looking at the real thing. No images or video to pique her interest. His penis was girthy, at least she thought so, and it was long enough that it passed her fingertips. She slid her hand slowly up and down his shaft, gaining a soft breath of air being released from it's owner. It felt smooth and a tad wet from precum. She was fascinated, not just with his penis, but one in general. It amazed her how so many possible babies can come from one dick. Was she the only one that thought of these things?

Probably. Definitely.

She shook her head, remembering the task at hand, literally. She practically felt him twitching at the sheer movement of her hand. Soon she was lost in the moment, wanting nothing more than to make her boyfriend happy. With her hand already on his shaft, she gripped a little tighter and gave a long, good stroke downward while placing her other hand on top. She stimulated his head while giving longer and deeper strokes to his shaft.

Twitch. Twitch.

She knew he was close and continued her ministrations. It wasn't before long he would cum, she figured. After seeing so many videos, twitching and tenseness was a huge give away to climaxing.

One stroke. He gripped onto the nearest stable piece of furniture he could grab.

Second stroke. He tensed so hard, she saw the veins in his neck.

By the third stroke, he couldn't take it anymore and let loose a load he had built up all night.

Francesca was lucky enough to miss a bulk of his cum, only a few specks managed to make it on her dress, thankfully avoiding her face. That was the closest they came to having sex. Six years later and the next bordering thing to sex was dry humping and some foreplay.

Daniel kissed Francesca's neck, so gently she felt her hair stand at attention. She admitted to herself it had been a while since she felt some form of relief. It had been even longer coming from the person kissing her neck. Long distance relationships were a challenge for most people, depending on the distance, but Francesca managed to keep her relationship this long with Daniel. A three-hour drive on a good day and a four-and-a-half-hour drive on a bad day, excluding holidays.

On rare, lonely nights, she would tend to her own needs and become lost in the sea of pleasure. Thanks to this semester, it had been a month since she was able to masturbate.

Daniel moved his hands underneath her shirt, steadily making his way towards her breast. He was all too eager to feel the plumpness and massaged them over her bra. The raven-haired girl allowed herself to let her guard down and relish in the feel of it all. The way the hands coupled her breast and the intensely growing kisses on her neck made her feel hot. She didn't want any of it to stop.

Soft hands made their way underneath her bra strap and suddenly, she imagined smaller hands massaging her nipples. The cologne she once smelled turned to a fragrance more flower-y and that of peaches. She quickly erased the thought before it could manifest anymore. She reached behind her, stopping once she felt his bulge, to have self-confirmation. She quickly turned around, kissing him hard on the lips. One thing was for certain, Daniel did not protest as she began to take the reign.

Just as sudden as everything happened, it all came to a halt when the door opened, a soft gleeful voice spoke. "You would not believe what just happened- Oh."

Luckily enough for all three of them, no one was caught in an awkward situation or position. Unbeknownst to them, each released a sigh of relief.

Clearing his throat, Daniel greeted Mona and gave a curt nod. "I didn't realize you had a key to her room." Daniel chuckled awkwardly, rubbing the base of his neck.

"Oh, well the door was unlocked, and I let myself in." Daniel nodded at that answer, seeming pleased Mona didn't have a key to his girlfriend's dormitory. "I was going to use mine, but you know-" She gestured towards the door, giving a mock smile. "door was already unlocked, so there was no need for that." Mona made sure to close the door and lock it behind her.

Daniel turned towards Francesca, giving a 'really' look to her in his disapproval. He knew the two were best friends but giving her a key and not her own boyfriend seemed off to him. He didn't live close, but it sure as hell would be nice if he had a key to surprise her with a visit once in a while.

"Why don't we all just have a seat, how about that?" Francesca motioned everyone to sit down and relax. She hoped things wouldn't be so tense once everyone was seated. Daniel placed himself beside his girlfriend while Mona sat across from the pair in the kitchen.

Mona curled her fingers into a loose fist and brought them to support her chin. "Since you're here Danny boy, I figure we go out and enjoy the night. What do you say?"

"No thanks, I'm fine."

"Of course!"

Mona looked between the couple and sucked in her lower lip. She drawled out her sentence and shifted her gaze slightly to her right. "Okay, so it's clear the two of you are not on the same page."

"I just got here, I don't think I have it in me to go out on an adventure."

Francesca pleaded with her boyfriend. "Come on babe, it's just one night. We can leave early if you want. By early, I mean at least two hours into us being out." She was stern with her last sentence. Too often Daniel would want to leave thirty minutes into some form of party. If he didn't want to go, then he should voice it.

Though Francesca was certain he just voiced himself a few moments ago.

With a sigh, Daniel looked long and hard at his girlfriend before answering, "Fine. We can go out." The two girls squealed with glee at his approval of joining.

"Great, I have the perfect spot to go." Mona practically vibrated in her seat full of eagerness. It was a club she just found out about from one of her fellow classmates. It had great reviews on the internet, which made her that much more excited to go and see what the hype was about.

The women freshened up a bit while Daniel waited. He didn't understand females wearing make-up and why they would choose to hide their natural beauty, but he accepted it, nonetheless. The trio dressed and ready for the night's adventure set off towards the club, taking public transit and walking the few blocks away from the train stop.

