Vincent L. Jensen III
January 10, 2077
AP World History
Final Draft

The Modern Rainforest Collapse: Causes and Effects

Global Warming. Everybody was afraid of it. It threatened our very way of life. We set regulations and rules, attempting to save our world from the brink. In the process, we destroyed our industries and set up massive CO2 recycling plants, all in the hopes of stopping this threat. Just one problem, We succeeded.

First, We must understand the thoughts and fears of our predecessors. They knew that the climate was warming, but they disagreed on the cause, the amount, and the need to reduce the change. Then the United Nations stepped in, adding regulations to nations and punishing those that failed to meet standards. First thro levies and embargos, then with occupation by "peacekeeping forces." The U.S. was the one country they could not bully into submission, as that would mean all-out war, and the U.N. would lose because if the U.S. died, the U.S. Navy would start using full-scale nuclear bombardment.

As a result of this, the U.N. instead built massive CO2 to O2 factories. They failed to account for the changing U.S. regulations to reduce pollution for a different reason, heath. They were attempting to remove pollution from their air to protect the populace from a much closer threat. The U.S. attempting to make healthy living easier, not by having free healthcare, but by removing as many causes of poor health while maintaining their power and industrial output. They even started using temporary filters for CO2, similar to those used by NASA's spacesuits, at the top of towers for factories and power plants. Many companies started to compete with each other to make the best and cheapest filters, eventually, they cost about as much as a large HVAC unit.

The African countries saw it happen first and tried to notify the world, but no one listened. The rainforest was dying right as the temperature was stabilizing. The U.N. Thought that it meant they were not doing enough. The U.S. sent diplomats and scientists to equatorial countries, trying to figure out why the rainforests, and many other trees, were dying. They discovered that the U.N. projects had removed too much CO2 by even sealing up cities in domes that only let oxygen out, keeping all the carbon inside the miniature biospheres.

Slowly at first, the rainforests began to die, even though the U.S. tried to add more CO2 to the atmosphere intentionally. Then, the die-off began to speed up. The U.S. began to stockpile trees, especially evergreens that would better weather the predicted small ice age. The U.S. also began to start undermining the U.N. in an attempt to make them pull out of the countries they occupied. This yielded the opposite effect, with the U.N. occupying most of the world except for China, Russia, and the U.S., forcing them to begrudgingly ally to prevent each other from falling.

Eventually, U.N. Troops attempted to invade the U.S, unaware of the Alliance between the three remaining superpowers. The invasion met a fully prepared National Guard, that had been quietly given DARPA's most advanced not experimental tech. M1 Abrams with coil guns, plasma shield projectors, and many smaller advancements. The only reason the Army had not been immediately at the border was to maintain appearances. Russian and Chinese troops, quietly cross-trained by each other and the U.S, quickly responded by pushing into neighboring occupied territories, including much of Western Europe. In the Americas, the U.S. pushed north, liberating Canada, and south, moving into Mexico. U.S. troops landed in Brazil and Argentina, while a coalition force of the U.S, Chinese, and Russians landed on coasts around the Pacific Ocean, As U.S. fleets were combined with Russian and Chinese fleets to show their strengths and mitigate their weaknesses.

Eventually, WWIII ended, but, as the nations fought, the world slipped into an ice age. Bioengineers began to work on creating cold-weather rainforest. Due to the fact that the coalition of the U.S, China, and Russia had removed a misguided occupation, many civilians began pushing for a one world government, but not one where nations lost all sovereignty, but something in between the U.S. Articles of Confederation, and the U.S. Constitution.
Today, we live in a world that is too cold to drive a normal vehicle for long distances above the Tropic of Capricorn or below the Tropic of Cancer. Aircraft need to be specially designed to withstand the arctic cold, and trains are used because entire cars can be dedicated to heating and cooling. If I could go back, I would tell them that overcorrecting is just as bad as doing nothing.