Talking about CAPTAIN MARVEL

The Good, The Bad, and The Stupid

So my brother and I recently went and saw CAPTAIN MARVEL, because of Brie Larson's Anti-white male comments regarding her movie, my brother and I were both worried that the movie would be too heavy handed with an SJW moralistic message. I am happy to say that our fears were unfounded. There are a few scenes that have a splash of feminism to them, but I could overlook these scenes, and they didn't detract from the story or my enjoyment of it. Most of the offending scenes were flash backs, and they depicted Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel's previous human identity Go Kart Racing, playing Baseball, attempting and failing an Air Force Obstacle Course, and being told that while she was a good pilot, she was too emotional.

In the Go Kart Scene, Carol Danvers is about 7 years old or so, she veers off course and crashes, her dad rushes over and instead of showing concern for her safety, chastises her for even competing in the race. In the Base Ball scene, she's about the same age, and she's told that girls can't play Baseball. In The obstacle course scene she's doing rope jumps, swinging from rope to rope, the men are all jeering at her, and laugh when she falls to the ground during a mid-jump. At the end of the flashback, some other pilot says that she's a good pilot, but that she's too emotional, completely constructive criticism, he then becomes a complete asshole when he says that there's a reason they call it The Cockpit, it sounds like a line in a porno, but as I said, I could overlook these scenes and they did not detract from my enjoyment of the movie. In another scene, she's studying a map, and some motorcyclist is ogling her, he tells her to smile, and when she ignores him, he calls her a freak and walks off into a nearby convenience store. She then takes the opportunity to steal his ride. Considering that she could have kicked his ass for insulting her, which is what I was somewhat expecting her to do, I think he got off easy.

So basically the whole premise of this movie is that CAPTAIN MARVEL is a living Kree Superweapon, she's part of an Elite Kree Taskforce that is ordered to track down and recover an undercover Kree spy living with The Kree's Arch Enemies the shapeshifting Skru'lls. Anybody who is familiar with The MCU and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. knows that The Kree are not the good guys, but The Skru'lls aren't portrayed much better. Captain Marvel's Kree identity is Veers, a cut off of her original human identity Carol Danvers, she and her comrades are discovered by The Skru'lls, and are forced to engage them in combat, when the mission was originally supposed to be entirely stealth, and she's incapacitated and abducted by The Skru'lls.

The Skru'lls are manipulating her mind to try and find somebody from her past named Dr. Wendy Lawson, Captain Marvel escapes, and somehow makes her way to Earth, which The Kree call Planet C-53. She lands in and trashes a BLOCKBUSTER and we're treated to a plethora of 90s Movie Posters and Video boxes. Soon The Agents of Shield are on her case and Captain Marvel meets a younger Nick Fury, and a rookie Phil Coulson. She tells them her mission of finding and eliminating The Shapeshifting Skru'lls which have an evil reputation of infiltrating and taking over entire civilizations. Naturally Nick Fury doesn't believe her. She notices a Skru'll about to shoot at them and gives chase, Nick Fury and the other shield agents follow in hot pursuit. Soon after, while Fury and Coulson are driving, Fury gets a call from Coulson, Coulson is wondering where everybody went, and this prompts a fight while the car is still in motion. Predictably the car crashes, Fury is slightly injured the Skru'll impersonating Coulson isn't so lucky and dies at the scene. It switches back to Captain Marvel chasing after The Skru'll assassin and engaging in a kick ass fight onboard a train. The Skru'll escapes. It then cuts back to Fury and The Director of Shield examining the body of The Skru'll. The Coroner tells them that the alien isn't based off any known element in The Periodic Table. After Fury leaves his boss reveals himself to be a Skru'll in disguise and performs a quiet and basic funeral for his fallen Comrade in Arms.

Fury is able to track down Captain Marvel where they both are careful to make sure neither one is a Skru'll in disguise, and they share their pasts with each other and their current mission objectives. They decide to sneak into a secret base to find out why The Skru'lls are interested in Dr. Wendy Lawson, and in one of the movies funniest scenes. Fury comes across a cat and goes gaga over it. Captain Marvel chides Fury for losing focus, and he promises the cat he'll be back. They discover that Dr. Wendy Lawson was working on a secret air force project called PEGASUS, Captain Marvel soon discovers that she worked directly under Dr. Lawson testing her experimental jets. Dr. Lawson was working on creating a Light Speed Engine, and Captain Marvel further remembers the last time she saw Dr. Lawson alive and discovered that she wasn't human, but a Kree Scientist named Marv'ell working undercover. Dr. Lawson went rogue and betrayed The Kree, she had discovered that The Kree's war against The Skru'lls was entirely unjustified and decided to help The Skru'lls relocate to a safe place where The Kree couldn't find them. Captain Marvel then remembers that her Commanding Officer murdered her mentor, she destroys the light speed engine to keep it out of Kree hands, but the resulting explosion imbues her entire body with energy.

The Kree then kidnap her, and train her to become a living superweapon. After this she goes on a quest to find out exactly who she was on earth, and reconnects with an old friend of hers that was also an Air Force Pilot. Here they are confronted by General Talos and his men, and Talos succeeds in convincing them to help his people escape from The Kree. They find Dr. Lawson's secret base orbiting The Earth and Talos is reunited with his family. The cat Fury was playing with has inexplicably managed to follow them, and scares the crap out Talos who calls it a Flerken, this mystifies and delights Fury and Captain Marvel who are convinced Talos is scared of a harmless cat, and give him grief over it. Later its revealed the cat is indeed a Flerken, which is a mysterious many tentacled monster. Its able to eat several Kree Soldiers and swallow The Tessaract whole. Later for whatever reason The Flerken scratches Fury across his eye causing him to go blind. That scene was anti-climactic but Fury lets people think that he was tortured by The Kree, which is funny.

The ending fight between Captain Marvel and her ex commanding officer was hilarious, Ronan The Accuser and his chief minion from Guardians of The Galaxy make several appearances within this movie. Stan Lee does a cameo where he's reading the script for MALLRATS which was one of the first movies he's cameoed in. My overall assessment of this movie is that it was great! I loved it! A bunch of people don't like it simply because of Brie Larson's statements against Straight White Men. A bunch of people complained that she was unemotional and seemed disinterested in her own movie. That was a legitimate part of her character. The Kree conditioned her to be stoic and detached and were constantly chastising her for not controlling her emotions. Brie Larson did a good job in this movie, it's shame that she insisted on tainting her movie with the bullshit of Social Justice Warriorism and Intersectional Feminism and Identity Politics.