Mona adorned a long sleeve cotton fabric crop top; it was a beige color that complimented her tanned skin. She wore skinny jeans that accentuated the curve of her hips and a pair of small open-toed heels to make herself taller.

Francesca wore a white low-neck shirt that showed just enough cleavage suitable for a club. She too wore skinny jeans, accompanied with rips and tears in various places above and around her knees; unlike her friend, she wore sneakers instead.

They were carded upon entry and despite it's outside appearance, the club was fairly large. There was a section of tables near the dance floor where they chose to sit for the meantime. The DJ was playing tasteful music that constantly had the patrons dancing to. No wonder the reviews were so great.

"I'm gonna go get us some drinks. What do you guys want?" Francesca looked to her best friend and boyfriend.

"Vegas Bomb. I think I'll just start off with that." Mona smiled gleefully.

"Nothing for me right now." Daniel handed her some money before walking towards the bar.

Passing through the crowd was not as hard as it seemed; attempting to gain one of the bartenders' attention, however, was the challenge. The sound of the music bouncing off the walls didn't make it better either. She tried to speak up enough for anyone to hear her, but no one listened.

Sighing, she sat at one of the stools, hoping one would notice her sooner or later. "What can I get you, hon?"

She shook her head, not realizing the voice was coming from opposite her direction. She turned to the voice in question as the bartender smiled at her, waiting patiently for her to respond. After a few blinks, she leaned forward and answered, "May I have two Vegas Bombs and Jack with whatever you have."

"Sure thing, coming right up." The bartender was quick with her movements, not even looking at her portions. It was as if it were second nature for her making drinks. Some bartenders went to school for this, but she never seen anyone make drinks with such expertise. "Can I get you anything else?"

Leaning forward again, she caught a whiff of the mixologist's scent, wondering why she hadn't notice prior. She suddenly became all too aware of her surrounding and invasion of space. "I just came to get drinks for me and my friend." She said near the bartender's ear. It was still loud from the music, but Francesca wanted to make sure the person next to her heard her.

"Ali, can I get another around for me and my friends?!" Someone from down the bar shouted towards them. If Francesca knew she just had to yell to get one of the bartender's attention, she would have tried a lot sooner.

The person in question looked to Francesca and told her to just give her four dollars for the drink. She was surprised at the price; she was sure her Jack alone was more than that. Before she could protest, Ali had left to the other patron. Being the dutiful person she was, Francesca left the money behind plus a tip.

She carried the drinks back towards the table, hoping no one walking pass or on the dance floor would knock any of the liquids from their container. "What took you so long? I thought I might have to send a search team for you."

Francesca chuckled, placing the drinks down. "I had to wait for a bartender. My meek self wasn't loud enough to grab anyone's attention." She and Mona grabbed the Vegas Bomb and cheered to one another before drinking.

Thirst quenched, Mona set off to the dance floor and told the couple she would be waiting for them. The club scene wasn't Daniel's style; he liked to stay home and go see a movie occasionally with his girlfriend. If anything, he would enjoy himself if he had a couple drinks in him. That was in part as to why Francesca bought an extra drink; in hopes to entice her boyfriend to loosen up a bit while he was visiting.

"What do I have to do for you to actually enjoy yourself?" His girlfriend rubbed his thigh, hoping to lighten up his mood.

"Spend time alone with me. You know, your boyfriend. I did come to see you."He gave his girlfriend a hard stare, one she knew all too well.

She moved to stand behind him and placed her head over his shoulder. "We're spending time together. I want to dance and have you be there with me. Unless…" She trailed off and looked towards the dancefloor, "you want me to dance with someone else? A complete and total stranger nonetheless."

She was lying and he knew it, but the simple thought of someone else moving in on his girlfriend pulled a nerve. He grabbed the Jack and took a big swig before heading towards the dance area. "Come on, let's go."

It wasn't before long until the couple got intimately close with the aiding of a song. Daniel was behind his girlfriend, holding onto her hips and guiding them to a rhythm. The atmosphere was euphoric, and Francesca was happy her partner was enjoying himself as well.

She began to wonder where her friend was until she spotted her with some random guy. She seemed to be enjoying herself as well, but again, Francesca began to feel uneasy. She had no idea why she was feeling this, it appeared to happen a lot lately.

Setting her mind back to her boyfriend, she tried her damned hardest to focus on him and only him. Too many bodies were around her and the natural musk of everyone just threw her mind into overdrive. Suddenly she was thinking of the barkeep who gave her drinks. She smelled lovely, a fragrance she had not smelled before, but wanted to smell again.

Why am I thinking about that?

This was the second time she was thinking of someone else other than her boyfriend. Of course, she denied herself admittance to venture further to the thought, but it did not change the fact it was beginning to manifest more as the day progressed.

"I need to go to the bathroom." Francesca turned to her boyfriend abruptly, kissed him on the lips and stormed off towards the bathroom. Daniel was puzzled at her abruptness but didn't seem too bothered by it. He walked back towards the table and waited for his girlfriend's return.

Ohyey, did I mention this is my first time writing smut and anything sexual in between that? Could you tell? Cause I know I could. Hope it wasn't too cringe-y for you as much as it was for me to write it down without thinking too much. Well, I hope you enjoyed...those who happen to stumble across or the nonexistence ones reading. Take care and until next time!