Isaiah was sitting on top of the Empire State Building, he was gazing upon the city, he had a worried look on his face, Isaiah hears footsteps, A young man with a collar shirt was walking, he sits by Isaiah, Isaiah looks at the young man.

"Peter? What are you doing here?" Says Isaiah

"I got off early, I get early shifts now, my new promotion helps me balance between my job and you guys" Says Peter

"That's great Peter" says Isaiah

Isaiah takes a deep breathe and sighs.

"What's wrong?" Peter says with concern

"Well there's this friend of mine, he hurt a lot of people, not in a physical way, but he said some offensive things, at first I thought he was the victim, but now it's all in a big mess, I tried to find neutral ground, I wanted to find peace, but all these people are saying that I'm fighting alone, that he never befriends with me, and that I'm some sort of suck up, they're probably right" Isaiah says in a hurting way

A tear streams down his eye, Peter puts his hand on Isaiah's shoulder.

"When did this happened?" Says Peter with concern

"Well it happened a few days ago, I was keep thinking up ways to keep him from going, but then others told me what was going on, it kept haunting me for days, I barely slept for those days, I only slept for 5 hours last night, I'm exhausted, and it still keeps haunting me, echoing through my head" Says Isaiah

"Well Isaiah, there will always be conflict with people, we try so hard to make things right that we forgot how it started it all, I know how much you care about people, but sometimes things aren't meant to be in our control, we can't always fix other people's problems, it's up to that person to do something about it" Peter explains

"Okay, but I think it's too late for me to escape this, I already gone so far into it that I can't escape it" Says Isaiah

"Yeah, your probably right" says Peter

Peter lends him an Ice cream sandwich, Isaiah looks at the Ice cream sandwich.

"Thanks" says Isaiah

Isaiah bites into the ice cream sandwich, both Isaiah and Peter stare off into the sunset.

"You know Isaiah, I have a few co workers of mine, and they are as stubborn as a mule, whenever something bad happens, one of them blames the other and it all gets out of control, and it's up to me to keep the peace in my team" Says Peter

"Is it stressful?" Says Isaiah

"Oh yeah, in fact sometimes, I want to turn my arm into steel and send them flying into the moon, forget the man on the moon, more like the man stuck in the moon" Says Peter

Both of them laugh.

"But yeah, by the end of the day, their still my team, and it's my responsibility to keep the peace, but Isaiah, you don't have to do what your doing" says Peter

"I know, but I want to, because I want to help them, i believe that my friend can change his ways, and both sides can forgive each other, but that's up to them, not to me to decide that, but maybe I can show them" says Isaiah

"Grace" says Peter

Isaiah looks at him with confusion.

"You mean my sister?" Says Isaiah with confusion

" mmm, a different kind of grace, it's kinda like mercy, but it shows forgiveness to a person even though they don't deserve it, everybody needs a drop of grace, cause we all make mistakes, some of which may even last a life time, what makes this one any different?" Says Peter

"But I just don't get why can't they just do it, what's keeping them from doing it?" says Isaiah

Peter then thinks about it, he then looks up with a smirk on his face.

"Hey Isaiah" says Peter

"Yeah?" Says Isaiah

Peter smacks the ice cream sandwich out of Isaiah's hand, the ice cream sandwich falls down, Isaiah Looks in shock, he then looks at Peter.

"What was that for?!" Says Isaiah in shock

"Do you forgive me?" Says Peter

"You just knock my ice cream sandwich out of my hand! You can't just..." Says Isaiah

Isaiah then stops, he then looks down in a guilty way

"It's never easy to forgive Isaiah, these things take time, it just doesn't happen in an instant, we can't force people to forgive each other, that's something they must do on their own, it may take hours days, weeks, months, or even years, and sometimes people just don't forgive, but give it time Isaiah, let them think for themselves, and I'm sure it'll all come to past" says Peter

"Okay Peter" says Isaiah

"It's not always easy doing the right thing, but remember who carries you, and that he will always have your back, come on, I'll get another ice cream sandwich, I'll make this one extra special" Says Peter

Both of them get up, Both of them start walking.

"Hey Peter" Says Isaiah

Both of them stop, Isaiah looks up to Peter with a smile on his face.

"I love you" says Isaiah

Peter smiles back

"I love you to little brother, come on, lets go home" says

Both of them start walking, Peter puts his arm around Isaiah's shoulder.

In him we have redemption, through his word the forgiveness of sins in accordance, with the riches of God's grace, that he Lavished on us. Ephesians 1:7