*Grand Mage's Quarters*

Grand mage Zevelius checked out the records again. More and more reports of the undead, spiders, and the old gods Champion named Kargerthura. All scoffed at that a young naive mage had brought the neighboring territory to its knees. Contact from the sacred grail suddenly went quiet. "Grand mage" a voice hissed. Zevelius grabbed his grimoire. Again the voice mocked him. He casted several bolt spells. Soon the grand mage found it hard to breath. Kargerthura the student he mocked was now gloating with a malicious smile. Using his hands he tried again several bolt spells. It was too no avail and soon Zevelius left this world.

*Mess Hall*

Apprentices, mages, and even the high mages ate at the mess hall. Imps scampered handing out trays of food from chicken, bread, and cheese. Along with mead, ale, and the popular favorite wine. Suddenly a wind blew out all the candles. When the lights returned some fainted, others cried, or vomited. As they saw the body of Zevelius. Etched into his skin was a message. It stated Kargerthura was her name a name they sure mocked but won't now. She gave them an ultimatum join Orcus and her legion willing or die. 'Unlike others in her host those that resisted would not be resurrected instead their bodies would hang from the halls of Horsbour. The imps sensing the inevitable teleported towards their new master. Apprentices ran even some mages went towards the dockyard. Now only the stubborn and foolish remained. All knew though how It would end.

*Kargerthura POV*

I was on top of the world. Jennifer and Nora reported that the golem workshop had fallen. I informed them that when this was over I would use my own life force to form a golem guard for future conquest. The imps and blue shadows permanently felled the spirits of former mages. This was not without heavy losses from both shadows and imps. Widows spider vanguard she gifted me turned the cellar into a lair several mages and apprentices twitching in their silky tombs. My band of followers cut down many and soon only a handful made their last stand ironically in the grand mages quarter. I violently blasted open the door. Breaking the neck of one of the mages. While Lucilia cut down an eldery mage. Nora was in a fierce duel with a skilled apprentice. She triumphed in the end but had to be carried away by Jennifer. Arnold fought with his mace and shield. He noticed I was injured and casted a dark healing prayer. I smiled Arnold just nodded. It was all over I sat at the grand mage desk. The undead screeched and even some spiders did as well. Orcus said I was one of his greatest champions. I looked at the map of the other realms. I'm not done my master I smirked the smell of death was intoxicating but for now we rest.

And there it is I hope you all enjoyed Kargerthura's journey. As always here's the chapter question. Did you like the horror build before the battle?