At first I was excited to join the academy at the Isle of Horsbour (Hor-s-bour). I Kargerthura dreamed of living my life studying and casting magic. Now I wished I just left. The masters cruel and said I was too naive. My other so called friends only cared about themselves and talked behind my back. Many nights I spent crying myself to sleep.

Now all I felt was anger and sadness. However tonight I snuck out of my room. Despite being only eighteen I'm fairly proficient at invisibility spells. I snuck past several of the sentries. I gingerly opened the door and saw many things. Books about dark spells, necromancy, and even the ability to live forever. I thought I heard a voice calling me. I asked who was calling me. It said it's name was Orcus I then asked what he wanted. Orcus's voice seemed to be all around me. He simply stated he wanted a champion and he could sense the strong magical energy that flowed in my veins. He then ordered me to take a all black book. It was nameless and the letters were written in blood.

I ready that Orcus was an old god sealed in the Isle after a long undead war. Liches acted as his commanders. I swore fealty to my new master as I cut my hand and let my blood fall on the book. Orcus appeared he had living flesh on his left side and skeletal on his right side. He smiled and ripped out a part of his energy and shoved it into my gut. I coughed first It was painful then I groaned in pleasure as the power was overwhelming.

My eyes turned all black, turned dark purple the color of Orcus liches, and my pale skin now sickly grey. My voice deeper I asked what he commands. He said he would teleport me to another realm. He promised should I succeed where others fail I would return to this Isle and get the vengeance I deserved. I was teleported to another place. It was a rich lush green forest. Bright blue and gold flowers bloomed. The trees tall where some squirrels and birds had nests in. I opened up the book again. I saw the first chapter where it talked about guardians or advisors of the lich. Animals always fell victim to an upstart lich. When enough animal souls had been harvested a skeletal trapper would be summoned and command the undead animals.

I looked at the local animals. Rats and mice scurried along the ground. Using my charm spell I made the rats and mice come towards me. Their noses twitched as I used the power given to me by my new master. They coughed up a black bile. Soon their bodies became bloated and fangs sharp and they grew to the size of a medium size hound. I learned that a lich requires no rest they could perform rituals for their master day and night. The trees died and the flowers wilted. Soon I had a swarm of rats and mice. I asked Orcus if it was acceptable. A skeleton rose from the ground. The undead vermin moved around it. He bowed politely and said it's name was Bubonic. It's last name along with its flesh was forgotten centuries ago. Bubonic stated that it had worked for several liches. Most never make it past skeletal trapper as the settlements, champions, and orders take notice of lack of animals.

Next was the undead army. Thralls were the building blocks of a true lich. Raised from freshly slain villagers. Alongside the animals they could become a threat when unchecked. I asked Bubonic about the nearest settlement. It was a small nameless village with around three hundred people. I told Bubonic to ready my undead animal troops thralls would be needed. Bubonic roared and the rats and mice followed. Orcus read my thoughts he praised me as I said I wanted to build his undead army. His laughter filled the forest as like a caring father he "Said start small my daughter". Word would reach my living family. So be It I will make this a perfect world. A world filled with the dead.

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